Capricorn & Leo - Is it a match made in Heaven or Hades?

  • Any Capriorns out there that dated/dates a Leo's (or vice versa) that can give me some insight on this relationship over all compatibility?

    So I went to a friend’s house over the past weekend who I hadn’t seen in quite some time. I was surprised to see that he was dating someone. Well not really...because my friend is a great guy, but the guy whom he was seeing just didn’t seem like he was on my friend’s level or type. They just weren’t....Equally Yoked....

    So of course me being Mr. Zodiac now I quickly asked what the guys Zodiac was and I found out he's a Leo. My Friend is a Capricorn...

    They seemed like a very odd pair...When I walked in I felt this tension in the air, almost like they had just got into a fight moments before I walked it. They were making snard remarks to one another, and then they got into this huge fight right in front of me. I just left feeling really bad for my friend the Capricorn, because it doesn’t look like he's happy.

    During one of the arguments they hinted that the Leo hadn’t been faithful during their first year together and I think they've only just made it past the first year....and yes....they said this right in front of me their GUEST.

    I'm currently gearing up for the day my friend comes to me to vent in detail about his relationship (since most of my friends do on a daily)....

    Any Capriorns out there that date Leo's or vice versa that can give me some insight on the relationship compatability?

  • Honey, any cheating that goes on is beyond the zodiac. If he's not happy, help him nip it at the buds. Respect should be mutual, regardlass of star sign. Some people are just bad eggs. If the relationship seems forced to you, imagine how your friend feels, all wrapped up and trying to make it work. Relationships are difficult and strenuous, and fights happen, but a relationship that takes more work than you get benefit has big red flags. A fight in front of a guest is a sign for help. I'm a Leo, and the usual trademark of a Leo is Loyalty. His partner doesn't sound very loyal, to me, and I'd be a bat out of hell before I'd give a cheater a second chance with me!!!

    That's my opinion, anyways. Good luck to you and your friend.

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