Can't find the forums on the Beta

  • Hi, everyone - I love the look of the new site but can't find a link anywhere on there to the forums. Can someone tell me where it is - if it is there?

    Thanks for the help and Bright Spring Blessings to you all!

  • Hi jlinaangel,

    It's correct that you can't find a link. Neither could I. I wrote to admin months ago and I got a reply that they would look into it and get back to me about it. Haven't heard a sound yet.

    I was concerned about the saved topics (here) that many has that could get lost in the transfer to the new site etc. And I particularly wanted to know what options they are going to give us to keep them one way or the other. There are many old topics I do want to keep!!

    So we got to wait until they are ready to let us know.

    Take care,


  • Thanks Flow, I hope they don't just eliminate them entirely?!

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