Who Wants A Reading?

  • Thank you very much Laura.

  • Hi Laura,

    Is it too late to ask a general reading from you? Regarding love and career? Thank you.


  • Hi Laura,

    I would like a reading in the areas of Love and Career (relocation maybe? where?). Should I pursue a new career path? Should I maintain this reconnected love from my past? He seems to be my soul-mate!

    Thank you, in advance! Light & Love surround you 🙂


  • Hello Aisia118X,

    I will do my best to try and answer all your questions ok 🙂 (Rider Waite Tarot)

    Do I see you becoming successful in film? Two card reading

    Card One: Seventeen, The Star

    I see this as the card of hope and harmony. This is a very positive sign. You may have to find some kind of balance though, also employ wisdom. Keep doing your best as you have been. Keep up the hard work.

    Card Two: One, The Magician

    This mage has all the resources he needs to succeed. All the tools are there, you just need to use them.

    These are both Majors which is a wonderful sign, very powerful, dont doubt yourself.

    What do you have to do to keep on the road to success? Two card reading

    Card One: Nine of Swords

    Do not despair, try not to become overwhelmed. Take a break or a rest if you need to. Think things through logically and dont let your emotions get the better of you.

    Card Two: Page of Wands

    Keep your passion alive. Nurture it, make it grow. Remember you are learning and dont expect to know everything all at once.

    Anything in the love department? Two card reading

    Card One: Eight of Pentacles

    Concentrate on your craft and what interests you and love will come. Your mind needs to be focused elsewhere at present.

    Card Two: Eight of Swords

    Bondage, you feel trapped by the idea that you may never find love, but this is not true. Focus on the practical not the romantic, this may not be the right time for love.

    Dear Aisia let me know if this has been helpful or if you feel it is completely off the mark.

  • Hi Sharon62

    I sure can give you a reading. And your welcome :-). Im going to give you a reading called the Simple Celtic Cross Spread. Its in the shape of a cross.

    Card One: Self Center/ You Now (in the middle of the spread)

    Eight of Swords

    You are unsure of the next step to take, you feel as if you are not standing on solid ground. You are not seeing the whole situation, and there is an inability to resolve the issue. If there is no way out, just wait until things become clearer for you.

    Card Two: Air/ East, The Mind (the top of the spread)

    Seven of Swords

    Think outside the box. There is a situation which calls you to outwit someone, they could be playing mind games with you. You might have to be a little sneaky, be careful who you trust and what you believe.

    Card Three: Fire/South, Passion (the right of the spread)

    Nine of Pentacles

    Gardens and nature, getting busy with your hands, growing and planting or building even. Listen to the birds. Foster new growth, relaxation.

    Card Four: Water/West, Emotions (the bottom of the spread)

    Two of Cups

    Your romantic life could be having an impact on your health, you feel as if your partner is backing away from you. They may need space at the moment. Sometimes its necessary to have some alone time, dont be afraid to pursue your own interests as well. But I sense that this is a happy union.

    Card Five: Earth/North, The Body (the left of the spread)

    Keep busy with physical craft or exercise, or a hobby. Learn, gather new knowledge and keep moving forward even if you feel you are moving at a slow pace.

    The voice in the cards/ story of the cards:

    Although you may be confused about some things and unsure of what course to take, sometimes it is best to do nothing. Concentrate on other more positive things, expand your interests or knowledge base.

    hugs Sharon62

  • Hi I would like a reading love wise if you can help.

    Thank you

  • Hi Laura, May I ask for a reading on my current relationships, love life. please, and thank you.

  • Hi Laura

    may I request a reading for this month i.e. the next twenty days?!

  • Dear Laura,

    Thank you for the excellent reading You were right on!! Everything seems to make much more sense now. You definitely have a gift!

    Again, Thank you



  • doeyeyedpisces,

    thats great my reading for you was accurate, I am pleased. And your welcome.

    I can give you a reading regarding your friend and whether he misses you or not and how he is going. I will use three cards and the Rider Waite Tarot.

    Card One: Nine of Wands

    Suspicion, clinging to past passions. There is a wall, a barrier. There is still anger and feelings of betryal. He was hurt deeply.

    Card Two: Three of Swords

    Heartbreak. Swords through the heart. Agony. Emotional storm. But time heals all wounds.

    Card Three: Eight of Wands

    The arrows of love, cupids bow. Again with the wall, and a barrier. I think he may have separated himself from you to protect himself and his broken heart.

    The Story of the Cards:

    Im getting the vibe that he was in love with you but you only loved him as a friend. Maybe he feels he was lead on. The cards indicate that he still thinks about you and is still hurt by what happened.

    lots of hugs for you

  • sharon62

    your very welcome Im glad it was accurate and Im glad it helped :-D. Thank you very much that is very encouraging :-D.


  • Laura,

    Thank you for the reading. My husband confronted him about our constant communications. It was an emotional type of affair. We havent spoken in almost 2 years...he never gave me closure...he knows I loved him but he never said it to me. He never even said goodbye. Was cold...and has blocked me from all contact with him. We r both married to others. Thanks for the hugs... I feel like I put myself in harms way thus getting burned.

  • dmick59

    I guess its nice to give people readings, but I enjoy doing them and it means I can learn more quickly about the tarot and develop my skills. Also the majority of people on here are very helpful and grateful so I dont mind.

    Im going to perform a Simple Celtic Cross Spread for you using the Rider Waite Tarot. It is in a cross shape.

    Card One: The Self/ You Now (the middle of the spread)

    Five of Pentacles

    Alone in the cold, abandoned, the need for help. But there is always light in the darkness. Money troubles. You may need to speak up.

    Card Two: Air/East, The Mind (the top of the spread)

    Six of Cups

    A time of nostalgia and thinking of the past, there may be a resurfacing of an old friend, or a longing for days gone. Cherish the past but dont live there.

    Card Three: Fire/South, Passion (to the right of the spread)

    Nine, The Hermit

    Deep soul searching which calls for solitude. A long spiritual journey which takes up a lot of your thoughts. Finding your higher self is what matters most to you right now.

    Card Four: Water/West, Emotions (the bottom of the spread)

    Page of Wands

    From the cards it feels as if you have just started your spiritual journey as the significator is a young man. That or your passion could make you feel very young and full of life. Your passion is definitely connected with your emotions.

    Card Five: Earth/North, The Body (to the left of the spread)

    Twenty, Judgement

    Waiting for results of a medical test, or needing medical treatment. Something is nagging you about your body. To rise again, as if from the dead. You body may need a rest.

    The Story of the Cards:

    You are becoming even deeper as a person, and your thoughts are reaching new levels. You feel cut off from people but you could utilise this to your advantage by delving deeper into your pysche. However this loneliness may be causing some unhealthy nostalgia and stress which could lead to health problems.

    dmick59 I havent used this spread many times. Let me know how it goes if you want

    hugs and peace

  • doeyeyedpisces

    Ok I see now. I was getting a lot of vibes about confusion and betrayal, and general mixed emotions from the people involved in the reading and emotional barriers. Thanks for explaining, but if you want a reading in the future and dont feel comfortable explaining you certainly dont have to.

    Again your very welcome, for the reading and the hugs.

    Sometimes even when you try and do the right thing, stuff still gets complicated. I hope your alright. No one plans these things.

    doeyeyedpisces I hope this is ok. I felt like drawing another card for you. It was Fourteen, Temperance!

    I think this card is trying to say, be careful and that sometimes what seems like a good idea really isnt. There are two chalices, one pouring water into another, symbolising what I think is emotional exchange. Also there is a sunrise in the background, meaning although the situation is painful maybe it is for the best you are separated and that new things are on the horizon.

    big hugs again and I hope I didnt overstep the mark with that one card reading

  • No you thank you....so does that mean that he doesn't miss me and that is my hurt from the reading with him? Just curious...

    I actually have been focusing on healing and singing because i am auditioning for x factor next month. So, I am looking to the future. :). Thx.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • doeyeyedpisces

    I got the vibe that he did miss you but was staying away to protect himself. I saw alot of hurt from both sides.

    Thats wonderful you are focusing on healing yourself, good for you. I hope you will do well in the audition, Im sure you will.


  • dmick59

    your welcome!

    no that dosent sound weird about the Page of Wands, there are funny things about certain cards. Most of the time what I get from a card is very different from the traditional meaning. I find the court cards the most challenging I think.

    Yeah sometimes you just have to accept people as they are.

    I love Tarot! :-D!! I feel like it brings alot of positivity into my life. I know what you mean sometimes a card will trigger a thought or feeling or idea and its kind of a mystery as to where it came from.

    Love and blessings back 2u

  • hello mistylee3

    I can give you a general reading using the Simple Celtic Cross Spread and the Rider Waite Tarot.

    (and your welcome)

    btw its in a cross shape

    Card One: The Self (the middle of the spread)

    Ten of Cups

    There is a focus on the home and family. You are content, you have reached the completion of a cycle or project which is bringing you satisfaction.

    Card Two: Air/East, The Mind (the top of the spread)

    Three, The Empress

    Pregnancy, family, the home. There is a strong urge to nurture and protect. Your female intuition is very strong right now. An inner calm is within you.

    Card Three: Fire/South, Passion (to the right of the spread)

    Knight of Swords

    A valiant knight who is looking out for your best interests and who will be there for you in times of need. They are analytical and logical but can rush into things at times. This person is your lover and you are passionate about them.

    Card Four: Water/West, Emotions (the bottom of the spread)

    Queen of Cups

    You may be moody at the moment, and harbouring some deep emotions. This is because there has been a huge change. Your sensitivity is a gift, and you are very thoughtful. Try not to worry.

    Card Five: Earth/North, The Body (to the left of the spread)

    Seven of Pentacles

    Rapid growth. Watching things bloom.

    This may seem like an odd question but are you pregnant? I may be completely off the mark but I keep thinking pregnancy.

    lots of hugs for you

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