Deck question

  • dear all,

    i'm very very new to tarot and in the process of figuring out cards and whatnot.

    i'm using a raider-white clone deck, which was a present from friends and just wanted to know if it was better/necessary to use and original one? i do realise that there is no concrete answer to this question, just wanted to hear your experiences.

    thanks and much love.

  • Hi Cyll

    I would consider myself new to Tarot to (two years).

    I use the original rider waite tarot, but no its certainly not better to use the original one. In my opinion use whatever deck speaks to you the most as that will be the one which will work for you. I started with a deck called Deviant Moon Tarot and that worked just fine for me.

    Do what works and feels best for you 🙂

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