Need help with a one-card reading.

  • I found out a guy wrote a song about me but I have yet to know what it's about; I asked the cards what was the song about and I got "the queen of swords" what does that mean? Does it mean the song is about how lonely I am or how I Iike my space. Maybe the song is about how I express myself I'm unsure as how to interpret this card in a song context.

  • Hello,

    He could be describing you: You personality--good and bad.

    That you are a woman that has a mind, that speaks it, but can gravely pierce hearts.

    Perhaps, that you always float away as if nothing has ever happened.

    Do you believe it to be you?

    In my opinion, it would have helped if you had chosen another card as it can give you further clues.

    Hope it helped some.

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