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  • laura, thanks a lot for the reading. it confused me a little as well, especially six of wands being followed by seven and five of coins being followed by six. do the places of cards mean anything significant in the spread you did? maybe they can be helpful.

    thanks againg, and lots of love!!

  • Hi Laura,

    Can ypu please do a reading I feel a bit lost lately and need some orientation. I am a female born on Dec/22/1982 Im looking for a job and want to know if i will find something this year? Also about any progress on my relationship with male born in January 20 1984.

    Thanks a lot 😃

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  • Laura

    Thanks very much for reading for me.i appreciate your doing this inspite of so many requests.and it was very encouraging for me, coz Im indeed struggling with slow progress in writing.

    Let me know if I can pull out a card for you:)

    Thanks,Love and Light

  • Hello: LibraLuli, Tissy86, & nelu

    I am not taking anymore new reading requests on this topic as I feel it is getting flooded, however when I post a new topic offering readings I would be more than happy to do them for you if you still want them. I hope you understand.

    hugs for you

  • and caribchic

    (above message)

  • hello: vicuevas, TheTransformed, Kaymrial, and suramya

    you are all more than welcome and thanks for the gratitude. and thanks for letting me practice on you guys as Im still learning and this is a very valuable tool to learn with.


  • cylll

    your reading was all over the place, it was a bit crazy actually, I have no idea what the energy was doing. No the places of the cards weren't significant with that spread.

    your welcome

  • Hi Laura, I completely understand. Thanks for notifying me of the change. Hope I get a reading from you in the future thanks.!

  • scully21

    hello 🙂

    I'll give you a general reading regarding changes and how they are going to affect your life.

    Im using The Gothic Tarot (Joseph Vargo) for the moment and il use a five card spread.

    Card One: Five of Cups

    You may be thinking of something/someone when your mind should be elsewhere. A message, someone or something wants your attention. If you look out the window, take a different view, you will see a whole different scene.

    Card Two: Two of Pentacles

    A division regarding finance. The practical side of your nature is not as stable which could give way to a new aspect of your personality, one which is more free and less inhibited.

    Card Three: Knave of Swords

    A new person could enter your life, or they may already be present but they will make things more interesting, they are full on and intense. However you may have to be careful around them because they are pass judgment easily.

    Card Four: Eight, Justice

    Big decisions. The need to assert yourself, you may be pushed into something. Rise above the situation. Stay true to yourself.

    Card Five: Ten of Pentacles

    New territory. You may find yourself in situations that are compromising you. Discovering your true wants and needs, pushing aside the practical in favour of passion.

    Story of the Cards:

    There is a lot of unconventional thinking, and a change in how you see things. Your personality is evolving, either that or you are maturing. Someone new will help you grow, or this person is already in your life but you are seeing them in a new way. Not everyone will be happy with the changes you are making but they are yours to make. Your character is strong as new passions and paths are realized.


  • Tissy86

    Im happy you understand, thats cool.

    if you want one you will


  • Shuabby

    I will do a three card reading regarding your career and a separate three card reading regarding your sister. Im using The Gothic Tarot (Joseph Vargo) right now.


    Card One: Nine of Cups

    Completetion, the end. Something must be taken care of before you can advance in your career. To get where you need to go assess your emotional state that could be having an impact on your career, either stress is affecting you or you feel isolated. Energy never dies it only changes, cycles never last, what goes up must come down and vice versa. Also allow people to see the treasures within you, you may have a tendency to guard yourself unnecessarily.

    Card Two: Six, The Lovers

    Love is connected to your career in some way. What is your true calling? Do what you love doing, that is the road to fulfilment. Listen to your instincts and your heart, this is not the time to ignore them.

    Card Three: Two of Wands

    You are torn in some way. You cannot make a choice. This choice could be between your heart and your head. What do you really want and need? Are they the same thing?

    Story of the Cards:

    Things are getting complicated. You feel unsatisfied but are unable to make a decision. Go with what you really want or you will never be happy.

    this reading is for your sister, her health and other problems.

    Card One: Six of Pentacles

    She is clinging to false hope. She is nurturing ideals which are destructive. There is fear. Im sensing she is delicate and fragile in mind and body.

    Card Two: Queen of Cups

    She is a gentle soul. She needs emotional support but may be unable to ask for it. She may also be vulnerable in her relationship and not being emotionally fulfilled by him.

    Card Three: Knight of Cups

    A wall or blockage. The inability to move forward. Loss.

    Story of the Cards:

    shuabby Im a little confused as to why I drew two water sign cards especially after you mentioned your sister and brother in law are both sagittarians, and I always shuffle my decks thoroughly. My first guess would be that there are a lot of emotional issues here.

    I pulled another card because I felt the need to and it was the Knight of Pentacles.

    Issues of a practical and material nature, maybe a lack of financial support. I feel as if there needs to be a fresh start for your sister and her husband. Its interesting that I drew two knights! Maybe there is an issue with fidelity or choices. Also because there are so many significators I feel as though your sister may need a lot of help with her problems and that they are very serious.

    I hope this has been insightful shuabby.


  • DDTT

    I can sure understand you changing your mind about wanting a reading about your ex. I think thats wise.

    Thats right I did give you a reading, but I can give you another.

    I will do a five card general reading using The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo about your career.

    Card One: Two, The High Priestess

    Power and worship. Confidence. You have the resources and the knowledge you have a right to feel confident. Self promotion. Special skills. You have the capabilities to do very well, you may even be ahead of the game due to your insight and intuition.

    Card Two: Nine, The Hermit

    A growing company, relatively unknown. Again, self promote, ring your own bell, maybe you are not doing enough of this.

    Card Three: Eight of Swords

    You are waiting around for a job offer, and although you have been trying very hard to actualise your goals it may be time to take a new approach, or consider the problem in a different way. Consider all the possibilities. It is only logical that something will turn up sooner or later.

    Card Four: Ace of Swords

    New beginnings. Intelligence. Clarity. Conflict. Quick action that slices through and changes your situation.

    Card Five: Two of Wands

    Pour efforts into one avenue. Ambition is divided. Decide what you want. Physical action.

    I think you will get a job soon as indicated by the ace of swords.

    I think you will do well. Very well.

    I think the company will be small, but it may be a company which grows quickly.

    hugs DDTT 🙂

  • Hi Laura, Thanks so much for the reading! on spot! what you described about my current situation is absolutely accurate. I have been so relying on my connnection to see they can get me a job, but since it has been a few months and nothing happening yet, i figured its time for me to step up and really put myself out there to get a job!!! Its kinda disappointing to know its a small firm, but hell, i need a job! no matter small or large, let me get one, and go from there 😃

    I noticed you said i will get a job soon.. but can you tell me how long longer do i have to wait to find a job probably? i know timing reading is hard.. but if you can provide any insight, that would be great!! ALSO, another important question please - will i get this job on my own or thru a friend's connection? thanks a lot! Looking forward to hearing from you again! thank you! your a sweetheart. lots of love and hugs sending your way!

  • jilinangel

    your welcome for the offer :-D.

    I can see why you would miss it, readings are wonderful!

    Im using The Gothic Tarot by Joseph Vargo

    Im going to give you a general five card reading for the next three-nine months as you asked.

    Card One: Nine of Pentacles

    A loss, financial maybe, or material. Thoughts of the past, of times gone. But also a kind of fearlessness and freedom, somehow what bothered you will no longer seem important. Fears overcome even.

    Card Two: Eight of Wands

    A desire to sing from the rooftops, to announce "I am here". Taking a risk, and reaching new heights with your ambitions. Seeing things in a more mature way. Letting go of old security blankets, and the realisation that you can do it. Spreading your wings, taking flight.

    Card Three: Seven, The Chariot

    The decision must be made to stay or go. Rapid development. A journey into the unknown. A bumpy but necessary road, these hardships will end in victory though if you continue and dont give up. Finding balance may cause a problem, you may feel split in two.

    Card Four: Eleven, Strength

    You have the strength needed to get through any adversity, you just need to remember that fact. Any trials and tribulations which happen over the course of this time will lead to your ultimate freedom and development. Dont be afraid to release tension in constructive ways. You have the right to feel empowered. You have the right to feel free. You may feel pushed to the edge.

    Card Five: Eight of Wands

    Choices, many choices pertaining to ambitions, work, creative prospects. You have the strength to make the choices which are right for you, do not be swayed. Help with a problem. Appearances can be deceiving.

    Story of the Cards:

    Announce yourself, dont hold back, push forward. Reject old fears, the road will be bumpy at times but your inner strength is immense. At times it may be necessary to go to the edge and then come back, there is frustration but this could be because of such rapid change and personal growth.

    Now the reading about whether the prosperity you have been setting up will come to fruition:

    Three card reading:

    Card One: Ace of Swords

    Cutting across or through. Cutting ties which are holding you back/down. A new age of logic and reason, the start of a new way of thinking. Developments in intelligence/ study. Fighting for your ideas/ beliefs.

    Card Two: Two of Pentacles

    Strong bonds, strong foundation. Unnbroken, unbreakable. The practical steps taken have been very thorough. Minor delays.

    Card Three: Six of Wands

    Battlecry, raising your voice, an announcement. Firmly cemented wands= solid base. The groundwork applied has been done with zeal.

    Story of the Cards:

    Logic, practicality, passion, ambition and money have all been employed by you. There may be a final storm/ delay before success though.

    A three card spread to see if you will find happiness with the love you have now:

    Card One: Queen of Swords

    Your being too logical or too illogical, or he is. Take precautions. It might be best to take things slow. However the queen seems to be at a vantage point and relaxed and her sword is lowered, so this could mean he makes you feel at ease and secure.

    Card Two: Three, The Empress

    Home, the family, pregnancy. A queen, royalty. If he treats you like a queen he could be a keeper. This relationship will offer new insight, and it will be a learning curve. I feel like this card is saying play it safe for the time being and dont put any pressure onto either one of you.

    Card Three: Ten of Pentacles

    Someone who is looking after your best interests, a man who will take care of you, with kindness and gentleness. The discovery of what you really want.

    Story of the Cards:

    There is a huge chance for happiness but the cards seem to be saying to continue to take things at the pace they are now. He treats you very well, adores and worships you even but your heart may be overriding your head, be careful not to rush things.


    I enjoy giving readings so maybe I am not that generous.



  • DDTT

    Thats great it was helpful to you :-). Yes, one step at a time is probably best. Im very new to Tarot and I dont know very much about timing with readings. It is an area I need to research. Maybe you could ask someone else for advice on that subject.

    "Will I get this job on my own or through a friend's connection?"

    Im using a three card spread with The Gothic Tarot (Joseph Vargo)

    Card One: Three of wands

    Entanglement. The snake is very tangled in the three wands.

    Card Two: Knave of Swords

    A significator.

    Card Three: Ten of Pentacles

    A man cradling a woman.

    Story of the Cards:

    The snake represents connection, the knave probably means assistance and the ten of pentacles indicates help/reliance. The cards are saying you will get it through connections I think, and that maybe even more than one person will help you. However dont let yourself be carried by others (ten of pentacles), even if they are more than willing, your self reliance will help you a great deal.

    Thank you


    lots of hugs

  • Thanks for the update reading, Laura. Your great! I appreciate your help a lot and will certainly make sure I remember your advice and apply to my job hunting. I wish you the best on whatever your working on. Thanks! Great blessings to you!

  • DDTT,

    yeah, no worries. Thank you very much that is very kind of you to say :-).

    blessings to you as well

  • dear laura,

    there was a rapid development of sorts right after you did that reading for me and i think it was the reason for 6 following 5, and 7 following six. a guy from my past contacted me again and the last time we talked we hadn't ended things on such good terms. now it's all communication, catching up and there is definitely some sort of development though i don't know whether it's just friendly or romantic. anyway, just wanted to let you know that you weren't off the mark and the crazy energy you said probably pointed to this turn of events.

    thank you very much. you've been very kind and helpful to me. hope you're well.

    lots of love!

  • Hi Laura,

    Thank you for the kind offer. You probably have a lot of requests so if you decide to help me, I would appreciate it, but I don't want you to wear yourself out on my account.

    I have 2 questions, about my current biggest 'problem areas'.

    Firstly, I'm in pretty dire state financially. I wouldn't mind having a second income and I'm just wondering if the cards would give any suggestions in terms of where it is most likely to happen? Will there be an improvement? I've been looking online for a scond job but no luck so far.

    Secondly, my personal life is in even worse shape (I should say mess). I am desperatly in love with a man. The connection is strong, but situation very difficult. I'm in this relationship because I couldn't let the chance to be with someone I love pass me by. I know that he loves me too but he is convinced he needs to stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of his children. Doesn't leave me with many options. In the beginning I also wanted to be with him because I keep hoping that he will wake up to an alternative view but I know even if he had occasional thoughts about what it would be like to really be with me, he'd never say it. because he doesn't want to give me hope. At the same time, he constatly lets me know he's thinking about me and he comes over, all emotional, saying 'he just had to see me'. Does he ever think that a real relationship with me would be a possibility? Where is his head/heart at with this?

    There is someone else who is very keen to be with me. A man who just got out of a very long marriage. He says he loves being with me and he would like to get closer to me. And I do like him, but not to the levels of the first one. Because all three of us know eachother, I feel uncomfortable taking it further with him. Sometimes I think I should, because he is able to have a more 'real' relationship with me and I deserve that. But sometimes I wonder, if I wouldn't be better off just meeting someone completely new, without this kind of baggage and linkage.

    I am a very emotional person but I am trying to be very rational when it comes to the first relationship. I hope that the first man will come around, but am not holding my breath. I'm not one of those women who don't think they don't deserve a man of their own and therefore sabotage themselves. I simply think I would rather spend 5 min with man #1, than no time at all. But I know that the more you spend time together the closer you get, so I know that this particular kind of relationship can't last forever. And moving on doesn't necessarily mean that nothing can happen in the future. I just really need help. I never had doubts that the universe supported us getting closer because it was impossible to keep it in any longer for either of us. But I don't know what the next step should be.

    Sorry for the long post. Your help would be very much appreciated.



  • cylll

    good stuff! yes that would probably be it. Im glad I know why now, thank you for the feedback.

    your very welcome 🙂 hope your well too


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