Who Wants A Reading?

  • LauraSa87

    How very accurate on both reading you were. My sister is fighting a losing battle in her marriage but fear of being on her own keeps her there. Yes, she has several health issues also that are serious enough for her to file disability.

    Thank you so much for the reading.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  • Hi Laura

    I would love a reading.

    Elaine DOB 01/18/83

    Thank you.

  • Could you do a reading for me? I'm sort of a beginner still at reading the tarot, so I think a second opinion would be helpful.

    I was wondering if you could do relationship reading for me. The ones I seem to do for myself seem to fluctuate, but I take this as a sign that things are rather uncertain for us. In fact I get a lot of mixed messages from him. I'm wondering what's going on, and where things are going.

  • Oh wait, nevermind. Just read you're not taking them anymore.

  • Hello: hellbells. eilyk18, and Lunore

    I would be happy to read for you, just not on this topic as I feel its flooded, and I still have about four readings to do from previous requests and its hard for me to keep track of them.

    When I post another topic if you still want one then sure.

  • Hi Laura, on page 6, I requested another reading. Please disregard that post 😉 Not sure if I still wanna date that guy anymore, and I dont wanna waste your time. 😉 Thank you!

  • Laura, wow you're good. I love it when a reader is truly gifted, and I like the way you do the cards and then tell the story - I have maybe 20 decks? - and although I don't know every meaning I can always see a story in them. Thank you so much and I hope you've been energized and not overwhelmed here - I really appreciate you including me.

    Yes! it's like I walk two paths - in one I'm fairly happy in a relationship, and in one I trust no one (not literally, more figuratively) and make my own way, with room for anything and everything to change at any instant. It's a place in life I have worked my rear off to come to - I can pretty much do as I please, but also don't want to throw babies out with bathwater. hmmm, maybe that is where being logical comes in - because that's a logical sounding statement for sure!

    He's a dreamer...not sure if he's illogical, but I am very logical - especially when it comes to money. I had a second chance offer on a piece of real estate but I've since done more homework and have focused in on something bigger/grander - not in a house sense, but in a dominoe sense. If I can get X, I can do Y and then Z....all about leveraging money and building what I want to build.

    Somehow it seems completely separate from my relationship - ha! and I plan to keep it that way legally.

    Anyway, again thank you - I'm going to cut and paste so I can refer back, and hope to continue to find you here and one day listen to more of your story.

    I'm sure you're already blessed, but I will add my prayers for you as well!

    Thank you so much!


  • Helbells - just my two cents here. I met a married man - he left his wife for me! but she came down ill and so he "couldn't leave." We even went to counseling and the psychiatrist told me I shouldn't expect him too. He stayed separated and SIX long years later, she passed away.

    Things got exponentially worse between us - his daughters told him they'd rather he be dead than be with me - I backed waaaaay off, hadn't seen him for most of a year, got an email from someone who said she was his wife - he told me she was a psychoB that he hadn't even slept with...then married her six months later.

    I thought I was different because he actually left/moved out/lived apart - but I wasn't. I hope you won't let that happen to you, and if you do be aware that holidays will stink for the rest of your life. Even is he manages to be with you, he'll be torn and miserable - and winning over the "kids" he's staying for? could be a Herculean task.

    The first year I was with this guy I wrote a columnist a letter ....she said get out, don't do it. Ten years later, I was still shaking my head at that letter. My question - if I were you - would be do I have that much time to waste? just in case I am NOT going to be the one who it's different for...

    I wish you the best and bright blessings and hope you understand why I shared this.....

  • Laura - and that is the loss that has come to no longer mean much to me! so I sure hope that's what the first card was referring to, smile...

  • ok DDTT 🙂

  • Shuabby

    Thats good to hear I was accurate I hope it was helpful in some way to.

    Im sorry to hear that about your sister. Im also on disablility pension because of health issues.

    your very welcome

    u have a good day to

  • Jilinaangel

    Thank u for saying so I try my best, however I think gifted may be going too far. Thats how I read the cards for myself, individually then as a whole. Same, I would say about twenty, how long have you been interested in the tarot for? Yes!! Exactly! I know what u mean. I may not know the traditional meaning of every card either but they always speak to me anyway. You are welcome. I think its wonderful that so many people want readings and that the forum seems to be very active. It does overwhelm me sometimes, but then I just need to remember that I dont have to read for everyone straight away and that people can wait. It has been energizing as well though.

    Thats great you have a plan, its always good to have a plan and know what you want.

    Again your welcome. Yeah Im not going anywhere. When I first joined I wasnt expecting anyone to want readings from me. But thats not the case which is nice.

    Thank u for your prayers same goes to you, even though Im not really the praying type. I guess I should say blessings then.


  • Hey, Laura! I guess I've liked the cards since I was in my twenties? I used to buy a deck every year for my birthday. It's very cool to lay them all out in rows and look at how the pictures compare and contrast - takes a long time but makes a very cool visual.

    My favorite reader passed away and I haven't found someone else...so I'm glad to meet someone here, and you are being very generous - no matter what you say, haha!

    My prayers for people combine so many things - Reiki, healing with light/colors/sound, Universal Life force, the earth - just lots of stuff I "revere."

    But I do hope you receive some extra special blessings in your life soon, and thanks for being a new friend!


  • Hi LauraSa87,

    Thank you so much for the reading. You are exactly right my home is a battlefield right now. We have been struggling for several years now. It is only getting worse overtime. There are very few moments of peace and actually "getting along". I feel completely taken advantage of in so many ways. I cannot see his side of the story because of anger and he doesn't care about how any of his behaviors affect me. I feel like our family is pushed to the side a lot. He doesn't care about how his actions are hurting me and the impact on our 3 children. You say "You are ignoring something important. An uphill battle..." I am not sure what that is. I don't know if I have the strength to move on. He is a good father (better than most). He has been a stay at home father for almost a year now and he does a pretty good job. That is part of the problem, I hate to see the children, miss their father. You are very accurate.


  • Hi LauraSA87:

    You do awesome readings,,, can you read for Chanel 1-23-62

    what do you see for her in terms of her marraige

    Thanks in advance !

    Many blessings!

  • jilinaangel

    That sounds like fun, I should try that maybe.

    Thats nice of you to say, and Im sorry about your reader passing away. Ok, I thought you meant a different kind of prayer.

    Same to you. Yay new friends :-).

    lots of love

  • Morning Laura, if you're still doing a reading.........

    My son has moved from UK to be with me in Dubai and is finding it increasingly difficult to secure employment. It is very upsetting to see him so down and wondered if you could see his way out of this black hole he's in. Will he find a job soon that will make him feel complete?

    Many thanks in advance and have a great day

    YB x

  • luvslife

    your welcome luvslife.

    Your certainly in a predicament I dont envy you. Sending a hug your way. If you ever want another reading Il be posting a new topic soon.

    lots of love

  • Livingadream

    Thanks alot. Il be posting a new topic soon but Im not taking anymore reading requests on this topic. If you still want one then I would be more than happy.



  • yummybrummy

    I m not taking anymore requests on this topic. Il be posting a new topic soon though, so if u want one then I would be more than happy to give you one then.

    have a great day to 🙂

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