Captain, can you help me figuring out this Gemini man?

  • Him: June 14, 1961

    Me: September 21, 1965

    I knew him when I was 19-21. we worked together. i moved away and returned back home. we met by chance this past fall after 25 years. when i saw him, my heart melted. i could tell he has a wall up. i hugged him, i was so happy to see him. he stood like a wall. we went on 2 dates ( 2 1/2 months apart. he heard me sing and said he booked for a club a few years ago and never heard anyone sing like me. he said I can make a lot of money. he even called me to give me advice after our 2nd date.

    he knows I like him. after our dates i got the feeling he was indifferent toward me. not sure why. his exes were cheaters, I am not. I am a decent woman, not like the trash he has known. he emailed me on valentine's day, suggested to get together that friday night. didnt hear from him. asked him what happened on that saturday. he wrote that his daughter broke up with her bf and moved back home. I never heard from him again.

    I tried to ignore it and check him off. but that day meeting him after being away 25 yrs, the feelings, the connection I felt when i hugged him, melting in his arms, the comfortableness. the desire and attraction. I dont know what that was all about if he didnt feel it too.

    his ex cheated on him 6 years ago. messy divorce. i couldnt help but feel that he harbors a lot of resentment towards women.

    what is he about? I texted him Happy Easter, no response. (we usually emailed in the past).

    I feel disrespected and unappreciated. what is he all about and how do we match up? what happened between us? why? and where will it lead to? will I hear from him? I am very hurt by his actions. and find his behavior strange.

  • oh yeah, he suggested things to do in the future and nothing came of it. he acted as though he liked me and was into me when we were together. I am beginning to think it was all an act. it is awful of him, if it was just talk. i never took him as insincere, though we were just co-workers 25 yrs ago, and we worked together for 2 yrs. by the way, he remembered the physical attributes of my body and mentioned exactly certain features that he obviously liked about me from that time 25 yrs ago. I am confused by him.

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