Should I..?

  • Hi guys. I am rather new to this "Tarot" stuff.

    In March I believe I have made a huge mistake. I've personally, chosen the wrong mini-school that I was accepted to.

    I was regretting over it and crying over it for about a week on end.

    It seems as though in September, I have another chance to reapply for the mini-school I COULD have gone to. But I would have to quit the current one, and if I get rejected. Then I have to stay in regular.

    Can anyone give me advice with tarot, whether or not I will succeed in reapplying for the mini-school that I DIDN'T choose?

    Will I regret the decision?

  • Hello Eriaii,

    I use the Animal Dreaming cards, and you received

    Lizard (daydreaming), Possum (opportunity), and Bowerbird (dowry).

    In essence, this reading is about more fertile opportunity coming your way, and guidance about letting go of self-doubt and fear. It appears this new class, the one you would prefer, is helping to prepare you for the next phase of your life. Begin gathering together all that you need to create a productive future for yourself. Ready yourself for the change, and employ constructive follow up. You have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, further your skills, and better your self.

    Hope this helps.



  • Thank you. That may be that because I will be going into High School in September..


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