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  • I have a question I am going to post to all.

    Clarification would be greatly appreciated on this matter

    ...Yesterday morning I had a voicemail from a call at 7:45 am from the daughter in law that has tried to keep me at a distance from my 6 mnth old grandson.

    I was hopeful that a breakthrough in our relationship was at hand.

    Instead the whole message was of my grandson AlexanderJames crying. It was horrible. 3 mins into the message the mother coughs and says something...and then more crying. His little voice grew raspy with crying, and it hurt to hear him crying without being comforted and nurtured.

    This went on for 5 minutes, as long as time on the voicemail would allow.

    My son said the mother gives the phone to him to play with sometime, and asked what time was it?...

    my question is....was it totally accidental that my 6 mnth old grandson happened to call a number that his mother never uses...mine?

    Did spirit have a part in this?

    Or was this a sick moment on her part?

    I was unable to share the voicemail with my son because of not getting a connection. I went to see them and my grandson appeared fine.

    I believe I recieved this call for a reason, and would like to know for what purpose.

    Please share your thoughts.

    Thank you.


    Yes, you did receive the call because your thoughts are about how your grandson is being treated and brought up by your son and daughter-in-law. It was good of you to go and visit and see that your grandson was fine. Your daughter in law may not have good parenting skills in your eyes, but she has to learn some. My suggestion to you is to become first her friend and praise her when you see that she has done something that pleases you even if it does not include your grandson. She needs someone on her side emotionally is what I feel here like her family did not know how to nuture well and of course it leaves her void in this area.

    Your son should also be involved in parenting, as some men are and some leave it up to the woman to do. If your opinion of your daughter in law is that she is emotionally ill, than perhaps you could gently lead her and your son to a good counselor.


  • Thank you Shaubby for your advice.

    She lost her dad through a drug overdose, and my instincts have been to keep trying to reach her heart. I have written a letter, apologized when I think Ive hurt her feelings.. It seems it keeps coming back in my face to the point I want to give up and let her be. Perhaps that is what I need to...let her be.

    I know I need to grow in love on this issue and not let resentment build....all are coming today....

    I will read your words again and try to let it sink in and let compassion take precedent in this situation.

    My son has been there to hold his son and does share quite a bit in the parenting...which is truly a blessing.

    Thank you for your insight.

    Patchlove (Chris)

  • Hi Chris ,

    I am so glad to hear that your Grandson was fine, i can totally understand the anxiety you must have been feeling at hearing his distressed cries . I totally agree with Shaubby maybe you need to reach out too her , i mean i dont know the full story of your relationship with her but i know that you are a kindhearted caring person who is a beautiful Grandma something ive longed for my own children from my motherinlaw Is there anyway you could drop in and visit her more often ? I feel so sorry for her losing her Father and to drugs as well , i know what it is like to have someone in the family on drugs , but to be bought up with a parent on drugs, i feel she wouldnt have had much of a life it breaks my heart as ive seen how it ruins families first hand . My heart and thoughts are with you my friend sending love whitelight and prayers to you and your family

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Thank you Mags for your thoughts. I have felt that she had a wall up for self preservation, but also out of fear of losing my son, or rather, I feel a resentment for the loving relationship we have.

    My granddaughters mother has a fairly close relationship with her and she told her that she couldnt stand me; also that my beliefs on life after death and spiritual views were detrimental to her son and she would keep me away from him as much as possible.

    I found this out after my last posting.

    But yes, baby is doing wonderful, and my son is my blessing. She will not be able to sever the ties of love, and I am content with that.

    lol..I'll just have to be the "eccentric" and weird he is old enough to know me.

    I understand that her feelings are all fear based, and that only time will allow for progression of the relationship.

    Thank you both for your love and sharing.

    With gratitude and appreciative love,


  • Hi Chris ,

    Its a shame that your daughterinlaw thinks this way towards you as you radiate nothing but caring and kind energy . As long as your Grandson knows that you will always be there for him to show him love and attention he will know in his heart the love you feel for him , something my children dont know or have which deeply saddens me to the core .

    God bless you my friend

    Love and hugs Mags xx

  • Dear Mags,

    Thank you for your love and kindness

    Love will find a way to your children

    With love and gratitude,


  • Dear Chris ,

    you are very welcome and thankyou for your kind words they mean alot

    Love and ((hugs)) to you my friend

    Mags xx

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