Captain some help please

  • You have given me help before...and now....i am completley lost!!

    My husband first left me in March 2011....and for a yr...he and i have gone back and forth. He has left a 4 times....and we had started going to marriage counsling this last time he was home.

    It seems like he expects me to take all his crap...but when i am wrong( which i am) he holds it againist me for weeks. WHich makes him do and say things that makes me not even want him not here.

    It seems to me since he first left a year ago...he has become more selfish...and which makes me have to step up to the plate even more. He seems less patient with me. Like i am less appricated...when in fact i do more so i dont bother him so much.

    Sometimes....i feel like he causes arguements so he can go out.....and either be with another woman...or just be free. Regardless i dont feel taken care of....nor like i am good enough him. Which deep down..i am the best thing that has ever happend to him.

    My question at this will he ever be committed to being here in this marriage for a lifetime? Will it be a constint struggle? Will we ever become peaceful ? Will he stop cheating on me? Can we provide the love we both want and strive for? WE love VERY Strongly...but fight sooooo Viciously! It takes a toll on the both of us?

    Thank you...i know this is alot......

  • So he is never going to commit or stop cheating because he is too immature to do it. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Stop allowing him to have it. It's not love you have here, it's habit or dependency - break this pattern of pain and go find some real love with someone else. You need to get away to salvage your own self-esteem. You need an adult partner, not a child.

  • Thank you.....I needed to hear that.

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