Shuabby, may I have a reading from you please?

  • Hi Shuabby, I am struggling with finding a job. This friend offered to help me again as he has good connections in the industry. I am wondering if he can successfully introduce me to another company (reference) this time, and eventually help me with finding a job? What you think?? Thanks a lot.

  • DDTT

    I believe that he will be of help to you and a guide, of course you will have to put forth your best effort to capture the job you want.

    I see a white stone bld you will enter into and there are two fives in the address it looks like to me. This will lead you to a good opt and a Mr. James is coming in here to be of help to you. I feel that you should be working in the next six weeks.


  • Shuabby, I really appreciate your response! it made my Friday night!! Based on the information you provided, 2 fives and white stone bld. Could it be K company??

    This K company is where this male friend works, and he's a big boss in it. He tried to help me find a job in his company, but since they were not hiring entry level ppl, or I wasn't qualified for advanced positions, I thought my chance of getting into K was slim to none... Thats why he offered to see if he can introduce me to other companies...

    Anyway, based on what you said, could you please let me know if K will be the company where I will be working at? And can you please shed some light on how I should better prepare for the interview and/or job? Any insight would be appreciated 😉 Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

    love and light to you,


  • oh, I realized it might be too difficult for you to tell me if its K company since its so vague. It stands for KPMG. in any case you cant "feel" it, I hope you can still provide me with more advices/suggestions on the interview or anything related to this potential job.. Thanks 😉

  • DDTT

    I see and R in the company name, first Letter. There is also a D coming in here which may be with the same as R or another company altogether.

    You will have more than one interview with this company before they place you in a nice office and I feel that it has space and windows in which you will like. There is a Linda there that will be helpful to you.

    It is near so in the interviews , I get Keep calm for you and have your information ready in your head and hand. Smile and be pleasent, do not keep constant eye contact as if staring at the person, you can look at their forehead or down at your paperwork if nesscessary.

    The job may not be everything you want it to be , but will be close to what you have invisioned for yourself.

    Let me know how it goes for you,


  • Thanks shuabby. Not sure abt the R company, but D makes sense to me. Deloitte is another dream company I wanna work at and my friend offered to introduce me to this company. We will see. I will keep u posted. Thanks for the interview tips 🙂 do you see when I can get an interview with any of the companies? I emailed my friend last week and haven't heard from him yet.. Not sure what's going on.....

  • DDTT

    You will be working within the next six weeks is what I receive for you if you choose to accept a work offer.

  • Thanks for the response, Shuabby. I hope I can get a job by then 😉 I will keep you updated. Again, thanks for your help. eased my nerve. lots of blessings to you! xx

  • Hi Shuabby,

    May I have an update reading frm you please? I am still looking for a job.. no job offer so far whatsoever. I am getting so frustrated and impatient. Myabe you can give me some insight on this issue? when will i at least get an interview??? And if possible, do you mind saying sth abt my love life please? have been dating this guy for half a yr.. hes much older than me... not sure about the future for us? do you see if he proposes sometime soon? he's been talking about getting married quite a few times... not sure what he is up to.... I hope I can hear from you soon! Thanks!

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