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  • ALeluvscarly

    Im using the Golden Tarot at the moment and I can give you a general five card reading regarding your love life, (your welcome 🙂 ).

    Card One: Five of Cups

    Loss of hope, desperation. You are fixed on this issue and other areas of your life are suffering because of it, or you are certainly not taking care of yourself. Your not appreciating your own special and unique qualities. There are a lot of good things about you and your life, only two of those cups have been spilled, there are still three full ones!

    Card Two: Knight of Cups

    This card represents a sensitive, moody, young man. A person who thinks and feels deeply. Im sensing this person will enter your life quietly (if they havent already). A gentle offering.

    Card Three: Four of Cups

    An angel offers a despondent young man/woman a cup. Another card of offering. In fact the first three cards have little angels in the top corner of the card. There could be a person who is interested in you, maybe even someone who watches over you and cares for you a lot, and they are giving you subtle hints. The person in this card does not look impressed and is ignoring the offering of the angel with the cup. Perhaps you have overlooked someone or are looking so intensely or thinking about finding someone that the obvious choice has slipped past you.

    Card Four: Seven of Swords

    An unconventional approach. Paranoia. Suspicion. You could be missing out on opportunities because of past hurts. The need for love but you also feel the need to protect yourself. This could be wise for sure, go with your gut as to who can trust or who would be worthy of your time.

    Card Five: Seventeen, The Star

    Personally this is one of my favourite cards, and I think of it as the card of hope :-D. Uniting the subconscious with the conscious. The manifestation of desire in the physical reality. Deep emotional waters and spirituality. The cards seem to indicate that you are very deep emotionally which is wonderful as long as you know how to swim in those waters. Make your emotions work for you.

    Story of the Cards:

    There is water everywhere in this spread. Deep emotions. You are almost consumed by this issue but I think this could be unnecessary as you may already have someone who thinks you are brilliant. There are little angels and companions everywhere, you are not alone. Past hurts may lead to suspicion but there is a lot of hope for the future.


    I hope this applies to you.

    lots of love


  • vicuevas


    Im using Kat Black's Golden Tarot right now and a five card spread. I can attempt to give you clarity about your current relationships, and love life.

    Card One: Ace of Wands

    Tempers flaring. New beginnings. New passions, lots of action. Energy and zest for life. This enthusiasm could be having an impact on your life. Rapid change. Your fiery nature could be affecting others more than you know.

    Card Two: Sixteen, The Tower

    Complete upheaval and change, but this is necessary and for the better, also you may have seen this coming for a while, or that this is something that has needed to happen for a while.

    Card Three: Five, The Hierophant

    Frustration over convention. Someone could be aggravating you with old outdated concepts. Advice you feel is uneeded.

    Card Four: Nine, The Hermit

    A new journey, alone maybe. The need for solitude to think things over. A delay from everyday life. Friends in strange places.

    Card Five: Five of Cups

    Being upset over a loss/s. There is still much to move forward with though, there is much you can offer.

    Story of the Cards:

    Im sorry but I feel I have let you down a little. I was unable to gather much insight about your current relationships other than there is probably someone who gets under your skin for good or ill, which is probably new and that there is someone who is very stubborn and who may be stuck in the past and is very old school with how they think. The Tower indicates your relationships may be changing rapidly and The Hermit indicated you may need to be alone right now. Also I think you might be really down on yourself at the moment, but you shouldnt be.

    I have given you what insight I could.

    Laura 🙂

  • Thank you Laura for the reading(s). I appreciate it!

  • Thanks Laura for doing this. I already requested a reading on page 6 should I look for your new post and request a reading again ?

    Thanks in advance for your time!!!


  • suramya

    I can give you a general reading using five cards (Golden Tarot).

    The Remainder of April:

    Card One: Two, The High Priestess

    The need or feeling the need to guard secrets and keep them close to you. A time of personal exploration. Finding the inner workings of things. Reading or writting. Secret messages, some things are spoken aloud and others are implied.

    Card Two: Five of Coins

    Sacred spaces. Getting closer to what you want. There is an inner light which shines through in you and others. Quiet reflection.

    Card Three: Knight of Coins

    Help with a financial problem. Slow and steady wins the race. Slow progress is better than no progress at all. Keep moving forward you will get to where you want to go.

    Card Four: Page of Swords

    The ability to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings, maybe this comes from a newly found confidence. Be direct with what you want. Cut out the unnecessary.

    Card Five: One, The Magician

    New discoveries. Skill and talent which you will put to use. Having the resources and knowledge to succeed. Planning Ahead.

    The Story of the Cards:

    The two majors in your spread are associated with the esoteric which may mean this is a very magical time in your life. Spiritual development.

    there you go suramya

    all the best


  • Thanks Laura am a bit confused lol to much for me to take in but I don't know am already with someone but don't know if things will continue to work since we had a few problems and about the angels it can be my father since he passed away few years ago. Thanks for your reading looking forward to another one thanks god bless you.

  • doeyeyedpisces you are welcome 🙂

  • aries22

    no I will give you a reading on this, I just meant that Im not accepting anymore requests for readings on this topic/link


  • ALeluvscarly

    your welcome. Ok and the angels were really prominent I felt. They seemed to be a very strong presence in the cards.

    again, you are welcome.



  • Aisia118X

    Hello again.

    Thats really awful you are struggling (hugs for you). It can be hard struggling with mental illness, really really hard, but I suppose you can only try your best which is what it sounds like your doing. It does sound like a good idea that you focus on finding a balance and less on finding love.

    If you think you have a mental illness it might be best to talk to someone you trust or seek medical advice. I understand that there are alot of americans on this forum, and that healthcare is a massive problem for you guys :-(. I live in australia so Im fortunate enough to have free healthcare, not dental though.

    Lots of hugs for you Aisia (sorry if the reply was slow)

  • luvslife

    Hello :-)!!

    I will give you a reading about change and your circumstances at home and whether I see separation.

    At the moment Im using a general five card reading with Golden Tarot

    Card One: Six of Wands

    Confrontation. A battlefield. Your home feels like a battlefield at the moment. Charging on may not be the best approach. There is stubbornness and pride, an inability to see the other side of the story. Fly the flag of peace.

    Card Two: Four, The Emperor

    Hitting a brick wall. Ruling with an iron fist. A new approach is needed.

    Card Three: Twelve, The Hanged Man

    Take time out to asses what you want/need. How much are you sacrificing at the moment? Is it too much? Feelings of betrayal, being trapped.

    Card Four: Eight, Strength

    You have the strength needed to do what you must, whether this means staying or leaving is up to you.

    Card Five: Four of Cups

    You are ignoring something important. An uphill battle, an emotional struggle.

    Story of the Cards:

    The cards are telling me you are sacrificing a lot by staying in your present situation, and that it is incredibly draining too. Also there is no middle ground here and your home has become a battlefield where things get ignored or pushed aside.

    You have more than enough strength to do what you need to. Do the right thing by you. The cards are expressing that you are giving away too much of what makes you you.

    luvslife I hope this has been helpful for you

    blessings to you also

  • cylll

    i will give you a five card general reading regarding love and whether there will be anything exciting happening in the near future. (using golden tarot)

    (your welcome)

    Card One: Six of Wands

    A bold entrance. Going in guns blazing. You know what you want and go after it when you see it. Rapid movement.

    Card Two: Seven of Wands

    A balancing act. Ambition. You have set things into place. This follows the six of wands, there is a flow.

    Card Three: Five of Coins

    Your in the dark, confusion. Maybe not looking in the right places.

    Card Four: Six of Coins

    Again, with the natural flow. Some sort of juggling act or performance. Maybe you are pretending to be something you are not to impress others or vice versa.

    Card Five: King of Cups

    Emotional maturity. He is holding an arrow, which could mean you have already been struck by cupids bow, and in the spread present are six and seven of wands, eight of wands traditionally means the arrows of love, and fast development.

    Story of the Cards:

    the six of wands followed by the seven of wands. Im sensing from the cards that you might rush into things or go after them too quickly sometimes. the five of coins and the six of coins, you feel the need to impress others or be overly generous but you shouldnt because you have much to offer. King of cups, when you find love it will be incredibly emotional and you may mature rapidly as a result.

    If Im honest with you this spread is confusing me a little and I was not really able to gauge when love will be entering your life. But I did my best which I hope is enough. Im sure the fact there is a six followed by a seven, then a five followed by a six is significant somehow, but Im not sure how.

    all the best

  • Thank you Laura, I really appreciate the reading. lots of hugs.

  • H Laura

    I am really curious about my relationship with Ron 19.09.72 and me, D. 30.09.1969

    what sorta outcome do you see? is it love or..... we only know each other about a year now...

    thanks and hugs 🙂

    enjoy your weekend and i appreciate your time 🙂

  • Hi Laura

    I would really appreciate a reading....my life has been turned upside down recently and I could use some guidance!!

    Thanks!! ( DOB - 10/16/56)

    Peace & Blessings:)

  • hi lauraSA87,

    can u do a love reading for me please?

    thnx tissy

  • Wow, thank you so much Laura! You hit the 'nail on the head' in every respect 🙂 "Confirmation" is truly a gift!

    Light, Love, Mercy and Grace surround you Laura!


  • thanks for the compliment TheTransformed, very encouraging. Peoples feedback is really inspiring me to continue. Im really glad you got something out of it.

    lots of love 🙂

  • Hi I would like a reading I am a female born on Dec/22/1982 Im looking for a job and want to know if i will find something this year? Also about any progress on my relationship with male born in January 20 1984.


  • Thank you for the reading, Laura. I found it interesting and useful, because I think I know what it pertains to.

    My screen name is pronounced came-ree-ull. It's the name of a story character I wrote about when I was younger.

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