Hi Captain, can you help me?

  • And...why do you think he responded to me at all?

  • He does like you - he just cannot handle more than he has on his plate at the moment. And I agree with your friends that you shouldn't send him a birthday wish because he will feel pressured to respond. Just leave him be and get on with your life. If it's meant to be, it will happen.

  • Thank you so much Captain. I agree with you. Funny, I can't alway see it for myself. Luckily, I felt a relief after writing my feelings to him and I let it be. I haven't really thought about him till this week. So, I am glad for all that you said regarding this.

    I appreciate your advice and intuition. Thank you so much!

    Will it be ok if I ask you questions about my career in music?

  • Well, just don't ask me to do a distant future reading because they can change as you change. I prefer to give you present advice to help make your future a good one.

  • Hi Captain, regarding this fellow. I wrote the letter he responded that it was sweet, but he was busy with his kids and looking for a job. Never heard back from him.

    I did wih him a happy birthday in june, he wrote back and thanked me. And no word from him till about a month ago, I received two hack emails from him.

    I responded saying I don't think he is aware that his email was hacked and told him about my show that was last month.

    He wrote back that he didn't send the emails, sorry he was hacked and he will try to make my how.

    I just wrote back. Ok.

    He didn't come to my show which was a month ago, and I haven't heard from him.

    I think of him from time time.

    I feel a little that he didn't come on is own, and that I poured my heart out to him, but I really meant what I said when I wrote about my feelings in the spring.

    As you said, he wasn't ready and I am not a fast woman as you had mentioned he is attracted to because of his issues, whatever they are.

    I tried. Why am I hung up on him, still thinking about him here and there? Along with another guy from my past two years ago.

    Any insight? Is it my present state of not having anyone intimate in my life at the moment that I am concentrating on these guys?

  • Yes, instead of meeting new people, you are stuck in the past, wondering why previous relationships didn't work out. Better the devils you knew, than the ones you don't...but you need to get out and make new friends. The past cannot be undone. Let go of disappointments and move on.

  • Thank you. I appreciate your help

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