How to tell - psychic or paranoid?

  • I feel really crazy writing this but it is a very genuine question and I have been questioning myself about this for years. I've been very interested in astrology, numerology, tarot, "strange gut feelings" for as long as I can remember. I also very clearly remember waking up one night - I must have been 3 or 4 years old and telling whoever was in my room that I did not want to see them EVER and please go away. I slept with the light on the rest of the night and have continued to do so for the past 30 years. I often feel as though I can tell what the real meaning is behind people's words or body language. i really don't know how else to explain it. Sometimes i will walk into a room or house and feel heavy or depressed and I must get out and vice versa. i also get very nervous around certain people and must get away from them quickly. I feel like a real odd ball at times and wonder if these feelings are some psychic ability, over sensitivity or if I am just really paranoid and read way too much into things. i even spoke with a therapist about this telling him that I believe that I can sometimes feel what people are NOT saying and it makes me so anxious that i must get away from them and was diagnosed as having panic attacks. Is this just anxiety? Anyone else experience this? How do you remain calm and deal with this? I don't know if I just have an overactive imagination? I would never trust myself to try and tell someone about their future or anything. I don't think I would be able to do that. Are there different types of ability? Would love to hear from other people about how they realized they had psychic ability and how do you control or begin to feel at ease with it?

  • I would like to know too? Where do you start? I had a vary bad awakening that relapsed and if I only knew what to do I think I would of graduated and working as a graphic designer in Seattle. I don't want to talk about it but all I know is the world is what you paint it and don't lose faith. What some call reality is a mistake.

  • Ooh Sweetie,

    Have you read books any on Intuitive & psychic abilities ~~ By Doreen Vurtue~ Sylvia Browne ~ Colette Baron Reid ~ these are the few books which help to explain exactly what people are feeling & how to control & how to reease what is not positive energies.....

    though to have these abilities was always a gift .... many are confused by how they feel~ & wonder if they are Really losing their mind LOL NO they are not losing their minds LOL

    We are coming into a new & Higher vibration of spirit energies merging with ours... so there will be CRAZY feelings going on inside us.... some complain of pain fatigue and dis-orination of mind & senses ~~~ some even RUN to their DR's .. because they think it's something Terrible ~~~ NO it isn't anything Terrible......

    love is a good start

    by pouringout light & love energies up to the uninverse !!! that same love & light pours back onto the planet & helps to balance & heal ~~~ makes sense to me...

    I hope it makes some sense to you too....

    keep us updated ~~~ would like to hear from you soon !!!

    keep in the light & love of Angels...

    xox Mille

  • Thank you both for responding!

    Z3ro, it's good to hear from someone else who is confused like I am. Makes me feel more normal! 🙂

    MillaFeori, thanks for your words of assurance. I have read a few Sylvia Browne books and really enjoyed them but was kind of left with the impression that if you are truly psychic, a spirit guide or someone would somehow show themselves to you and announce...Yes! You have abilities!" lol! Now that I write that, I suppose that sounds kind of silly. I just expected some big event would happen.... like seeing a vision about somebody's future and it comes true.... or something along those lines to really prove it. I'll definitely check out the other authors you recommended. Thank you so much for your response and your explanations. I'd love to hear more! All the best.

  • Hi Stonyeye, Try to keep this is a positive perspective. You may indeed sense negative aspects from people. Try not to internalize any negativity. You may be afraid of open, crowded spaces, preferring to be in a smaller place. Also, try to consider any aspects from your past or present that may contribute to any responses, feelings that you have. Dr.'s aren't really trained in the paranormal or supernatural. And it doesn't always involve "hocus-pocus". We are given intuition for a reason. Don't consider yourself a freak but don't get paranoid, either. I have suffered w/anxiety. I have heard that anxiety can be caused from a need for perfection. Whether it's from yourself or environment. I find that by being more carefree and not taking on another persons stress helps me. Be happy w/yourself and the gifts that you have. If they become a problem for you than there is nothing wrong at all with going to a DR. Hope this helps.

  • Stonyeye,

    This is strange but I have always felt the way you do. I feel like if I over analyze people when they talk to me or I can sense if they truly have a genuine heart! Usually when someone is talking to me and I do not get a good feeling about them, I try to stay away from them because I feel a negative energy. I really don't like this and I sometimes thought I might have anxiety problems myself. I guess I need to do some reading also to figure this out.

  • Hi Dalia and LIghtbeneaththeshade. Thanks for your responses. I'm beginning to think that most people possess intuitive abilities but don't tune into them or disregard them. Perhaps some of us are unusual in that we may listen a little too hard to our gut? I don't know. Sometimes I look back and wish that I had trusted my gut feeling about certain people and other times i think that perhaps I am too critical and need to give people a chance before dismissing them so quickly. i just find that really hard to do when that anxious feeling about someone won't go away. So glad to get your persepectives! Thanks so much again for your replies.

  • I have the same exact experiences, this is called a: intuitive, empathic, or just plain psychic! No your not crazy and most doctor's arent trained to understand paranormal and although I have heard of one "head doctor" who did believe in a woman who was experiencing paranormal event's! Embrace your gift!

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  • Dear Stonyeye you should always listen to your gut feelings they won't lie to you. You can call this feeling anything you like but its all the same. You know everyone is able to do what we do but they choose to ignore it because they don't like to be different or they were told to stop talking about it for one reason or another. The more you talk or read the more open you will become. The more you will learn to understand and use this to help yourself and others. So read and talk and help others who are as confused as you were. Its ok and not something bad. You can give someone a choice to do something and that's why we have free will. If you make a choice that isn't on your path then you will have to deal with consequences. Not always to be the worst thing you can think of but more like a bump in the road of life. Learning experiences. This will get much easier as you start to use your gifts. Don't be afraid its going to be alright. We all can offer something to help you so take with you what feels right to you and let the rest go it may not be meant for you yet.

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