Ne 1 want a reading?

  • Hi Dragoneagle I would like a reading just in general if ou can.

    Thank you

  • Hi Dragoneagle,

    Thanks so much. This is very accurate. It is indeed a love issue. Am grappling with feeling betrayed. Not just by the events but by the person's silence. For some reason, I shielded him from seeing the hurt I feel. Maybe it was a coping mechanism for me. So the 'masks' - it's not just his but mine too (coming off). I want to believe that this man has integrity and courage to stop hiding and leaving things to fate. Do you see him taking off his mask and reaching out to me? To make amends? Could i ask for a general love reading, now that you know the context of my concerns?

  • Hello ., Dragoneagle! may i also ask about love, please? any changes for positive?

  • Hiya redrubylips,

    i have done a celtic cross for you with using the tarot favole deck. Here are the cards i drew for you...i asked about your love life...

    01. Fool

    02. Queen butterflies

    03. Queen masks

    04. Emperor

    05. Knave masks

    06. 5 flowers

    07. 2 masks

    08. 9 butterflies

    09. 10 butterflies

    10. 6 flowers

    wow, lets see here. I am feeling a bit let down, but, so excited at same time. I got a smile on my face with a bit of confusion in my heart. Feels cool and strange.

    Umm i think there is friendship and 1 person is trying to stop or kinda is halting your excitement. Your new adventure you definitely need to be headed in. There seems to be a bit of heartache, but hey you are ok. Don't worry, you know what lives in your hearts center. Find that truth and go for it.

    Pick up the pieces, the doubt you may have and say a prayer to your angels and release all that negativity. It will set you free and you will feel so much better.

    I think what concerns you is going to work it self out. Such as it will have a happy ending. Much love sent to you. Hugs.

  • Hiya serena,

    i did a celtic cross spread for you. Here are your cards i drew focusing on your love life...

    01. Temperance

    02. 10 masks

    03. Tower

    04. 8 masks

    05. 2 masks

    06. Hanged man

    07. World

    08. King butterflies / King masks

    09. Knave masks

    10. Fool

    things that you are going thru are happening to help enrich your spirit and help you grow. Learning thru experience will enable you to help others at some point in life.

    You have a guardian angel wanting to help you. Sit quietly, listen to what your heart center is saying. Reach out to your angels and then say a prayer of Thanks for their help. You need not worry so much.

    Be calm and release your troubles.

    I think their are 2 men or 1 man with like 2 personalities involved.

    I know its a slow process, but give it some time. I think that you will come up with the answer yourself. Try what i said above... Close your eyes, sit quietly and listen. Best of luck to you


  • Hiya suramya, hope you are well. Here is your reading

    01. 3 masks

    02. Queen butterflies

    03. Judgment

    04. 10 masks

    05. 6 masks

    06. 2 crosses

    07. Ace masks

    08. 6 flowers

    09. 8 masks

    10. Knight butterflies / threw 3 cards on him and received the knave of masks, hermit and 5 butterflies

    Not knowing anything about you. This is a 3 month reading here.

    team work, working together, something about togetherness. I think there is (if not you) a strong, demanding, confident woman in your surroundings. There should be an opportunity coming up for you. Like a surprise celebration of some sort. Good communication will help your situation. As far as the extra cards drawn, be silent, have sometime to yourself and focus on what your heart center is saying. Make sure you do what is right and not go behind someone just because they have upset you. It will be ok. Karma has a way of balancing itself out. Best of luck to you. Hugs.

  • Thanks that helps especially the last bit makes perfect sense.Thanks very much for the reading and guidance! Let me know if I can pull out a card for you:)

    Love and Light

  • Hiya aleluvscarly,

    Not knowing anything about you. This is a 3 month reading here...

    01. 2 swords / moon

    02. Sun

    03. Knave butterflies

    04. Ace butterflies

    05. Ace flowers

    06. 8 butterflies

    07. 9 crosses

    08. 3 flowers @ 3 butterflies

    09. 10 butterflies

    10. Hirophant / high priestess, world and 5 butterflies

    oh my, lets see here. I think you are capable of doing tarot. Perhaps looking for confirmation on an issue. I think you already know the truth in the situation. RELAX, RELEASE, LISTEN. You are ok. You are growing spriritually. A lesson for your soul. Even though you are at a cross road, you will be ok. No matter which direction you go, it will be the correct one for you. Take care. Hugs.

  • Dragoneagle could I have a reading please, it's about my current job, I think the manager is considering looking for new apprentices and I have a feeling he's going to get rid of me, My concerns are because I over heared a phonecall...Now I could of got the wrong end of the stick but I'm really worried, I was wondering if you could give me some insight on this situation my D.O.B is the 13/09/1993.

    With Love and Light,


  • Hi, Dragoneagle,

    Thank you for your kind offer doing readings. I would love to have a love reading if you have time. Thank you so much for sharing your time. Bright Blessings!

  • Dragoneagle

    Thank You for you kind offer. Can you please tell me something about my love life ?

    light and love, U

  • Hi dragoneagle,

    can you please do a general reading for me. I am most interested in career and love.

    thank you,


  • Hi Dragoneagle,

    Can you read for me please?

    My dob is 3-22-75

    My two love interests are PC 10-29-78 and JG 12-31-77

    Many thanks,


  • Hiya everyone. Just checking in. I will get to your readings asap. I received a new deck today, and want to practice a bit. Hugs.

  • Thank you Dragoneagle I have thought about learning how to read tarot but sometimes I just get confused by stuff lol. I fit's not much to bother do you mind giving me a reading in love and relationship.

    Thank You

  • Hi DragonEagle, may i have a reading on love and relationships and current situations I am experiencing right now. Please, and thank you.

  • Ok can do readings now...going in order. Hugs.

  • Hi Dragoneagle... i think you missed my reading request on page 2? Looking forward to hearing frm you! Thanks a lot!

  • Wow Dragoneagle!

    I had to look back at my request to see how much info I had given you and there was nothing. You were so accurate that I got chills. I am smiling too ! Thanks so much for your time. I hope things do work out. Take care of yourself!


  • Ok sorry DDTT will look.

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