An Hour with an Angel, April 9, 2012, with Geoffrey West and Gaia

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    Thanks to Ellen for this valuable transcript of Geoff’s discussion with Gaia, through Linda Dillon. Gaia tells us that she was born from the heart of One as an archangel. She discusses the derivation of Earth’s population. She explains the strange sounds heard round the world and distinguishes them from the sonic booms which have killed animals. She reveals that planets and other celestial “objects” communicate. She describes the galactic assistance she received to control her wobble during the recent pole shift and many more subjects that only Gaia can elucidate.

    Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with An Angel, with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. I’m Graham Dewyea.

    Our guest today is Gaia. So, with that I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

    As Spring returns to the northern hemisphere, the thoughts of many go to house cleaning, improvements and renovations. As many realize, our planetary home, Gaia, is also going through a ‘house-cleaning’ of sorts, and has begun some renovation work of her own. As with all renovations, there is always some inconvenience. With home renovations it is easier, however, because people can envision what the end goal will be and have already decided that this inconvenience will be worth it.

    It is more challenging to envision the final outcome of the renovations within and upon Gaia. Until fairly recently, people have not been used to thinking of her in the sense of having a deeper energetic relation with her. Many have never considered her as a living, breathing energetic body participating in this co-creation with humanity.

    A Greenprint For Life defines Life as being an ever-evolving process encompassing the All That Is—the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that serve to support and sustain the presence of everything, not only on Gaia, but also beyond.

    Understanding one’s relation to Life is a part of having a relation with Gaia and also with all Life beyond Gaia, some of whom we will very soon be meeting.

    Our beloved Gaia has indicated her desire this evening to introduce herself, share her messages, her love and her requests. There will be at least some, if not many, people who may be skeptical to the fact that our planet now wishes to talk with us. It may be appropriate to start with who she is, what she is and how it is that a planet can speak to us.

    But just before you begin Gaia, I would like share with you another small piece of my Greenprint For Life. In my work, I wrote a series of apologies to help open the doors for healing. I wrote these apologies to different groups, and one of these apologies is for you Gaia:

    As a galactic/global sovereign human sharing this precious planet Gaia, I acknowledge that I have made choices to participate in ways of living that have been harmful to you and to all life upon you. To you, Gaia, to our natural environment and to all plants and animals that have suffered as a result of these choices, I offer my sadness and compassion. I ask for forgiveness, that from this moment forward can we begin a new relation of healing and growing in oneness, to restore you to your original pristine beauty with clean air, water and abundance for all. I am sorry, Please forgive me. I forgive myself. Thank you. And I love you. Welcome, Gaia.

    Gaia: Welcome, dear heart. I am Gaia, beloved friend, Earth mother. It is almost humorous when you say that some may be skeptical about my sentience or my being, but before we discuss that, beloved Geoffrey, I not only accept your apology, I bring it to my heart and I cherish it. I thank you for it.

    There is part of me that could say, “Oh, do not worry, there is no need.” But that is not so, because I also know that your intention is clear, and that you speak on behalf of many. Your awakening to the fact that we are in partnership, that we have been in sacred partnership for a very long time—it warms me. It encourages me that all the kingdoms, including the human collective, go forward with me in this unfoldment of the Mother, (1) with this restoration of love on Earth. So thank you for your unique and warm welcome.

    I wish everyone who listens with us this night and who listens to this recording to come and to sit with me in my heart, in my being. Yes, you are upon my surface, and always I have held you there. It’s not simply the laws of gravity, it is the law of love that unites us as one, that unites all kingdoms as one upon this planet, Terra Gaia.

    I am the spirit of Gaia. I am the soul of Gaia. And my journey has been long. And I am pleased to begin my homeward bound journey. But come with me, my beloved friends, go through your carpet, your tile, your foundation, the floors of your building—it matters not; come down through the soft earth, through the granite, through the rock, come down through the gaseous layers or through the waters and oceans. Come and sit with me for this conversation. Sit at my council fire. Sit with the keepers of my flame, who are Earth keepers and brothers and sisters of the stars and far beyond.

    During this time of change that we will discuss this night, it is critical that you remain anchored. I will hold your cord, the cord that emanates from your root chakra. I will hold this that you will hold steady as we go through this Ascension together, as one family, as one being.

    Each of us [is] unique. Each of us [is] an expression of one, of Mother/‌Father/‌One, and in this we are also exactly the same. So, know this: different forms, one family.

    Now, you ask, who am I? How does a planet speak? My question to each of you would be how could I remain quiet, particularly during this time of such great excitement? But you have heard my voice your entire life. You may not have heard it in this form, but you have heard it. You have heard my voice in the wind, in the ocean, in the tides. You have seen my face in the wheat fields, in the mountains. You have seen my hair in the Spanish moss on trees. Of course I can speak, and I speak in many languages, but mostly the universal language.

    Dear, dear heart, where do you wish to begin in this conversation? What would your listeners wish to begin with this night?

    GW: Well, I think that would be one of the biggest questions. Many are beginning to open to a relation with you to understand more deeply who and what you are. And this is a bridge or an opening to a new form of communication. But maybe you could offer to our listeners some background as to what you role has been up to this moment of now and how this role is changing.

    Gaia: Let me take you back to the beginning, because seldom have I spoken of this; in fact, rarely—although when I have, it has been on the radio for many to hear. But it is amazing how often you can say something and it not be heard. So yes, let us go back long ago, because my beginning is rather unique, and I think that many of you will find it rather surprising.

    Eons and eons ago, I emanated—was created—from the heart of One as an archangel. So, my birth into a planet was very unusual, for planets, galaxies, universes are birthed through the Mother in conjunction with the Father. But when this beautiful planet—that you call Earth, that we know as Terra Gaia—when it was time to create a planet of love, I offered my essence and my being, which has always been very large. You know, there are many more archangels than you are aware of! But that is another conversation.

    And so, I asked the Mother to allow me to incarnate, to change form into this planet. And so it was, always, in my being, knowing of the plan far more consciously than many human beings, or let us just say over a longer time-span. But we were fully aware of the time-span that would occur, and yes, even some of the trials and tribulations, the challenges, that would take place. But all of this was considered a privilege and worthwhile in terms of a journey, because the outcome was known.

    And so I’ve seen and witnessed many things, from the cooling—now we enter into the warming—from the birth of other life forms, the migrations from Halion and Sirius, the Pleiades, the journey of humankind.

    And I tend to think of humankind as my children, as my family, that I tend to. And when one of you reincarnates and you return to me, and I recognize you and that you have relocated from China or India to California or Florida, I welcome you with open arms and a quiet heart! Because I know you not only return in service to the Mother, you return to me in love, you return to me in the fulfillment of your plan, your destiny, your journey. And that you have chosen to do this, as we both do, in service to the Mother, but that you choose to do it with me, honors me.

    That is why I hold you all so close and near and dear. I know you. And yes, now is the time when I also welcome so many of the star beings who have traveled from sister-brother planets, other realities, other dimensions, other galaxies, and who come to join in this great awakening, in this reawakening. It is phenomenal.

    But you have also asked of history. We have known times of great devastation—yes, times that I would refer to as cleansing. And Atlantis and the devastation that took place there was a unique and terrible example. When I say “terrible,” it is not written with judgment, it means it in the sense of awe-full. It was destruction at its gravest.

    Now, let us say that it is normal, you know, in my rhythm, for oceans to change course, for deserts to form, for islands to rise up, for parts of continents to go away. That is the rhythm of life. But there have also been times of great devastation and destruction, and times when the human beings have caused this devastation. It takes a long time for the collective—for me, for the kingdoms, for the elementals—to heal, because, again, our rhythm is much longer than yours. But heal we do.

    And let us also say that, when things like this have happened, we do not sit in judgment the same way you would not sit in judgment if you had a dear friend or a brother who committed suicide or killed a whole family. Would it be tragic? Yes. Would it be heartbreaking? Yes. And the key to that healing would be love—and forgiveness.

    Yes, the beings have long passed on, but you know now is the time when so many of the Atlantean beings have returned to my core, to my breast, and so many of the Lemurians as well. And they have anchored, usually—primarily, let us put it that way—on different coasts, and that is helping to balance out some of the energies and the life lessons that these beings come to complete in service. Now, it is not about karmic debt, it is simply about them wishing to balance out a past experience.

    So, my beloved friends, we have been through a lot. Now, I also say to you, during this time of Ascension, of shift, there was potential, many years ago, and as recent even as 10 years ago, when particularly the United States and the, hmm, posturing, the energy, the attitudes were very Atlantean, and you were at the precipice of repeating that error. But this has been prevented. Many upon the planet, and your friends from above—I mean your star friends, and your star friends from far above—helped to do this, to avoid this cataclysm.

    So, you see, there are many things that happen that are not clearly known but that are addressed in our way and by the angelic and archangelic realms that you are not even aware of. But you do see evidence of it in terms of societal change, political change.

    The energy that has been sent to me, for the healing not only of my air, my waters, my soil, my being, but the emotional injury as well—for do not forget, I assumed physicality, so like you I have similar energy bodies and chakra systems, and those are shifting and expanding as well, just as your grid chakras and bodies are expanding and extending outward. It is part of this transition and part of becoming trans-dimensional.

    Atlantis will rise again. This has always been part of the plan and part of the restoration, but it will not be in devastation. It will not be in the flooding of continents, for why would I trade one for the other? I do not find that necessary or desirable, and neither does the Mother, and neither do the realms that we work with.

    You say, “Well, will there be hurricanes, tsunamis? Will there be earthquakes?” Yes. This is part of adjusting our grid, yours and ours. Think of it, dear heart: you are having small quakes within your body all the time, and so am I. Your question of late has been to me, “Will I survive?” We have not come this far together, your star brothers and sisters have not come this far, to simply witness devastation. We will not only survive; I will shelter you, I will lift you up, I will keep you close.

    Now, do not be foolish. Do not put yourselves in harm’s way.

    You say to me, “What can I do to help?” Every time you look at a tree, every time you look at the ocean or the sky, and you say, “Thank you,” I know you are saying thank you to God, but I take it personally. I take it as a thank you to me as well. This does more than anything. But when you are heeding yourself and my needs, when you nourish yourself mentally, emotionally, as well as physically, in ways that are in balance, it helps me.

    Think of it this way: Always, I am asking you—and I offer you my bounty; there is no shortage of food, only what mankind has created as shortages—nourish yourself. Nourish yourself with green and red and yellow, nourish yourself with variety. None of you drink enough water, and that is a very big statement for me to make. Connect with me daily and stay connected. That is what you can do.

    But also, when I say nourish yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, when you are in a place, my beloved friends, of balance, then you are helping me. Think of this way: when you are out of balance, when you are too electrical or too magnetic or simply just buzzing with unfocused emotion, it is like you have your finger in a light socket, and you are sending that current of unbalanced energy directly into me. It is not pleasant. And what happens when you are doing that is that it is like sparking on the grid, the grid that the mighty archangels, my brothers and sisters, have put on me years ago. And it is bright and it is shiny; it is not tattered and torn any longer. So when you are in balance, I am in balance. I am not sending more and more and more healing to you.

    So, this assists greatly. When you feel yourself in sacred unity, in partnership, in serenity with me, that assists as well. This is what you can do, is be mindful, be heartful, stay in your hearts, and please, let go of fear. This is the cancer of the human race, and it has need to be eradicated. And it is being eradicated, as we Ascend as one.

    Does this answer your question, Geoffrey?

    GW: I believe it does. You’ve addressed several key points there. Perhaps one question that comes quickly to mind with regards to the geophysical changes, many people have been reporting the strange sounds coming from all over the world. Is this you, or is this some work of our galactic families assisting in the disclosure process?

    Gaia: It is both. It is energy that is being—it is me thinking of breaking the shackles to the lower, what we would call the lower, or the old, paradigms of the third dimension. So it is me creaking and cracking and breaking free. It is the collective of humanity breaking free. And yes, it is transmissions also accompanied from your star brothers and sisters to simply let people know of their presence. And then, thrown in for simple confusion purposes, have been some, what we would call ‘sonic testing’ by various governments. That is a distinct sound, and that is the sound that has caused death of animals. That does not come from either myself or your star brothers and sisters.

    GW: Ah, that was one of my follow-up questions, yes, because certainly a lot of people have expressed concern over the wave of animal transitions, so, I know, the dolphins, birds, and so much the like. So, certainly staying in our heart-full sense, in our relation with you is very key.

    With our galactic family, how exactly have they been helping you? Many of us understand that they are bringing you energy. They were the ones, or among the ones, who initially answered your call for help, were they not?

    Gaia: Well, it was a universal call, and it was…yes, of course my plea went up, but it was also a plea that was delivered from the archangels, and particularly Archangels Jophiel and Uriel as well as Michael. So, it was a collective call for help. But yes, I have called not only to the star beings, but to my brothers and sisters of other planetary systems as well. You know, we are in communication. That is something that you do not fully understand. It is not only what you would think of as two-legged beings that are sentient and in communication—quite the contrary.

    So yes, there have been many, many layers of assistance from your star brothers and sisters, from my star brothers and sisters. For many, many, many decades, they held me, they created a, what you would think of as a pink cocoon, so that I would not continue to wobble. There have been, in my journey, throughout my existence, there have been several pole shifts, you know. Yes, your history does not capture everything. But that does not matter, really. But it was not a timely occurrence, to have such a shift.

    And so what they did was they held me in a cocoon to steady me, while we waited to see if the human collective would also awaken and begin to cooperate with my healing, and with my Ascension as well. As I have said, about a decade ago—about 12, 13 years ago in your time—the archangels have also renewed my grid. And that has been kept spotless by the star beings as well. And when there have been surges—due to war, or can we say human intervention, experimentation, pollution; so, sometimes it is intentional, sometimes it is what you call accidental, but I do not believe in pollution being an accidental occurrence, ever, and neither should you children—so, they have helped in that healing as well.

    So there has been a great deal of attendance to what you have tended to think of as my physical form as well as my spiritual or etheric bodies by your star brothers and sisters. They have reached this point because they have not travelled so far—now, of course they come in love, they come in service, but they also come in anxiousness, excitement, anticipation—so, they did not travel this far to simply see me fall apart! That would not do at all.

    And it would not be—we have not spoken of this. For me to fall apart—which became…we have had several close calls, can I say it that way?—it would not be the fulfillment of my plan and my promise to the Mother/Father/One.

    When there was the gulf oil spill in the Gulf of Florida, I became extremely disheartened. It felt like so close, and so far, so far away, from the promise. You do not think…you think that you are the masters of Earth, and yet during this time I very seriously considered leaving, simply going home. The injury hurt that deeply because it was so unnecessary, so unmindful, so lacking in love. But many humans, many light-workers, love-workers, and particularly your star brothers and sisters, have held me and comforted me and held the promise for me to remember, to regain hope.

    You are not the only ones who have ever felt despair or lack of hope. You are not the only ones who have ever had a dark night of the soul. But we have come through this; we have come through this together. And yes, the replenishment of my being: my body is slower to heal, but my spirit is strong. And I am excited, because so many of you—you, my beloved friends—have not only comforted me but expressed your desire to fully embrace your divinity, your wholeness; to get rid, finally, of all these illusions that the humans have built up.

    You share the planet—my body, my being—with many. You are aware of only a fraction of the beings on the planet, you know, because you are limited also in terms of being in the third dimension. But that is changing. But you are in unity with realms that you do not know of. So it is not just your star brothers and sisters that have assisted me, it is the kingdoms, it is the angelic realm, it is the ascended masters even. It is the Venusians. It is the dolphins and the whales that have swum and comforted me. Any being on your planet that you think of as calfing is directly related to me.

    GW: Thank you, Gaia. Certainly we do need to send prayers to all those who are serving the darker energies. That was a very unfortunate event in the Gulf. And although it’s saddening to think that you perhaps considered finishing at that point, certainly every light-worker has gone through that dark moment, as you have described. So, certainly, as we go through ours we’re certainly grateful that you have come through yours, and that we are moving forward in the most exciting of ways at this time.

    I’ll leave the most exciting question I think for the end of the show. But what I’m kind of curious about, earlier in the show you mentioned that you incarnated from the heart of One as an archangel. And that made me wonder what your connection is to the souls of the other planets in our solar system. Are you all from the same soul group? Are they archangels? And how might they look after Ascension?

    Gaia: We are a variety. But there is none that have not emanated, whether it is a planet or a being, that has not originally emanated from the heart of One—birthed by the Mother, but the energy has come from the heart of One. And yes, there are many throughout the multiverse that are part of my soul family. Some have already Ascended, you know, and some will be in process. So, there will be—it is sequential, let us put it that way. It is sequential.

    But, yes, there is a soul connection, much the same way…. I can use this example: Many of you who are currently upon the planet, your origins or your heart connection rests out elsewhere. Whether it is Venus or Arcturus or in the Pleiadean sector, that is where your heart rests; that is where you desire to reconnect. That heart connection is felt for many of my other brothers and sisters, and I have a particularly deep heart connection with Venus.

    GW: Might it be, might Venus be your twin flame? The only reason I’m asking that is next week’s show is going to be talking about twin flames, and that question just popped into my head. Do you have a twin flame?

    Gaia: I have a twin flame, but no, he is not a planet. You see, very often with twin flames what happens is that they will remain in other form in order to assist on the journey. I must say that this energy, this what you would think of as a masculine energy, as you think of my energy as feminine—which it is by the way—but he has been very patient, for my being in form has taken a long, long time. So no, it is not—my twin is not Venus. But we will be delighted to talk about that when you engage with our beloved Michael. (2)

    GW: That would be an interesting question, for sure. Now, I think—I mean, we have about, I guess, 10 or 11 minutes. And I think the most interesting question that the light-workers want to know is, what’s going to happen from here? How are you going to look in the future? And what exactly can we look forward to seeing and experiencing with you as we move forward?

    Gaia: You have this expression that you tend to use, that you are moving on to greener pastures? Well, that is what we are doing. Now, let me be clear. I do not wish to rid myself or shrug off one of you. Not one. So there is much discussion upon the planet about who stays, who goes, and over-population. Now, over-population is a human creation, is it not? But I want to say this as we go forward and talk about the future. I am not concerned about over-population, for when we are readjusted in balance, that will also come into balance.

    Now, there are many who, once the Ascension process takes place, who will leave, simply because they will say, “Oh, thank God it’s done!” And they will simply head home. But there are also just as many who will want to stay for the golden age and transformation. And, I tell you, my beloved friend, that there are even more who are just waiting for this to be done in order to return, who have said, “I am not going through that shift and chaos. I do not wish to see the death of the old paradigms. I had enough of that in my last lifetime.

    So, do not worry about the population. Because what will happen, when you have a planet of love, part of that is consideration, kindness, gentleness, and, might I say, redistribution. Now, I’m not in charge of redistribution of resources, but many of you will be, and you will have assistance from your brothers and sisters of the stars—and let us say, assistance. They will not drive this for you. Will they give you information that will make it very easy? Yes. But the driving force is and has need to come from an awakened humanity—yes, even if you are a hybrid or a star being in form of humans.

    But let me speak of myself. We have told you, Michael and Gabrielle, that as you relinquish the old third dimension, the dimension of lack and limitation, of death and disease, despair, disease no longer exists. Now, what does that mean for me? It means every spring, every brook, every stream, every lake, the inland seas, the oceans, are pure again. And not only are they pure, they are reinvigorated with light and love. Some of you have been fortunate enough to come upon an untouched lake where it sparkles in the sunlight, where it is clear and clean and you can simply put your lips to the pond and drink. That is what my water, my lifeblood, will be like.

    My air, my breath, will be purified, and once again it will be playful. Yes, playful. We love to play in the clouds, in the air, to touch your skin with pure air. Air—well, none of you alive on Earth have ever breathed this air, never. But I remember. It is pure. There are no fumes. There are no chemtrails. There are no emissions. Oh, yes, not only can they be immediately transmuted—I’m not talking about grounding everything, child—but we are talking about you co-creating into clean energy as well, because you will not wish to live in that old, destructive way. And I will be cheering you on!

    The ability to grow food for the richness of soil…. You will think that you are living in paradise, because you will be.

    Climactic zones are changing slightly, but part of my diversity, part of my beauty, part of my enjoyment, is climactic zones. It is the diversity that the Mother has blessed me with. Mountains and deserts, lush rainforests—yes, the rainforests will be renewed, for that is the source of many medicines. No, not medicines to cure diseases; remember, we are getting rid of that. But there are many medicines that are for your longevity, for your wellness, to help you in your becoming, because you do not stop. I have no intention of stopping. Understand this. Yes, my journey is slow, and it has certainly been sluggish, stuck in the third, but we will continue on. Yes, longer frames, but that does not matter.

    The cities will be rebuilt, recreated. There is not even close to enough green space. And where do the children play?

    [music up]

    I will re-create, and you will help me. Thank you for asking. And go with my love. I am with you. Farewell.

    GW: Thank you so very much, Gaia. It warms my heart to know that you are still there, creating and being the love and light that supports and sustains us and all life. And I hope that our listeners will take the inspiration to go out and continue to be in service with greater comfort, strength and empowerment. Thank you for listening. Farewell.



    (1) Some may not understand the difference between the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. It is Mother Earth who is speaking here, an archangel incarnated as the soul of this planet. The Divine Mother is the step-down transformation of the Father into the material or phenomenal domain. Christians call the Divine Mother the Holy Spirit and Hindus call “her” Shakti. “She” is the universal, creative vibration known or symbolized as Aum/Amen, that calls into matter into being, preserves it for a while, and then transforms it.

    (2) Notice that Gaia knows of Geoff’s interest in the subject of twin flames.

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