Ne 1 want a reading?

  • Dragoneagle, I would very much like to see what the cards can tell you about my life and where I'm headed. So if you are still taking reading requests, please help me. Thanks!

  • Hi dragoneagle,

    I know you're doing me a big favor by doing readings for me...but I think you passed over my request on page 4.

    thank you,


  • Hiya lola6862, will get to you asap. Just trying to get these èw that i haven't done at all yet. If i do it that way everyone is getting a reading. I promise to reply to you soon. Thank you for your understanding. Hugs.

  • Hi dragoneagle,

    Wow, a lot of this has hit home. As for being patient within the working atmosphere, could this have to do with someone that I recently dated there and am having difficulties getting over it? And as for the anorexia, I guess I am never absolutely happy with my body, but I would more so say it is bulimia. I have never told anyone one about this so yes, it is a secret. And yes, I am trying to start a new slate of life. I just wanted to cry when I read my reading. I am having a very difficult time right now, trying to figure myself out and very depressed. I’m trying to move on but this person is constantly on my mind and I can’t seem to shake him off. I just wish I knew how he really felt so it could help me to move on. But thank you so much.

  • No worries dragoneagle ...thank you

  • Hi Dragoneagle

    When you're able to, I posted additional questions on the reading you gave.


  • Hiya hll, i have your it is...

    01. 4 pentacles

    02. 4 swords

    03. Queen pentacle

    04. 8 cups

    05. 5 cups

    06. King pentacle

    07. Page pentacle

    08. 7 cups

    09. 3 pentacle

    10. 2 cups / knight cups / knight pentacle / knight swords

    i find this spread a bit difficult to read. Please bare with me and if i'm wrong or it doesn't make sense, let me know and i will do another reading.

    I have been going over this in my mind and i believe there is a lot of pain here that has to do with a loss. I had a thought that there has been a loss of a son. I'm sorry if i am way off, but that was my impression. Now, i get the feeling that the couple that are the parents are not dealing with grief in the same way. Almost like they have turnf their backs on each other. They are uncertain about a lot of things and not sure how to proceed. I think that team work and coming together with love would be the best thing. As it would allow for them to show each other comfort. It would also reignite a dim flame.

    I am truly sorry if none of this makes sense. But, thats the message i received from the tarot. Maybe it is for someone else, but, it chose this time to be seen. Thank you, diana.

  • "Only thing i can say is my tarot aren't saying anything much about a love life really." - maybe it;s because i do not have any love life at all))

    Although, yes, i tried hard to come on one man, but stopped. As i saw no willingness to communicate from him).

    Thank you much for the reading! I and encouragement, i will try to be patient ).

    I wanted to ask about previous reading. You wrote ". I keep thinking about younger sister and her boyfriend. Or a younger sister concerned for her older brother. I believe that there will be an opportunity that will arrive that should be taken advantage of. It ."

    Could you tell please, did you mean, that job opportunity will be through these woman and man?

  • It would seem that you've had your eye on 2 men quite a bit older than yourself. - yes))) but it is so illusive, just silly dreams, one-sided feelings.

  • Thank you, Dragoneagle!!!!

    All the best,


  • Hi, Dragoneagle,

    Thank you for clarifying my reading. You were VERY right on. I found out my b/f was keeping something from me because he thought it would upset me. We talked, and ironed it all out, exactly as you posted below, and all is good. Thank you for your fabulous insight! Bright Blessings!

    "Hiya darkness_angel,

    ok, here we have a relationship of some sort. 7 swords means most of the time someone isn't being quite honest / truthful. I think being patient, and then reflecting back on some relationship issue, good communication will bring about a speedy resolution to a particular circumstance."

  • Are you still doing readings? If so, I was wondering if you could do a relationship reading for me.

  • Hi Dragon Eagle,

    I would appreciate if you would do a love reading for me if possible.

    Elaine DOB 01/18/83.

    Thank you.

  • Hi dragoneagle,

    If you are still taking readings, would u do a love reading for me please?



  • I would truly appreciate a reading... ❤ & thanks in advance!

    Me: 08/07/1985

    My Hubby: 06/07/1979

  • Morning Dragoneagle, this is very kind of you

    Could you do a reading on my lovelife - 24 November 1959 and incorporate the reading as to whether my son will get himself a job soon (am very worried about him)

    Thank you so much and have a great day

    YB x

  • Hi Dragoneagle... are you still doing readings? I would love one regarding my marraige ..thanks

  • Hiya, sorry for being away. I haven't been well. I will try and do as many readings as possible now. Hugs, diana aka dragoneagle x

  • Hiya arieslass, i seem to think that there is some secret that will be revealed at some point in time. I believe you are searching for the truth about something. I think you are a loving, kind hearted person. You need time alone to decide what it is you really want in life. A sacrifice will have to be made. A waiting time. Go with the flow of the universe. There is a bright blessing ahead for you soon. Perhaps a celebration of some sort. Here are your cards...

    01. 3 wands

    02. High Priestess

    03. Queen Cups

    04. 8 cups

    05. Page swords

    06. Sun

    07. 5 pentacle

    08. Hermit

    09. Hanged man

    10. Devil

    i just threw 3 cards on the devil to see what it is trying to say... I received the Star, Queen Wands, Knight Wands. This seems to say that 2 people have a dream, hope, wish that they are GOING for. The way the cards look, say to me they both are headed in the same direction. Your spread here looks exciting. There is work, but a blessing is reward.

    Hugs, diana x

  • Hi diana, thanks for the reading on page 7...

    Hmmm we r both single... And have no kids. That u mentioned the loss of son might be frm his side- his family. Def not from mine... Ehh

    Can I have another reading please? Broke up w my ex... And I Donno if it's the right thing to do as we do love each other lots. But his work tended to get in the way... Now am confused and sad. Do u see if it's the end of our story? Will he come back to me? Any thoughts? Thanks. I hope you feel better now, diana. Please take care of urself. Xxx

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