Ne 1 want a reading?

  • Hiya,

    would ne 1 like me to do a reading?

    I need the practice and its quiet around here so have some time to do them if anyone likes...hugs.

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  • Hi dragoneagle, can I get a general reading regaring my career? Thanks!

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  • Hiya dmick59,

    i used the tarot favole deck and celtic cross spread.

    I got the following cards...

    01. Ace flowers

    02. Emperor

    03. Justice

    04. Empress

    05. High Priestess

    06. Hierophant

    07. 2 crosses

    08. Chariot

    09. 8 crosses

    10. Knight masks

    with so many major arcana here, 6 out of 10, there seems to be something that the Universe is directing you towards in your life. I think you have a love issue on your mind.

    The emperor gazing down on justice would indicate to me that there is a male figure worried / concerned about the outcome of a particular situation.

    To be honest, i read intuitively, and get feelings along with this as well as visions so to speak. If i may be blunt in a loving way...i could be completely wrong...i get the sense that something has occured that makes this older man wonder about going to jail. There is some type of mystery of sorts, that people feel like they are afraid to discuss. Something hidden should be revealed soon. And thru talking things out it will enable the truth of circumstances to be known. Its been a slow process.

    I just threw 3 cards asking how i should end this reading...unsure of the way that i phrased things here for you.

    I got 3 masks, 2 flowers, 3 flowers

    these tell me that team work, love and friendships surround you and you have a reason to celebrate.

    Hope this makes sense and has helped in some way. Let me know. Take care. Hugs.

  • Dragondale ,I will like one please

  • Hi Dragoneagle

    Cool name:)

    May I have a reading too? I'll let you have free rein and not actually state the issue/concern.

    Is that ok?

  • Hi Dragoneagle

    A LOVE reading for me please!

    Thanks for your time and generous offer.

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  • Hiya DDTT,

    I asked my tarot favole deck what it wanted me to relay to you about your career, here are the cards i received...

    01. 4 masks

    02. Tower

    03. Moon

    04. 10 masks

    05. Hanged man

    06. 8 masks

    07. Fool

    08. Chariot

    09. 2 masks

    10. Strength

    1st, thought i am getting is 'proud' why that is i am not quite sure, perhaps you might understand. Also, you received 6 out of 10 major arcana. That to me means the Universe is in more control of what may happen than you. by looking at this i do feel that you are concerned about your career and have questions on how to proceed. I think there is a question on whether to change careers or perhaps getting a 2nd job or maybe even traveling for work. That could mean moving to get work. I am getting the feeling that you are going to have to take a couple deep breaths. To be honest, i want to smile because i am sensing you need to get up and shake about all over...then proceed with a clearer mind. A new adventure is about to start...something fresh and don't worry, you can cope with juggling the necessities of life. I think you have the strength and desire to make whatever you want your life to be, be.

    Good luck and best wishes to you. Hugs.

  • Hi!

    i would love a reading. had a person around in my life the past 2 yrs were not in a relationship just seeing each other. now he has gone all cold and i havent heard from him much latley. he had his heart broken badly 2 yrs ago and has been all over the place since so i was wondering will anything ever happen between us and will he get back in contact with me?

    if you need anymore info let me know



  • hi Dragoneagle,

    Thanks so much for the reading! I really appreciate it. Im currently unemployed. graduated last Nov, and have been loooking for a job ever since... no luck yet! good to know there is sth out there for me... thanks!

    Also, can i get a reading about my love life please? i have been dating this man for about 4 months. lots of ups and downs. and now we r really at a breaking point. donno what i should do. any insights on this? wanna know about our future together..

    looking forward to hearing from you again! thank you!

  • Hiya Marishkaa,

    i asked my tarot favole what it wanted me to say to you about your career. The cards i drew were...

    01. 5 masks/6 masks

    02. 10 masks

    03. 3 butterflies

    04. Empress

    05. Knave of butterflies

    06. 8 masks

    07. Ace crosses

    08. 9 flowers

    09. Knight of butterflies

    10. King crosses

    spanish, modeling, photography. Those were my 1st thoughts with this spread. Maybe they mean something to you. I pulled the 5 and 6 masks together and then the 10 masks- i think that there was a concern of money, but was or will be taken care of, from the generosity of others. Perhaps too, you have a close family unit that sticks together or works together. I notice the 3 of butterflies, to me that means some kind of disappointment or heartache. I think this reading is a mixed bag of sorts, wanting to say a lot about many different subjects. Its a bit difficult for me to find the words to say everything it wants me to. I keep thinking about younger sister and her boyfriend. Or a younger sister concerned for her older brother. I believe that there will be an opportunity that will arrive that should be taken advantage of. It has the spark to make a wish come true. You shouldn't worry, i think you will receive a confirmation / message through the post or text or email or maybe through the 'grapevine'.

    My apology if none of this makes sense, i had so much coming to me that i kept getting 'tongue tied'. I can try again later if none of this means anything to you.

    Take care. Hugs.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hiya brightmoonshine, i asked my cards what they wanted to show me to tell you. Here are the cards i received...

    01. 4 butterflies

    02. 7 masks

    03. 7 flowers

    04. Knave butterflies

    05. 4 crosses

    06. 7 butterflies

    07. Knave flowers

    08. Justice

    09. 9 masks

    10. 10 masks

    with only 1 major arcana showing, i would think you are in charge of your lifes direction at the moment. You need to have patience in a situation. I think there might be something you are struggling with mentally, because of all the choices being offered. Make time for yourself, to enjoy what you like to do. A bit of relaxation time would do some good.

    You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and have a solid foundation with which to build from. There seems to be an issue that either you aren't being truthful to yourself about or someone isn't being truthful to you. Or something like searching for the truth in a situation and wonder if the 'offer' is a genuine / honest one. I think you have the ability to stand on your own and take care of yourself. I think you are or can be independent. And have the capabilities of creating a financial success for yourself and a stable home life for to pass along.

    I hope this makes sense. Much luck to you. Hugs.

  • Hiya Danceur,

    i hope you are doing well. I asked my tarot favole what it wanted me to relay to you, these are the cards i received...

    01. 5 butterflies

    02. 10 butterflies

    03. High Priestess

    04. Knave flowers

    05. Ace crosses

    06. 2 masks

    07. 6 masks

    08. King butterflies

    09. 3 crosses

    10. Queen flowers

    when looking at this, i get the feeling that you think that someone has let you down in a way. Like gotten one over on you, or it could mean that you are concerned because you have gotten one over on someone. Some sort of betrayal of sorts is on your mind. I think that something that is hidden will be revealed and the truth will come about. I do think that this does have to do with a love issue. Best of luck to you.


  • Dragoneagle,thank you so much, it does make a lot of sense, thank you .

  • Your welcome brightmoonshine. Enjoy your Wednesday. Hugs.

  • Dragoneagle

    Requesting a general reading for this month please!

    Love and Light

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