Who Wants A Reading?

  • If anyone would like a reading, let me know. Im using Golden Tarot at the moment or Rider Waite or maybe I could even use something else if you request it, as I do own a few different decks.

  • I would like a reading please

  • LauraSA87, thank you I would like a reading

  • hello laura,

    i have a reading request in regards to the latest reading you did for me if that's ok.

    this was the reading: http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=17695&page=5&replies=50

    and this is my question:

    can i also ask what it is that i have to let go? there are a few things i may need to let go so i'm not sure.

    lots of love and thanks again!

  • Hi Laura. Thank you for offering. I'd be interested in a general reading if you have time. 🙂

  • Hi Laura, can u please do a reading regarding my career? Wanna know when I can find a job! Thanks!

  • oh i just saw that you already did that reading for me in the other thread. thank you! much love.

  • Brightmoonshine

    Im using Golden Tarot (Kat Black), five card reading (general)

    Card One: Seven of Cups

    There is a lot of physical action at the moment for you in your life, you may feel as if you are overwhelmed or too busy. Take care of you could be in for a fall. Take a break.

    Card Two: Eight of Cups

    There is a focus on soul searching, and you may have to be a hermit for a while to discover yourself again and your higher meaning.

    Card Three: Ace of Wands

    The need to achieve everything at once, but this attitude will just overwhelm you, prioritise. Your ambition is strong. There is a new passion/ interest in your life, dont feel the need to rush this though.

    Card Four: Seven of Cups

    There is a choice/choices before regarding emotions or a relationship. Be careful what you wish for. Only you know what you truly desire.

    Card Five: Eight of Coins

    The new interest (as indicated by the Ace of Wands) may be a craft or art. It can give you a new found confidence. Practice makes perfect, keep going you are on the right path.

    There is something or maybe someone new and exciting in your life. Keep calm and move at your own pace. It could be taking up too much of your time and draining you emotionally, take time for yourself and prioritse. This is a very active and emotional time for you.

    Love and hugs I hope this is useful for you

  • Hi Laura,

    I would like a reading. My birthdate 2/20/68 and my old friend mike, 7/1/66.

  • Hello Kaymrial

    Here is a general five card reading for you (Golden Tarot)

    Card One: Eight of Wands

    There is an abundance of enthusiasm, a real lust for life, if you set things into place you will achieve the desired result. There could also be stress and the possibility of new love.

    Card Two: Ten of Cups

    Happiness, emotional fulfillment. There is a strong need to take care of someting/someone or to nurture it. You know where you need to be and what you want.

    Card Three: Six of Wands

    Rushing in without thinking. Is this the right approach?

    Card Four: Eight of Swords

    Being blindsided on an issue. If you open your eyes you will see what is there. Denial. Also there are two sides to every story, and you are not as trapped as you think.

    Card Five: Five, The Hierophant

    Advice. Trust the true and tested methods, it may not be the right time for unconventional approaches. Find higher meaning, look for it in the everyday.

    There seems to be an abundance of enthusiasm, your own passion may be overwhelming right now. Stay calm everything is fine. Try not to rush into anything or make hasty judgements, err on the side of caution. If you make plans and set things into place happiness is yours.

    BTW, how do you pronounce your name?

    Hopefully this has been helpful

    big hugs

  • Hello DDTT

    Im going to use a three card spread, it felt like it would work for some reason.

    Card One: Seventeen, The Star

    This is the card of hope. Im also getting the sense that your career direction may have changed or will change. Something new which will wash away the old. The subconscious and conscious will meet. A leadership role.

    Card Two: Queen of Coins

    You will take charge of your financial situation, you are smart with money. Leadership or management.

    Card Three: Five of Wands

    A battle, but only in jest. The search for a job will be over soon, in five days.

    I read what I see in the cards, this is what my intuition has told me. Hopefully its good enough.

    lots of hugs

  • Hi Laura, thanks so much for the reading! I have been doing job search for a few months and no luck so far. In five days that I can find a job? Really?? Wow too good to be true:) thanks! I will keep u updated!

  • doeyeyedpisces

    Here is a general five card reading for you (using Golden Tarot)

    Card One: Thirteen, Death

    Change in an unexpected way, which may lead to you needing to slow down or take a break. You may feel out of touch with the world around you at the moment or that you are being left out.

    Card Two: King of Swords

    An air sign is dominating your thoughts, or the need to be more logical and less emotional. The need for freedom also.

    Card Three: Ace of Wands

    New beginnings, new interests. Newly realised ambitions.

    Card Four: Queen of Cups

    Emotions are running high maybe due to the end of a relationship. Try and find peace and avoid stressful situations if possible.

    Card Five: Fifteen, The Devil

    Temptation and base urges. Exercise self control, and avoid overindulging as this could make your situation worse.

    Emotional drainage and blockages, maybe over someone or the loss of someone. There is a strong desire to indulge but this will not help your oversensitivity and fragile state of mind, maybe concentrate on that new interest.

    Doeyeyedpisces Im a pisces too! How awesome! Hoping this gave some insight. Did your friend want a reading to?


  • DDTT,

    Your welcome.

    Thats what I saw in the cards, but I could have read them wrong who knows! I guess we will see.

  • Hi I was born on May 6th 1992 in Dallas TX at 9:28pm. Im an aspiring filmmaker and screenwriter and just bought myself a Canon T2i to shoot my films-I dont mind do everything I have to do to support my dreams. I skating on thin ice at my current restaurant job though and dont feel appreciated enough there so Im looking elsewhere and wondering if I should just make films and music videos to support myself.

    Do you see me becoming sucessful in film?

    What do I have to do to keep on the road towards sucess?

    Do you see anything going on in the love department for me?

  • Hi Laura,

    I'd like a reading if you have the time. My DOB is 11/26/62.

    Thanks so much,


  • Laura,

    Hi fellow fish...with a similar name (mine is Lori)...my former friend cut me out of his life...so if you want to read if he misses me or not...(it has been almost 2years, I have let go for the most part...but I wonder how he is doing).


  • Also, thank you for the reading you gave me...it is accurate to my life lately.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Laura

    If you have time I would like a general reading as well. Thanks so much!

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