Gemini with cancer broken heart please help!

  • Hello last month the person i loved broke up with me in the last met the person who i love is Gemini.. and i am cancer...

    The person that i am still in love and like but the person only wanted to be only friends and nothing more than friends. But i still love and like the person and miss the person also i cried i front of the person that i love and i said i am in love in you and i don't know what to do. The person is like confused or anything like that also we have no social either from MSN and other community we have had i was thinking we was going still have community but it deleted me on msn too. Is there way that the person will come back to me with back with the romantic and crush on me again and thinking about me and dream about me? I really showed my true love of faithful i miss the person so much the hug and the warm of the body that i have met and we had so much community like before and now it feels like my heart is still hurting broken and the person end up with me in the last month for me is not easy to move on... i try so much to move of and my depressed and i am trying to relax even i am trying to think about myself too. But a question will the person come back to me as lover and saying sorry for me what all the person did too me? is there way that we gonna be together as faithful lovers? please help me i would like to write you an email to say everything the true information...


    best regards

  • and is there way that the person will come back to me to be together as couple of faithful lover?

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