Captain... I have questions regarding my job hunting

  • Captain, I have been looking for a job for a few months. I am do accounting btw. so far no luck yet. I am so depressed.. I feel like I am falling apart inside. Really need your help please.

    Stil trying to get into this company where my friend has connection... Do you see if I can get it? If not, do you see when I can find a job? Big company or small one? through a friend or found by myself? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

  • If you have any other talents or abilities, you should try to find some other work as I feel a job in accounting may be difficult to find at the moment in your location.

  • The problem is I need to find a job that is accounting related. Otherwise, my working visa wont apply which means I will have to leave the country.

    Captain, do you see if I can find an accounting job in the next few months? It's okay to wait for a bit...

  • The future is difficult to predict as everything can change overnight. What I do know is that if you change the way you have been approaching your situation, this will bring about a definite change in your life. If something hasn't been working for you the way you normally do it, you have to find another way. So perhaps apply at places that might not traditionally employ accountants or advertise yourself in some trade magazines or go into accountancy firms and ask if they have vacancies etc. Put yourself out there more if you haven't already done so. Go against your normal mode of finding work.

  • Great advice. I get it. Thanks Captain! Will do so!

  • Captain, Im back to the online job hunting.. I have a couple questions if you dont mind.

    Do you see if I can get a job or at least an interview thru online search in the next couple months?

    Do you see if Greg can help me out finding a job? He was the one who was trying to get me a job from the company he's working at for the past few months...but no luck yet. I am not sure if I should still count on him on this? Your thoughts, Captain? Thanks a lot.

  • 1. Yes I do feel you can get an interview yourself.

    2. I feel like Greg has lost interest in helping you as he had other things on his plate.

  • wow, thats really good to know! Glad to know i might have something exciting lined up during the process. It just boosts my courage! Do you see if the interview/job coming from a small firm or a big one? And when probably? if you can feel? Thanks!

    Btw, I guess I should just leave Greg alone at present? Do you see if my chance of getting into his company (KPMG) is over?

  • I think it will be a smaller company but it will be nice there. Feels like after mid year. And I feel like your chances with Greg's company are slim to none. You know it was always tied in with his attraction to you and hopes of 'physical benefits'?

  • thanks for the reading, Captain.

    after mid-year (i assume you were referring to getting the job).. will it be between Jun to july? When will be the first time I talk to this firm? like which month will i get an interview with them?

    Captain, your words are spot on. Yes, this guy has always had interested in dating me.. but I dont.. he's more of a playboy, and we live in different cities. No interest.

  • Time periods are to difficult to be exactly predicted into days or months. You have to have patience and faith.

  • Hi Captain.. Im back to the online search for the last couple days.. Getting quite confused. and I am not sure if Im using the right tool/access... Do you feel if I can get an interview/job via my school career service website?

    Also... do you see which month in this year I will move to a new place?

    Thanks Captain!

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