Captain, would you please help me with your reading?

  • Dear Captain,

    Yes, I think know what you are telling me in my head .... and I even will say the same if my girlfriend was in the my situation. But when I'm in a relationship myself I loose perspective. I tend to get so obsessed with this person and build expectations. Therefore when it doesn't work out I get hugely disappointed. Almost as if I set myself up for it.

    When I decided to relocate to Hawaii I was doing just fine on my own feeling free and happy about myself. Even after I met this guy I kept saying to myself that I am happy with or without him in my life. I thought I was being careful, too. Now as he is withdrawing I am realizing that just how much I was relying my happiness on him. This is largely depressing me. I wish I could feel happy and light.


  • You need to make peace with your issues with your father, and stop feeling you have to please everyone who reminds you of him. You are no longer that child who wants to make her daddy love her.

  • Dear Captain, father is long gone and I never thought it is affecting me deep down.

    I came across this article

    Turns out my Scorp guy in question has most of the qualities on the list checked.

    He could be a jerk and I might not miss his other qualities but I still miss the strong chemistry we shared. I fear that I might never find that level of chemistry as desperate as it may sounds. How do we overcome missing physical closeness to someone? Time?

    Thank you so much for taking time to respond to me. I truly appreciate it.


  • If you found it once, you can find it again. This guy is not the only man on the planet who is good in bed. Otherwise he'd be more popular. 🙂

  • LOL! 😉

  • Updates:

    After all my Scorp WAS busy with work and lost track of his time. Well, Scorpio men are known to have tunnel vision when they are busy. After all of the drama and stress I went through I am realizing that his mind works simpler than mine...or too busy to even pull hot & cold stuff.

    He was surprised when I asked him "Do you want us to stay together?." He said "Of course. I miss you." His voice sounded genuine and warm just as I remembered. So I told him what I needed from him. How important it is for me to feel his presence. I felt much better that I had an honest conversation as he listened. We also talked about getting together soon.

    Meanwhile I will keep reflecting what I am discovering about myself through this relationship with him and working on how to love someone without giving away too much of me. As a Scorpio myself I get obsessed when I am in love. I know it is not healthy.

    For now....

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