If someone could please help me by giving me a reading

  • I know it is a lot to ask and I have done so only under particular circumstances in the past. Like this one. Feeling very lost and in need of guidance.

    I spent a long time alone. More than alone, waiting for someone who never came back. I eventually decided not to wait for that person anymore because he had hurt me too much. After that I met another man. He was very sweet, caring and was very adamant in demonstrating he wanted to be with me. Unfortunately, he had to go away from our country because of work related things, which were/are temporary. We decided to continue together and see where things were going. They seemed to be going well, actually more than well. He had plans to come here early for a few weeks and then go back to his work things, just to make the wait shorter. But from one day to the other he grew distant and he ended up stopping all communication with me and apparently also with most of his friends. The last thing he said to me was that everything between the two of us was good, but he wasnt in a very good place because he missed his friends and family so much.

    I just need to know what is going on and what to expect. It's been a month. Only in the past week he sort of reconnected with some people, but not with me. This is not about me wanting advice, I just want to understand the dynamics of the situation, to get some closure. I can't seem to be able to give myself a reading because it's very hard for me to be objective and I tend to block myself when I do.

  • PiscesDani

    We meet people in our lives to learn something from. In this case you met this man and spent time with him and felt like you had fallen in love with him. He told you the truth that he missed his family and friends and he was heart connected to them. That is why now you do not hear from him. He enjoyed your company and you filled a place in his heart for a period of time.

    Now it is time for you to gather your inner strength and let go and move on. You need to understand why you attrach men that leave you or that you can not build foundations with.

    Are you refusing to see red flags in the relationships you enter into?

    Iam sure you have learned some heartfelt lessons now and will in the future choose wisely and move slowly to form a solid relationship with a man that feels like he works around clothes or design , or he is an artist. He will feel deeply and may be a cancer sign.

    Don't give up as love will find you.


  • thanks Shuabby.

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