Ne 1 want a reading?

  • Hiya hll, i will do a reading for you now...

  • cool! thanks so much! am looking forward to it!!!

    if you dont mind, can i add one more question? i know this guy is bz with work, and its probably his only and main concern at this point.. but what is he thinking abt getting back? i broke up with him via text. i know its stupid. not sure if he took it seriously or not.. to be honest..

    anyway, thanks for doing the reading for me. xx

  • Hiya hll,

    01. 8 cups

    02. 4 wands

    03. Strength

    04. Tower

    05. 2 swords

    06. 8 wands

    07. Ace cups

    08. Queen cups

    09. Sun

    10. 5 pentacle / king swords, star, 4 pentacles...

    Oh hll, your life is shown here that you are missing someone.

    Something has happened to disrupt your daily life. It has put you at a crossed road. A choice needs to be made. There is a lot of love surrounding you. And i don't think you need to worry. The man in your heart is working to stablize a life, for he has a dream he is working towards. Perhaps, give it some time. You do have reasons to find the happiness being offered. Bright blessing, diana x

  • ur right, Diana. I still my ex-bf. the one who left me last yr. i moved on,,,but sometime i still miss him a lot. its bad. still working on getting over him. but i know i will never go back to him.

    Diana, your right about this man. he's been working a lot trying to reach to the top altho he's already very successful. i wish he knew how to balance love and work better.. hmmm do you see if we will work out? Again, I appreciate your reading. very help. thanks 😉

  • Dear Dragoneagle,

    I'd like a reading if you have time.

  • Hiya pattysings, here is your reading...

    01. King swords

    02. 6 wands

    03. 2 cups

    04. 7 wands

    05. Chariot

    06. 8 pentacle

    07. Emperor

    08. Hermit

    09. 3 cups

    10. Ace cups

    oh what a lovely reading you have. You should be at a happy time in your life. The Queen Wands flipped over and i used it as a top cover card. Its either you or someone watching over this event in your life. I want to say your getting married? Or working on planning a wedding. Im not certain, but some kind of competition in the past, that is healing. There should be a man that cares a lot and loves so much. With the 2 cups, 3 cups and Ace cups you have an abundance of love around you. I want to say an older man will want to give you advice, gift or something like that while you are alone with him. This older man i think is giving you away at your wedding. Im excited for you. Let me know. Best wishes. Hugs, diana x

  • HI Dragoneagle, I dont know if u are still doing readings, but if u are I really would like u to pratice on me. Question: what does the future tell about me and this guy E.?Like does he still cares, will we talk or see each other again?

    Thank you much

  • Dragoneagle,

    Thank you for the reading but a wedding is not what is happening. You may see the cards in an entirely different way if you know that I am a recent widow. I lost my husband, the love of my life, of almost 40 years in a trucking accident a year ago. But what I get from your reading is that he is still watching over me and guiding me through the healing process. I am returning to happiness because of a new work endeavor I undertook a few months ago, so perhaps that is the event? But yes, even with losing my husband, I feel surrounded by the love of my family and friends that I never realized was there before so I guess I was awakened to all of this thru the loss of my husband. Do the cards show any of this to you or am I interpreting what you said the wrong way?

    Thanks again,


  • Oh pattysings that information is very helpful. In fact it would change the meaning somewwhat.

    Im so sorry for you losing your love...but the good news is love is eternal. Being that the king swords was at the begining part of the reading means he IS around you and must want you to be surrounded by an abundance of love. If you dont mind, when is birthday? Much healing love sent to you. Hugs, diana x

  • His birthday is August 16, 1950 and mine is Nov 15, 1954 - and thank you, I do feel him beside me still.

  • Hi Dragoneagle,

    Thanks so much for your reading!.. I'm really encouraged when you said there is blessing and celebration ahead :). You were right about me searching for truth-- I'm confused about this gem guy and I do hope I'll get my answer soon. I'm quite intrigued what the secret is.. Thanks again for your time. Appreciate it. Hope you feel better. Blessings, Arieslass

  • I just read that you'd been ill, hope you are feeling better! Take care of yourself

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