Is there a solid connection between Sagittarius and Scorpio?

  • Hi there,

    I recently began dating a man who I very much like, but at the same time I am very much perplexed by. I am really hoping someone can guide me, or share some wisdom with me.

    Based on his natal chart, this is what it reveals: Sun-Scorpio; Moon- Sagittarius; Mercury-Scorpio; Venus-Scorpio; Mars-Scorpio; Jupiter-Pisces; Saturn-Cancer; Uranus-Libra; Neptune-Sagittarius; Pluto-Libra; Lilith-Aquarius; Rising Sign-Sagittarius.

    My natal chart: Sun-Sagittarius; Moon-Scorpio; Mercury-Sagittarius; Venus-Aquarius; Mars-Aquarius; Jupiter-Capricorn; Saturn-Scorpio; Uranus-Sagittarius; Neptune-Capricorn; Pluto-Scorpio; Lilith-Aries; Rising Sign-Taurus.

    We've only been dating just a little over a month, and this past weekend I thought we were going to break up because he seemed very distant. I was wondering if maybe someone could tell me if it's because of something in his chart, my chart, or something in both of our charts that do not mesh well together, or maybe just something else altogether. Either way, I'd greatly appreciate any information anybody has to offer.

    Thank you for reading,


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