With Scorpio man (why are they so hot and cold)

  • Hello, I'm new here. I'm a Leo woman and have been in a relationship with Mr Scorpio for one month now. We both say we can see a future together. Anyway, at the start he was really into me (actually this was before we started seeing one another) but there are times when he just pulls away, ignores my exsistence etc, won't text or call back and I am not sure what to do. I give him his space, I don't call or txt every 5 minutes or whatever, but what else am I supposed to do. One minute he tells me how much I mean to him, the next he's giving me the cold shoulder, he's having a bad day/week or whatever. I dunno, I guess I am just trying to understand him and figure him out.

    Should I just be patient with him (not easy for a Leo lol) and wait til he comes and talks to me or what? I did ask him if he was angry at me and wanted to break up and he said no.

  • Scorpions don't like to feel controlled by anyone or even their own emotions - they like to call the shots. If he is feeling drawn to you, he will make himself pull back from time to time just to regain control of himself. And make sure you are not just his 'booty call' as Scorpions have a very sexual nature.

  • Ahhh yes, his sex drive is through the roof. I love it. 🙂

    So you think I should just wait and see if he calls/txts me first. I have sent him maybe 2 or 3 text over the last few days just to let him know I'm thinking of him, but no reply. I know he's busy at work and everything too, it's just very frustrating not getting any response. Oh well, patience is virtue or something like that.

  • You and LadyScorp should compare notes - she is having the same problem with her Scorpion man.


  • Thanks, I will have a look...

    I spoke to him briefly last night but he still seemed cold with me. I am not sure why, I think he's having a bad week so I told him when he's ready he can contact me. Now to play the waiting game....

    He reasured me that it had nothing to do with me but still...

  • Hi there CassTheLeo, I also think that numerology, and his other signs, like his rising etc. come into the factor, if you would like a reading let me know, I am here now. I can only read the cards for you, the others are more experienced with the other sciences. I agree with the Captain, I was with a Scorpio man for 9 years and wish that I would have known, but as usual have to work my way backwards like the rest of us!

  • There will be power struggles here because Leo likes to lead and Scorpio likes to control. A compromise would have to be reached to keep these 'games' of his under control.

  • Yes, us Leos don't take to being told what to do or how to do it lol. Hmmm, I was with a Libra before him (for 7 years and had 3 children) and it seemed easier, I do really like my Scorpio man, guess we'll just have to make compromises etc. We both like being in charge of our own lives it seems, which is perfectly fine.

  • It seems whenever something good happens, eg we spend time together, it's all good, we talk the next day etc. Then after a few days he pulls away and needs space. Is that normal for a Scorpio, he says he really likes me and can see a future and doesn't want to break up. Is it his way of testing my loyaltly?

  • Another thing...he and his ex were together 9 years, broke up 3 years ago. We haven't spoken about why they broke up, but all he said to me before we got together is that he had been f@cked over by her so perhaps he is testing the waters a bit. I have no idea.

  • I've been having the same problem the past week with my scorpio guy. For days he will be super attentive and responsive and the next thing I know he has dissappeared, doesn't answer my texts or calls! The first time he "went into his cave" I decided just not to contact him. I felt that maybe it was best to just give him space because I've heard Scorpios like their space even though it was super hard to be patient and did hurt my feelings at first. I noticed that by letting him have his space and just going about my own business, he came back on his own. The hot and cold moments can be frustrating for sure!

  • These men need to be very sure of you and have a lot of proof that you can be trusted not to hurt them before they will allow themselves to lose any of their famous suspicion and self-control. Much patience is needed by their partners.

  • Why do they feel the need to disappear though in order to contain their self-control? Am I handling his disappearing acts the right way by just letting him be?

  • Yes. These people disappear when they feel they are losing control of themselves - it may be a good sign that you are getting to him.

  • Yeah, my scorp broke things off and now when I see him at work, he is always staring at me, and now it seems he is appearing in places that he knows I am at. But I continue to act as happy as I can be(even though it is killing me inside). I don't get it. But, I know I need to move on. Good luck with your scorp!

  • Good for you!

  • I think it also has something to do with the masculine and feminine aspects of these signs. Leo has the masculine aspect so, I believe, likes direct, straightforward etc. Scorpio is the feminine aspect. Sounds almost like role reversal. I've dated Scorpios and didn't make a connection.

  • Hi everyone,

    I was seeking advice from The Captain about the same issues with my Scorpio guy.

    After all of dramas I went through (in my head), my Scorp WAS busy with work and lost track of his time! He was surprised when I asked him "Do you want us to stay together?." He said "Of course. I miss you." His voice sounded genuine and warm just as I remembered. We also talked about getting together soon (ours is long distance.)

    So I told him what I needed from him. How important it is for me to feel his presence. I felt much better that I had an honest conversation as he listened. As Scorpio guy doesn't like to be told what to do it is a good idea to be patient and wait for him when he is open to listen to what you have to say. It doesn't mean he will do what you want but at least you are letting him him know.

    One other thing I leaned is that they tend to have tunnel vision when they are on the projects, work, school, etc. If they ignore you all together it doesn't mean they care less about you. It is hard to really understand this as no one should be too busy to send a text or make a call but they seem to get lost.

    Meanwhile I will keep reflecting what I am discovering about myself through this relationship with him and working on how to love someone without giving away too much of me to him or whoever might come along. As much as he has issues I, too, have my own to deal with. As a Scorpio myself I get obsessed about someone when I am in love. I know it is not healthy.

    For now....

  • Thankyou everyone. 🙂

  • Today I ended my relationship with my Scorpio guy. I realized that I was being used and lied to. He said he doesn't want anything serious, but he still would like to talk to me all the time and I'm not going to allow that. I do not have the patience or respect for a man that could lead me on for months and then want me to still be his friend. I'm moving on and I feel good about it!

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