Moving Beyond Shadows

  • a message from Lynette Leckie-Clark

    I am Merlin. I have come to speak to you of the great time before you. It is a time of magic for all. A time which some of you have read about from the scripts of past civilizations. You see the signs everywhere around you.

    A part of you knows the time of the great shift is already on Earth. The great shift is also in your Heavens – the Universe. Even among the planets of your solar system there is a shift in their energy secretions. Your great solar Sun is also undergoing changes. The shift of the ages is great.


    You and all living beings on Earth are experiencing a metamorphosis. You have been led to this stage for many of your linear years. We have guided you, told you. My brother Kuthumi has been busy assisting you, teaching you through this channel I use now. She opens herself to us so we can share our knowledge with you. She is in service to God/ Source, just as we, of The Great White Brotherhood/ the Council of Light are in service. This knowledge and teaching has helped you grow in Light, in spirit, in soul. Has helped you to understand the need to let go of pain from your past. Some wonder – “Who was I before? What did I do?” A curiosity. In some cases there is a need for deep healing. Allow this healing, then move forward understanding a weight has been lifted from your soul memory. You are being transformed. Holding onto such fears and hurts will only hold you back. So seek to clear all painful residue of past. Carry with you only that which assists in serving your greater growth. I know Kuthumi says ‘All is experience’. I say (laughing) ‘Let’s sprinkle some magic on the experiences you have had - all of them. Sprinkle them with golden particles of transformation’.

    If you must analyze, then analyze what you have learnt from various experiences. That may be never to experience it again by never allowing it to be again. It may be creating an adjustment to your will, and what you will, or will not, allow. Understand an experience may have been to provide closure to a repeated lifetime behavioral pattern of you or another soul. You may have chosen to help another soul end an aspect of behavior they had held onto for many lifetimes and required help to release that pattern. So you played a role to assist them, which allowed closure of that behavior.


    So we come back to the golden particles of metamorphosis. You are breathing these golden particles every day. They are in your atmosphere. Many Etheric gateways have been opened to Earth in recent times. This has allowed a higher vibrational energy to encompass you. In the coming Equinox period more transformational energies will be felt by many. As if by magic many will open to the higher wisdom and guidance of their Soul. The Soul will seek to lead you forward. To release any remaining past residues of pain or old behavioral patterns. You will simply feel a need to transform that which no longer serves you. To look at your life, your world through new eyes – the eyes of your Soul. So this great year of transformation continues. Only now in you linear time the process is moving faster. You are not yet ready for the final stages. There is more inner work to be done.

    Rod of Light

    As your year continues to unfold, your cellular structure is also undergoing great change. As the particles of Light seep through your outer bodies they connect with the Rod of Light which has lain dormant for many lifetimes in your Etheric body. The particles awaken and energize the Rod of Light to it’s higher purpose. As it is awakened, the Rod of Light in turn activates your own power portals – some call them chakra's. One by one each portal within your structure is opened. Many are clogged with emotional debris. This will create an inner need for healing work to enable you to clear and open each portal as required. Each of you will be different as each of you have chosen various experiences. So the metamorphosis process continues.

    As you clear your own lower power centers, you are able to hold more Light particles within you. This in turn feeds and expands your soul and any Light which your soul is holding is also further expanded. As if by magic your humanoid structure is being transformed. The old restrictive beliefs and behavioral patterns must be released if you choose to flow forward in Light. Do you choose a peaceful future? As more golden particles of Light flood the Earth and all living creatures, you will desire a life of peace more and more. You will choose it. But your linear time is also ending.

    Linear Time Line

    I understand Kuthumi has spoken of this. Yet many of you are not truly understanding it’s meaning. You have read about it, or heard about it, but it has become for many, a subject which you find difficult, so you choose to turn away and not think about it, or the implications to your life.

    This year, 2012, many of you are busy finishing old business on your past lives and your current life. You are eagerly awaiting your metamorphosis. Around you the Earth is also undergoing her metamorphosis, as are some species of animals. Other species sadly through human behavior and greed, are leaving the planet. You will never see them on Earth again. So your linear time is also running out. Your time will gain momentum, seemingly go faster and faster until it transcends to No Time. Transcends to only Now.

    The Awakening

    Man is awakening. As you flow through your cellular change you would be wise to consider your part in creating a better Earth, a better future for your grand children. Your part. What is that? What can you do? What part are you playing in assisting your fellow man forward to the great metamorphosis of Light, of complete peace?


    You also have the power to become a magician – just like me! Not the magician of your movies, but a magician of the Heavens. Containing wisdom and Light within. Using that wisdom and Light you have gained through reading, learning, healing and your experience on the higher path of Light to help others. Those who are slower to comprehend. Those who are fearful to step forward on their own transformational path. Share your wisdom, your compassion with them. Help them to understand and to therefore release their inner fears and be able to finally move forward in the great shift.


    You have been told you will create your future. This is true. You may think the darker side may prevail. While there may be a few years where it may appear to be a continual battle, I can assure you the Light will prevail. That is non-negotiable. It is the great plan for the Universe, not just Earth and all who live on Earth.

    As I have said, the golden particles are already in your atmosphere, transforming your cellular structure within. Those who spend much of their energy trying to fight the Light, to remain in areas of control and cruelty will physically return to dust. Their souls will be taken to another planet to be healed. They may pass by illness of mind or body as they are unable in their chosen darkness, to hold the golden particles of Light within their cellular structure. The energy is too strong now. So they will endure a strong and continual inner battle on all lower bodies – the physical, mental and emotional – until they become ill and weak with exhaustion from the battle. The physical body cannot continue the battle and begins to break down, becoming ill.

    So you see, you can create your own life, your own future, which will then create a new Earth. You choose, you create through your visualizations and faith.

    Another Year Forward

    As you move forward in this year, you will understand and witness further change within and around you on every level that you see as life now. Just as you are in the process of the great shift, so is the structure created by the few. Your monetary systems are already in the process of change. The leaders of greed and cruelty are being released from Earth. Do not allow the greedy few to repeat this process in the future. Many of you are changing this aspect in various countries. This process will continue on through your following year as well on all levels as people seek true freedom and justice. The Earth must be cleansed. By your year 2015 much will have been changed, transformed. The turmoil you now endure will slow greatly.

    New Beginning

    As the old ways fade, new ways of peace, of bartering for goods will become your daily experience. Many wish this to happen now. Use magic! Visualize the future you desire. Visualize continually, every day. It will hasten the metamorphosis of becoming full of Grace, full of peace, contentment and love. Visualize the future you desire. Visualize the world at peace, in total and complete abundance for all.

    The golden particles in the Ethers of Earth will grab onto the energy of your creation. So it will become your reality over time. But what is time? It exists as you know it only on Earth. This too is changing. You will soon live only in the Now for linear time will be transcended. You are becoming a Light Humanoid, then you will become a Light Being as you begin to hold more and more Light particles of the Creator/ God within you. Is this not magic? (laugh) Actually it is a process, a great plan for all. But I like to think of it as a magical process, a magical metamorphosis for you all.

    In service, I am Merlin.

    Copyright © 2011 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark - All rights reserved. You are welcome to share with a friend but Not for sale in any form.

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