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  • Darkness Angel

    Your welcome.

    Im using the Golden Tarot (Kat Black)

    I will use what is called: The Simple Celtic Cross Spread. (which has four cards in the shape of a cross with one in the middle)

    Card One: The Self (middle card)

    Page of Swords

    Desire for freedom, this could on an intellectual level, the freedom to express ideas and to argue constructively, and also to discuss. Communication. There is a task before you which seems impossible, or ridiculous.

    Card Two: Air/East, The Mind (card at the top)

    Nine of Coins

    You are calm regarding practical issues and money. Femininity and grace are one with you right now. A longing to reach out and connect. You may be reconsidering something or someone because your outlook on things has softened.

    Card Three: Fire/South, Passion (card to the right)

    Two of Coins

    Delight in simple pleasures. Small things may amuse you at present, maybe because you are feeling carefree. A recent discovery or meeting. Whatever you are passionate about it is not trivial dont let anyone make you feel like it is. You are very passionate about your life right now and you may have just figured things out.

    Card Four: Water/West, Emotions (card at the bottom)

    Eight, Strength

    The finding of your true strength. You have recently discovered that you are capable of saving yourself and that you dont need anyone to do it for you. You have a powerful ally. This is a time of strength and confidence for you and you may be able to help that person in need.

    Card Five: Earth/North, The Body (card to the left)

    One, The Magician

    Everything is working well. Your capable, strong, and resourceful. Maybe you have just started a fitness regime and it is working well. Accomplishment of a physical nature. If you have a project regarding building or making you may want to consider starting it now. Mind and body are in sync.

    Story of the Cards:

    Although you desire more freedom you are feeling relaxed and content. Your satisfied taking pleasure in simple things more than you were before, maybe because of a newly found light-heartedness. There is new confidence in you and strength, things are falling into place.

    Darkness Angel this is what I saw, feel free to let me know if parts were or were not helpful.


  • Aries 22

    I assume your an aries :-). So you are interested in a scorpio and a capricorn.

    I can give you a general three card reading about each love interest, using Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

    Love interest one, scorpio

    Card One: Ten of Coins

    Harmony, you both work well together. There is a unison and mutual understanding. You put each other at ease. Relaxation, soothing environment.

    Card Two: Sixteen, The Tower

    If you two are going to make it work it could mean changing everything, locating elsewhere even. There could be a huge difference between you somehow, and a disagreement on some key issue.

    Card Three: Four of Coins

    He might be trying to show off with money. He may have a lot to learn and even be immature. There could be a lack of ambition.

    Story of the Cards: Im not sensing much passion here, you two seem like more great friends than anything. However I could be completely wrong, this is just a vibe Im getting.

    Love interest two, capricorn

    Card One: King of Cups

    Funny that I drew this card for this love interest when he is an earth sign, and the first one was a water sign. You may feel he lacks sensitivity. Or that he is out of touch with his emotions and more of a physical type. There is distance somehow, maybe in the way you think or approach things. Watching form afar.

    Card Two: Seventeen, The Star

    Judging by this card there seems to be a lot more hope and positivity regarding this love interest. He could be more wise, although he may be emotionally immature he may be wise in other areas, or well travelled. You hope to be with this one more I think.

    Card Three: Nine, The Hermit

    There is a small flame between you both which could be nurtured into a fire, but there needs to be time taken before this can happen. One of you needs to work on themselves before entering into a relationship. A need for solitude, and the understanding of self. Maybe they have just gotten out of a relationship.

    Story of the Cards:

    There needs to be a lot of growing here, and you could feel at times that they are insensitive. However there is a lot of hope for something bright if you are willing to wait.

    Aries22 all the best I hope this kind of spread was ok



  • Thank you Laura, I shall look out for it.

    YB x

  • Gino26

    my computer shut down in the middle of this so I will type what I can remember. Im sorry.

    Will I at the end finally get my ex out of my life and my house?

    Yes, with team work and cooperation. Listen to the advice of someone older.

    Will I find him a job and a place to live so I can move forward in my life?

    The Star, The Sun, Four of Wands

    Yes, again teamwork, sharing the workload. The Star and The Sun mean hope, brighter times.

    If my future will have anything good for me?

    The World, Ace Card, The Moon

    The World: Completion, once the above issues are sorted it will be a new beginning and new opportunities. Ace Card: New Beginnings, more depth. The Moon: Be kinder to yourself.

    Im sorry that wasnt in depth the reading was in depth but the computer shut down. This is all I can remember and I dont want to do it again from the start because I am very tired and worn out. Maybe you could ask someone else to do this reading for you. I would feel strange about doing this reading again for some reason.

    this will have to be good enough Im afraid

  • gino26

    you may certainly have a reading, Im using Golden Tarot by Kat Back

    Will I at the end finally get my ex out of my life and my house?

    Im going to use a three card general reading for this question.

    Card One: Nineteen, The Sun

    Joy and abundance. A return to innocence and a carefree attitude. The barrier has been taken down. You can do what you want again.

    Card Two: Seventeen, The Star

    Harmony and balance. The scene is a relaxed one, a mermaid swims in a stream while dogs relax on the grass. The attention which was ripped away from you is restored, you can pay attention to your own needs now.

    Card Three: Five, The Hierophant

    Tradition and wisdom. Sacred space. Heed the counsel of the wise, seek advice from a trusted friend.

    Story of the Cards:

    Joy and hope, immense positivity. Your ex will leave in the end, but you may need to seek help.

    Will I find him a job and a place to live so I can move forward in my life?

    Again a three card general reading:

    Card One:

    Feelings of entrapment and bondage, but the bonds and blindfold are actually loose and easily undone. This was a jumping card for me today when I was reading for myself, and it was a jumping card for you also! Maybe we are not as trapped as we feel and if we closely consider our options things may look brighter. View the situation logically and take a step by step approach.

    Card Two: Two of Coins

    You may think you will never find him a job and a place to live. This is not the case. Play around with ideas, consider the options. Yes you will, But be careful not to miss opportunities (the boat sailing away in the background).

    Card Three: Four of Wands

    Share the workload. Ask for help, this could assist you in your goal. Stability. Teamwork is needed.

    Story of the Cards:

    The situation is not hopeless. Reassess options, ask for help.

    If my future will have anything good for me?

    Three card general reading.

    Card One: Twenty Two, The World

    Completion. Once the above issues are resolved you will feel that there is a whole new world out there, and be able to surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. The four elements= The world is your oyster, regain your confidence. A new cycle, alot of personal growth. Enlightenment.

    Card Two: Ace of Cups

    New beginnings regarding your emotional life. A new sea of discovery. Im picking up that you have little love for yourself and dont appreciate your own gifts. Like the angel holding the cup, as if in offering, you to have a lot to offer. Peace and love. Adopt a more positive attitude if you can.

    Card Three: Eighteen, The Moon

    Illusion and doubt. Confusion. In the past you have denied yourself and what you want. Be more accepting of yourself and the darker parts of yourself. Your negative traits are necessary and are there to highlight all your wonderful qualities. Try and live in the present

  • gino26


    I managed to get the information back somehow. Wow, that was lucky. Im so glad.

    In the last spread the story of the cards is:

    When you regain your confidence because of the above issues being resolved you will gain a greater understanding of your emotions and become more positive. What is holding you back is your self doubt and confusion. Walk your own path, follow your own uniqueness.

    Hope this is what you wanted

  • May I have a reading? Life in general, a little insight with love? Happiness ?

    Thank u, weiwin

  • weiwin

    Im not taking anymore readings on this topic because Im finding them hard to keep track of. But il be posting a new topic soon if u want one then I can give u one.

  • Thank you, Laura!! I really appreciate your time. There were things that were really true about both. Lets see what happens. Although, i feel the the capricorn is the one that will most likely end up being my friend because that is what he has shown me thus far. I would like a

    career reading at some point but I will look at your new thread and post it on there. Thanks again!!!


  • Oh,oh Laura, thank you, thank you so much for your effort and reading!

    Im sorry to put you in so much trouble. Your reading was very, very accurate. Ill give you abit of info about my situation, so you could understand why ive asked these questions.

    Ive been born in another country, lived there for 16 years, my parents decided, at that age that i was, to go back to there home country.I lived there for 22 years. Got married and had a son with him. To cut the long story short... I decided 5 years ago to return to my home country. This is where everything started.The man that i have married in these 5 years hasnt done anything to improve our life and mine. We live together at the moment just simply because he has no family or friends or knows the language ( he hasnt even tried to learn it). So i feel responsible for him, to find him a job and a house to move on with his life and me with mine. Thats where you, were right about the entrapment and bondage. Im scared that i will miss the boat to a happier me. I have tried everything to find him a job, but nothing seems to work. I relly dont know what else to do? Thank you so much for your help Laura! Very much appreciated. Hope sweetheart you get some rest. God bless you, sweet girl. Effie.

  • Aries22

    thats cool. Ok. Sure thing.

    Your welcome. 😄

    lots of love

  • gino26

    hi gino26

    your welcome.

    Wow your really are in a dilemma. Thats awful, I hope you can find a way through. Lots of love and hugs Effie. Your welcome, god bless you to.

    hugs 🙂

  • Hi Laura SA 87,

    I posted a topic for a reading but was wondering if you can help me out?

    I am looking for purchase a house and I just want to know if this is the right time and that if I decide to proceed with the purchase will it go smoothly?


  • cellisi

    not taking anymore requests for this topic will post a new one soon though

  • Hi, Laura! Was just thinking about you and hope all is well. If you want to stay in touch you can email me with my user name and at yahoodotcom. Otherwise, thanks again and take care!

  • hi jilinaangel cool thanks for that.


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  • Hey, Laura - try houstonrelationshipsurvey at yahoo dot com - hope it works!

  • wiil do

  • Hi Laura,

    thank you, will look out for the new thread. have a great weekend.

    Love x

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