Am I going to loose my job :( (Stress)

  • I've been doing an apprenticeship for 3 months now, I was so proud of myself that I actually got one all my family were so proud of me, I'm doing a Business Admin Apprenticeship, it is alot to take in but I no I need to keep at it as I'm very lucky to have got one but today I over heard my boss on the phone to one of the main men who are in charge of the business I heared my boss say,'' I'm at the position where If I need to take on new apprentices I will'', This really worried me as now I feel like he wants to get rid of me, There is also another lad on the apprenticeship and I feel alot of competition going on between us....Can someone please do a reading or something on this situation I don't want to loose my job I was hoping it would actually take me somewhere in life.

  • my date of birth is the 13th of september 1993 if that helps

  • I think he was just stating that his position was good enough to take on new aprentices. You may not stay there but is still a good experience. Believe in yourself...

  • Did a reading and will relate the advice to you is to follow your heart. Do what makes you happy. Also follow intuition. Shows you'll be getting news soon. Avoid anyone with addictive, bad behaviors. I'm getting to do what comes natural to you. You have a kind heart and can get manipulated.

  • Thanks Daliolite, what do you mean I will be getting news soon, about my apprenticeship? ...and do you think the boss manipulates me?

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