Why is it so hard for Cancer to let go?

  • Specifically, for a Cancer female to let go of a Scorpio male...it's like the second there's some headway, it all just comes flooding back like a tidal wave of emotion 😞

  • As a cancer female, I can tell you from experience with this same emotional dynamic, that we don't have any problem letting go of relationships that don't mean a whole lot to us. For instance, a good friend, who you're not really attracted to says he can't be your friend anymore, if there is not going to be more, you'd probably say, "I'm sorry you feel that way." and go on about your life.

    But. . . when there is a spirit connection, or your soul has found another soul that will bring out all the crap that needs to be healed, we hold on like flies in butter. It's like an unseen force weaves a net around our heart and tightens it when he tries to get away.

    Look for ways that this person brings up emotions that need to be healed. For example, I met a guy, instantly attracted to him, he's everything I ever wanted, and a great kisser to boot. He says and does things that make me feel insecure, stops talking to me abruptly, ignores me in public, acts like he doesn't want to be seen with me. THIS is the guy i can't get enough of, and can't seem to stop thinking about. Is it because we're meant to be together?

    I think not. I had rejection issues that stemmed from childhood abuse and abandonment. My soul called this fella to me, because I needed to have all those emotions brought to the surface so they could be healed, and he was the perfect fit. Doesn't mean he's a perfect fit for me, only that he was perfect for what the situation called for. I'm grateful, too because I'm a whole lot better person, now that I've healed all that crap.

    But for a while, every time I saw him, I felt drawn to him, I couldn't keep my hands off of him, I would shiver when he texted me, even if it was just to say he couldn't meet me. and it took me a year to let him go. During that year, I was not only trying to let him go, I was working on my rejection issues, and healing a lot of very deeeeeeeeep wounds. When your healing is complete, you will feel a release.

    Best of luck to you.

  • CrabbyOleBat,

    Very powerful, insightful and so 'nail on the head' about our subconscious issues (and we ALL have them, to some extent, in some area of our lives) 🙂


    the bond or force of energy that, in most cases, exist between a Cancer and a Scorpio, almost always possess this kind of intense bonding; that of 'soul-mate' quality, but as CrabbyOleBat expressed, the connection may or may not be a pleasant experience per se, but it doesn't mean that there isn't something 'useful' or growth worthy that you can take from the encounter. NOTHING in our lives/experiences here in this life happenings for no reason; there is always something to take away, though it may not always be clear at the time. Life is a 'school house' and we are it's 'students'; we all have our own unique and individual lessons to learn from our experiences; we either have something to 'learn' or 'something to teach' or both 🙂 Center yourself in quiet meditation and seek the answers to your concerns; within is THE only place the answers reside 🙂

    Blessings of Love and Light surround you,


  • By the way, I am a Scorpio female 🙂


  • All of your responses are dead on! I know in my heart that he's "the one" but now that we're over I am loathe to let go...though I will add that it doesn't help that he's now with somebody else but continues to text me asking for my forgiveness, telling me he wants me in his life, loves me, and never meant to hurt me. All of this only serves to make things worse! Any advice on how to let go of this Scorpion? I can't cry about it anymore, I'm so utterly heartbroken...

  • The only thing that helped me was to "Act As If". By that, I mean, act as if I wasn't heartbroken, as if I was free and single, and looking, flirting and getting phone numbers, as if I hadn't a care in the world.

    Nobody special came along to make me forget about my broken heart, but it kept me distracted long enough to heal. My advice, have fun. Go out with your girlfriends, flirt with the waiter, get a new hairdo.

    Best of luck to you, sweetie,

  • As another Cancer whose been in somewhat of the same situation...not with Scorpio but Libra. Just have to keep moving on. It's now been close to three years and since then he has come back twice. I still think about him but it was lesson for me. He was the one that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with and after three years apart, I see things now that I didn't see when I was with him. Do I regret the relationship? Absolutely not! However, time has shown that this wasn't going to be what I needed for ME. He was the one that showed me I was worthy of being treated decently, he never yelled at me, demeaned me, talked down to me....all things that I was trying to heal from my marriage where all of that DID happen. I think I was there to help him learn how to be an individual not ruled by others, to have a voice in how a relationship should go. I also needed a lesson in learning to trust and not be jealous. While I learned my lessons....he unfortunately went back into a relationship where someone else ruled him (past love). He even contacted me after he married her and I declined the opportunity to reconnect. :0) There really hasn't been anyone else since but I'm ok with that. I agree with Transformed and Crabby Bat. Nothing happens for no reason and we need to take some of these serious relationships and use them to learn. Good luck...

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