A Tarot deck you can make at home using simple materials

  • Hey gang, I've been working on this design for a Tarot deck which I really like and wanted to share with you. You can create this yourself using cereal box cardboard, 4 potatoes, red/black/white acrylic or tempera paint, and a good pair of scissors. Takes a little while but then it is YOUR deck that you made with your own hands and I think that adds a special magic. 🙂

    The deck accomplishes 2 main goals. It harmonizes the minor and major arcana, (IE, the major arcana are opened out as unique combinations of the minor core universal energies (wands, cups, swords, pentacles) and… the deck does away with reversed cards ha ha!

    Here is a quick reading I just did this morning using the deck…

    9 of wands, 5 swords, queen wands, queen pentacles and temperance.

    So I am integrating a new self image, making some adjustments in my thinking in some area, I am finding some sense of accomplishment (self identity and material/financial ) and I am blending things in some area (most likely my art efforts). I find myself lately working out of Gail Fairfield's book "Choice Centered Tarot" which is excellent.

    Hopefully I can get back on the board to give some readings sometime, I have been mostly focusing on art lately.

    Feel free to adapt this design for any purpose you like.

  • Here are the suits, wands and cups

  • Swords and Pentacles

  • Major arcana

  • A sample reading I did this morning.

  • omg this is so beautiful!! and an amazing idea, indeed!

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Hello AstraAngel,

    I raised my eyebrow when you wrote potatoes, but when I saw what you did with them I thought it was genius.

    Never would have thought of making a stamp in such a way.

    I like how the cards look. It's like if you have some of the first tarot cards created in ancient times.

    Anyways, I know we have never spoken, but I hope you are doing well as I have not seen you in a while.

    Take care.

    And thank you for the idea.

  • Wow Astra, this is ingenious!! Very creative!! New deck has turned out to welll and each card is beautiful!

    Good to hear from you after so long and glad you are focusing on yourself. Take care Astra and Stay in touch!!

    Lots of Hugs and Love,


  • Thanks cylll and EIAI all, it was fun to make.

    Nice to hear from you aquastar, hope all is well with you too!

  • Hi AstraAngel!

    It is so good to have you back on board! Your idea of this tarot card out of a cereal box is simply brilliant as well as environmental friendly ;). I used to collect rubber stamps, but never thought that a potato is another substitute of it.. hahaha.. Thanks for sharing! And really glad to hear from you and to know you are doing well. Take care! Hugs, Arieslass

  • Hi Astrangel - I was looking for you tonight to see if you were still around and doing readings (I'm feeling at a real crossroads with an upheaval in my work situation. Very distressed and unfocused as to what to do. Probably should do nothing, but always a challenge for me to sit idly by and feel out of control of my own life and welfare.) So I discovered that you have been away. Good for you! The deck you made is awesome. Some of the cards feel almost like I Ching symbols. Wonderful that you can read with the essence of the cards at this point with symbols that speak to you personally. I should have a look for that book you are using, "Choice Centered Tarot". I am not familiar with it. Looking at how inspired you are at the present time it must be a very good source! Well glad to hear you are well and nice to see you are still around from time to time. Be well 🙂 Jenever7

  • Hi Arieslass!

    Nice to hear from you. And thanks for commenting on the deck, it was fun! I hope all is going well for you, and your path is becoming more and more lovely! I seem to be doing more painting and other fun craft-things, I would like to get back to giving readings maybe soon. Not sure, I think I had to take a break for a while. Anyway thanks for stopping by to say hi!


  • Hi Jenever7

    Hey thanks for your comments on the deck it was fun… let me try using it to give you a reading on your question… work related, hmm… I will work from Gail Fairfield's meanings for the most part (or try too ha ha)

    The King Swords is the first card… Kings are "releasing" energies, so there is something intellectual that you are desiring to let go?

    The Four Wands, which is foundational (4) energy in the realm of self-identity. You are "manifesting" a new you, a new identity that you started with in the 1 and have affirmed and planned until you are now expressing this new you.

    Then, the Ace of Pentacles which is a new step in material direction, or the beginning of a material new start at something (new job?).

    Under the Ace… Knight of Wands… very focused on the self identity. Whatever it is that you are manifesting in your self identity/role/concept, you are all about that now.

    So, something must be going on with you "on the side" like another expressive realm for you? And that you feel is calling you, and as your heart wants to go in this "new you" direction, you are struggling inside, (with your career path?) and that is then reflected as these feelings of distress and being unfocused. I think its because your heart is being pulled in another direction (that ACE of Pentacles). There must be a creative (ace) project or new area of expression for you - go for that!

    Meanwhile, I would keep your head low at work, I think you're right, "do nothing" is the best idea there for sure… while you give that "new you" self identity a chance to really be something beautiful and solid (4 wands + Knight Wands). And you can RELAX knowing everything is being taken care of for you, so you can enjoy…. whatever wonderful changes come your way! 🙂

    I hope that made some sense Jenever7. Follow your heart! 🙂

  • Astrangel - Thank you for pulling a few cards for me. It meant a lot to me as you know. I don't want to impose on this thread so I will reply on a new one that I will direct to you.

  • Hi Astra, i have been wondering about you if you arw well/

    What a cool idea way to make tarot cards creative. be good to chat again

    Love light scully

  • Hi Scully nice to hear from you and thanks for the comments on the deck.

    I am doing fine, had to focus on some other areas for a while so that takes me away from the forum.

    Hope all is well with you, blessings...


  • thats so amazing!!! would be interested to know how do you go about charging this for the first time use??

  • Hi Izarra85

    I don't know about charging it. I just made them and started using them. I am not too familiar with the "charging" process.

    They are fun to make, I am making the second deck now. thanks for your comments!

    love and light


  • Good luck with your second deck 🙂

  • Great work am going to try and do this so I can learn how to read tarot. Thanks a lot.

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