Who Wants A Reading?

  • hello arieslass

    I can give you a general reading about love and career (Im using the Rider Waite deck at the moment).

    I will use three cards for each subject.


    Card One: Two of Cups

    There is mutual interest from both parties here but still uncertainty. The other person may be a little unsure of they do not know quite where they stand with you. Im sensing confusion, but it could definitely work.

    Card Two: Fourteen, Temperance

    Self control, you may want to rush in but think that may not be a wise move. It is probably best to test the waters a little before jumping in. There is a connection which should be nurtured.

    Card Three: Six of Cups

    Innocence. The person you fancy could be from your past, or maybe they remind you of a simpler time. Keep things playful, there is no need to rush into something.

    The Story of the Cards

    Im sensing the beginning of something here. Maybe the very beginning. See how things develop before you give your heart away.


    Card One: Queen of Wands

    Your driven and ambitious. You work best when you can be the leader. Your opinionated too. A job that is more hands on is what your looking for.

    Card Two: King of Swords

    Im sensing that there is some sort of quarrel or disagreement with an air sign, maybe your current boss. A stalemate and you are both unwilling to move.

    Card Three: Five of Swords

    You are certainly a bright spark and a great orator. However do not tread on others to get where you want to go, you are so ambitious and driven that sometimes you dont notice you hurt others on your climb to success.

    Story of the Cards:

    It seems you have outgrown your current job, or certainly that you have become agitated by it. I didnt find any insight into a career change though, or new career directions/opportunities.

    Jumping Card (I felt the need to pull an extra card): King of Wands

    From the cards I get the impression that it is not the career that is the problem, but the people in your workplace, or maybe just one. King of Wands indicate maybe you want to work somewhere where the people are just as driven as you are.

    I hope this has been helpful arieslass

    lots of love to you

  • Hi Laura, can I have a reading about my ex? broke up with him 4 months ago, but I still miss him, and love him. I know I can never go back. Im just wondering how he is. if he's still having feeling for me? Thanks

  • Hi Laura,

    Can I have a reading about Change? Change in my circumstances at home? Do you see separation?



  • Hello laura,

    Can i have a general love reading? Do you see anything exciting happening in near future? Thanks and love!!

  • Hi Laura,

    Can you do a general reading of the changes, how there going to effect my life?

  • Hi LauraSA87,

    I am interested in a reading in regards to my upcoming career, and would like to know how my younger sister a Sag married to a Sag will fair with her health and other problems?

    Your a LuV to do this for us.


  • Hi Laura

    Thank you for my reading. No, I'm not pregnant, it's not possible at this point in my life. What you are seeing is a start of a new life that I will be undertaking and debating about. I was accepted into the Nurse Practitioner program which I never expected to be accepted into. This program will require a lot of "growth" from me. My emotions are in conflict with this since I will be graduating this May with a BSN degree and then jump into another program? I wanted to just find a job as an RN and enjoy life without school . Maybe that is what the cards meant.

  • mistylee3

    thanks for the feedback. and your welcome for the reading.

    ok cool thanks for explaining I was just getting such a strong vibe about something new.

  • Hi Laura, Please disregard my previous reading request about my ex-bf. I just realized I dont wanna know about his current life, esp if he has met someone yet... I am still so hurt from our split.

    Instead, can you please do a reading about my job hunting. On page 2, you did a reading about my career. As I am still looking for a job, do you see when I can find a job? Will I do well? Big company or small one? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi everyone

    Im quite busy today so I wont be doing any readings, il get back onto it tommorow.

    Hope your all well 🙂

  • LauraSA87 - thank you for the offer. I know I'll be way down on the list but hope you will include me - it's been ages since I've had a reading and I miss it! I want to know about the next 3 - 9 months, if the prosperity I've been setting up will continue and come to fruition, and if I will find a new happiness with the love I have now.

    You're very generous for doing these readings, and I appreciate you even extending the offer!


    Best wishes and bright blessings!

  • Hi, Laura,

    Thank you for your kind offer. If you are still doing readings I would love to have one, too. Any deck you choose is fine with me. Many, many thanks in advance! Bright Blessings to you!

  • Thank you LauraSA87-appreciate it and actually your pretty accurate. Finding balance (emotional wise) has been a struggle for me for quite sometime and Im looking into seeing what is wrong-I feel like its a clinical mental condition like bipolar disorder or so. I also felt like love is out of my reach right now for the right reason-I need to focus on learning and growth as I focus on my sucess as a filmmaker and a good person.

    I was wondering is my mood swings related to something mental (bipolar disorder) or something far more serious(I get paranoid)?

  • Hi Laura, when you have time, I would like to know if I can develop a romantic relationship with this guy I just met. Do you see if we have a future together? Thanks

  • Hi LauraSA87,

    I would like a reading, please

    My dob 3-22-75

    I have two love interests

    PC 10-29-78

    JG 12-31-77



  • Hi Laura

    Please if you have time for me too,can i please have a reading?

    My life is stuck in a rut. Im not getting anywhere..Please my question is will i at the end finally get my ex out of my life and my house? Will i find him a job and a place to live so i can move forward in my life and if my future will have anything good for me? Because until now i have had only pain.

    Thank you Effie


    Its wonderful everyone wants readings but I feel like this link is getting flooded. So Im going to do readings for the people who have already requested one then later I will post a new topic asking people again if they want readings.

    Please do not think I am sending this message because I am full of myself because Im not, I just get a little overwhelmed by things at times.

    Lots of love

    Hope everyone understands

  • dearest laura, of course. it's a wonderful thing you are doing for us, i don't think anybody would mind one bit.

    thanks and hope you're doing well. lots of love.

  • TheTransformed

    Im giving you a reading regarding all of your questions using a five card spread and Golden Tarot.

    (your welcome)

    Card One: Ace of Swords

    Aces usually symbolise new beginnings in that area (for example Ace of Swords= new beginning in the area of logic/rationale/thinking). This could certainly be the beginning of a new career and how you think about things. Maybe you are looking for a job which allows for more freedom (as symbolised by the butterfly in this card).

    Card Two: Eight of Wands

    Traditionally the arrows of love/ cupids arrows. Movement regarding love and career could be rapid especially if you have planned or set things into place. Alternatively this could be symbolise the need for structure in these two areas of your life.

    Card Three: Twelve, The Hanged Man

    A waiting period. Maybe this is a time of deep contemplation about whether you should relocate or maintain the love connection from the past. You may have to make sacrifices if you are to move forward with love or your career. Outdated modes of thinking may need to be changed, you might be holding yourself back unnecessarily. There is a shift in you right now.

    Card Four: Ten of Coins

    A community atmosphere, things are set up in their place and everything is working well. In regards to love and career if there is to be a change this harmony will be disturbed, but only to make way for better things (Ace of Swords).

    Card Five: Eleven, Justice

    A Libran card. The weighing of your options carefully. You may feel pulled in two different directions, maybe between your head and your heart.

    The Story of the Cards:

    The cards are saying you may not have a choice regarding a new career path, that there will be a new start. However this is probably for the best, as you need freedom and feel restless. If you maintain your relationship with this man things will develop rapidly and what is comfortable in your life now will be ripped apart, but this is a good thing, it paves the way for the new. I think your logic will definitely help you with your dilemmas.

    You received two major arcana cards! This are the stand out cards of your reading. You know what is right for you and you should follow that path even if it means some sort of sacrifice.

    Although I may not have been able to give you concrete answers to al your questions, with any chance this has given you fresh insight.

    from Laura (lots of love)

  • Thanks Cylll

    thats nice of you to say.

    Im ok hope you are doing well to.


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