Holograms, Realities and ET’s

  • a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

    Beloved one, again we will speak of the holograms and we will speak of the realities—lower case “r”—of the illusion that you are living, and we will speak not in judgment but with discernment of what your belief is about your reality, and how you can change the reality. We will suggest, highly suggest that you live in joy. It is a free choice, so you might as well choose to be happy.

    For example, just for fun, expand your hologram, expand what you see as your reality. Take it back to the Big Bang when physicality was created. And then, if you dare, imagine before the Big Bang. What was there before? Because there was a before, although it was outside of time. Allow that to be part of your hologram, as well.

    Expand your hologram. Take it as far back as you can imagine: feel, create for yourself the hologram that takes in All. And when you have done that in what seems to be the past, expand it into the future. What do you want to see in your hologram of the future? See how expansive it can be. It can be anything you want it to be.

    This is what I saw that evening in the Garden of Gethsemane. I saw that the cross was not the end of everything. I saw it as part of the process of human life and the process of showing that the body is a creation of your divinity, your divine Mind—capital “M”. I saw myself rising, living, even with physical molecules, for years after that and having the relationships with brothers and sisters, because I enjoy friendship, I enjoy relationships with brothers and sisters. And I did this for what we have called over six hundred years until finally it was time to allow the body that I had created, re-created, to go into the Light that your divinity is.

    But there are even yet times when I re-create, for a short time or a little longer time, a body to come into your life, to sit next to you, to ask you, “How is it going? You look like you’re struggling with something.” Or just to smile and to say, “It will be okay.” I have done that with you from time to time. When you have been going through something and someone has come along-maybe you knew them, maybe you did not know them-and I have either spoken through them or I have created a body momentarily to say to you, “It will be okay; not only will be, but it is okay.”

    And you have cried, you have sobbed, and you have shouted your frustration to the heavens from time to time when you have felt desolate, abandoned. Some of that feeling of abandonment goes back to the crucifixion itself, to the time when you felt that I had abandoned you. But never can I abandon you. We are joined at the divine level as One. Never can you be where I am not. Always I am with you.

    Expand your hologram. Take it back even past the Big Bang. What would that be? Can you imagine formlessness? Mind; just Mind? Just being? Because there was, outside of time, a time when you did just imagine, just to Be.

    And then your next question was, “What can I create?” As you are an extension of the one creative Principle, of course you are going to create, and you have created the most beautiful formations. Even in this day and time, when you look upon what is called nature and you observe the beautiful formations, watching the flow of a waterfall, the rock formations, the ferns, the glades that are green and sparkle with the morning dew; you look upon the sunset, each one different from the one previous; you create. And if you have eyes to see, it will gladden your heart.

    Allow yourself to put all of that beauty into your hologram and to know that truly you are the one creating. Would that waterfall exist if you were not there to watch it? Good question; play with that question. You will come up with an answer. Will the answer be right? Of course it will be right, because in truth there is no right or wrong; there just is.

    Then allow yourself to expand the hologram and take it into the future. As long as you are drawing breath, you are going into what you call the personal future, making your future. And after you cease breathing for the body, you will still be; you will still be consciousness, and you will be—many have been—surprised. “I’m still alive! I still have and am consciousness.” And you have wondered, “How can this be? I thought everything ended and I went to heaven or maybe somewhere else after I laid down the body, but I’m still alive.”

    Of course, you are still alive. Always you have been and will be expressing the divinity and experiencing the divinity. So expand your hologram. Allow it to be as expansive as you can imagine, and then on the morrow of the next day, play with it again and see if you can push it a little bit farther. And when you do that, you come to the place where you realize, “I am expanding, I am creating, I am taking into my consciousness, my conscious awareness, more and more of who and what I am. And if I’m doing that, hey, I’m not just a little dull piece of physicality. I must be powerful; not as the world defines power, but I must be powerful in the divine sense of creating,” and you are.

    In the expanded hologram you are going to remember lifetimes that were not upon holy Mother Earth. You are going to remember lifetimes when you were on other star constellations and planets, other heavenly—as they are called—bodies where you were a heavenly body. Your form may have been entirely different. In truth, it was different than what you have evolved upon holy Mother Earth.

    There were the lifetimes – and I will call any form of incarnation that your creative divinity has allowed you, I will call that a lifetime, whether it be long or short – where you were liquid crystal in thought, flowing, or where you were the density of form as the mountains. There were lifetimes when you were very, very tall, very broad shoulders, very big, or you looked part animal, part human as you have now in what are called the mythological legends.

    You have been all of your legendary beings. You have been the unicorn. You have been the one that was part female and part fish – the mermaid. You have been everything that is in your legendary stories; otherwise, it would not resonate with you. It would not be in your intellectual remembrance.

    You have been everything you can imagine. You have been the tiniest little alpine flower. You have been the giant sequoia tree, living hundreds of years and watching the little humans running around doing whatever they thought was so important, as you just kept

    living as the giant redwood tree. You have been the fruit fly that lives for a day or so, and in that day you lived a whole lifetime.

    So allow yourself to know that this is not all there is. The human form works in this reality so that you can speak with the brothers and sisters and they can understand you and relate to you; they are not afraid because you look strange. You have amongst you ones who have come from other star constellations, not of Terra, but beyond Terra. You call them the ETs, extra-terrestrials, and they are amongst you right now. Some of them have taken on human form so that you are not going to try to do away with them. You are going to maybe listen to them.

    Some of you—and hear this well—are in truth the ETs. Now, I know that that blows the mind. That is good. Some of you—in fact, the major portion of you who are reading this message—are the ETs in human form because you do not want to scare the brothers and sisters, but you do want to be able to speak to them of life on other planetary bodies, and you want to allow them to understand that it is okay that there is life elsewhere.

    It is foolish hubris, pride, egotistical thinking to say that there is only life on holy Mother Earth. You are not—as the humanoids that you are—the only intelligent life. Verily, there are some of your four-footed ones that would challenge that statement. They have more intelligence, more love to freely give than the human forms.

    You are here because you have lived lifetimes on other planetary bodies and you are the ETs. You have that remembrance. That is why I have started off this message speaking to you of expanding your hologram and taking it back as far as you can imagine it to go and accepting yourself as being more than what you know yourself to be in this one lifetime.

    How does that feel? “Well, interesting; hmm, I’ll have to play with that for a while. I thought I was just human. I thought that was enough to struggle with, and now he’s telling me that there’s more to me than I have thought there was?” Yes. So when ones speak about the ETs among you, you know this. You can feel it as a truth within your being. It does not mean that you are going to immediately change form and have the bug eyes and the very long face, long neck, thin body, etc. that has been put forth in your so-called fiction. You are going to keep the form that is accepted, but your awareness of yourself is changing, is expanding.

    Know you that is why you have felt since you were a small one that this holy Mother Earth was not your home, where you have often felt that you did not quite fit in? You tried your best to be like all the rest, but there was something just a bit different about yourself. You did not know what it was, and nobody else did either, because they were not wise enough; they had not expanded their hologram.

    But as you are expanding your hologram and allowing yourself to entertain the idea that perhaps you are much more than you thought you could be or were, much more than what the parents, the grandparents, the peers have said that you are, as you allow that hologram to expand and you take into your understanding that you are truly the ETs, then everything changes in the way you look at things. You begin to see yourself in a new light, in an expanded light, and you begin to invite other ETs to make themselves known to you.

    Holy Mother Earth is beautiful. I have lived many lifetimes when I enjoyed holy Mother Earth and appreciated everything that we created. For indeed, we did create—as the ETs that you are now understanding yourself to be—we came and brought our Light together to form holy Mother Earth. She is a Light being made out of our Light from a long, long time ago.

    At first she was not the form that she is now. There was a time, even your scientists will tell you, when the atmosphere and what is called terra firma now was not so firm. It was more of vapor and of light—misty, maybe you could call it. And we made holy Mother Earth more and more dense. We took our Light, our creativity, and we brought it into form, and we allowed it to solidify more and more so that we could then put our creations into the seas and on terra firma to walk.

    At first we were Light beings walking on Light. But then there was a thought to bring in density, to make more firm the Light; to change vibrational level. That is truly what we did.

    Now you are starting to understand vibrational levels. You can feel vibration. You walk into a room, and if the ones in that room are happy, you can feel that vibration. It feels good; you want to be there. Or you can walk into a room where ones have been feeling very down, judging themselves and others, quarreling perhaps, and you can feel that vibration and as soon as you have opportunity, you leave.

    So you know vibratory level. It is not something that is just an intellectual term. It is something you feel, something you know down deep. And it is changing.

    And with vibratory change, there have been many questions about other life-forms. There is much speculation about ET’s and how strange they may be, and there have been questions about whether or not they are going to visit, or have visited Mother Earth, and what technology can they tell you about, and will they beam you up and take you back to their home planet. Well, I say unto you, as you expand your hologram – what you believe your reality is and can be — you will understand that their home planet is your planet, as well; it has been, and can be again, because there is always free choice after you release the certain form known as the human body.

    There is free choice, so you can have friendships with ET vibratory energy even now. That is what you are doing when you come into resonance with other ones. You come into a group of “like-minded people” and you feel at home. It is because you are with ones you have known on other planetary bodies, other home bases.

    Play with the ideas that I have suggested. Play with the ideas about expanding your hologram as far back as you can imagine, even past the Big Bang. Play with how it would feel to be just Mind; not to have to have any incarnate form. How would it feel to flow effortlessly? How would it feel to expand the Mind into its energetic form and know that you are energy in form, and how would you use that energy?

    What kind of technology—as you would term it technology—is necessary to make a spaceship? Spaceships are energy coalesced, but you knew that already. And how did you know that already? Because you have been on spaceships, and I am not speaking that you were abducted and taken against your will. I am speaking that truly you have known space travel. Where would that idea come from if it were not true? Let that resonate for a moment.

    All of your science fiction—it is not fiction, and it is not exactly scientific either—comes from a remembrance of a truth—lower case “t”—that you have experienced, that you have created. Play with expanding your awareness of self to know that the reason that you have not felt exactly at home here is because you are other worldly, you are the ETs, you are the ones who are boldly going where others do not even dream to go, and yet the ones who dare to dream are increasing.

    Now, I have spoken to you very straight, and you are ready to hear it. You have asked to hear it. You have wanted to know, “Why do I feel sort of out of step? Why do I feel feelings that I can’t explain?” It is because you go beyond just what is known as human. You are the ETs. Wake up and live. That is the commission that I give unto you: to wake up and live your divinity in all of its creative history and diversity. Expand your hologram, your reality, until you know your Reality, as I knew Mine.

    So be it.

    • Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

    in expression through Judith

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