Can someone explain meaning of crown cards?

  • I have been read with Tarot cards a few times in the last year. Each time, she tells me there are 2 crowns in my readings and says that is good, but nothing good has happened....not to be negative but things just keep getting worse for me!! Can anyone explain any further why I might be getting these crown cards every time I am read? Thanks so much for any help and blessings to you all!

  • I read tarot but I'm not sure what Crown cards are. It could be referring to the King/Queen/Knight/Page cards or it could be a special deck which uses crowns as symbols. If you are able to clarify I might be able to give you some advice. Thanks.


  • Sorry for the delay in answering...didn't see your reply until today...thanks for answering!!

    I really have no idea what Tarot deck the reader used...she just kept referring to the crown cards in my reading and saying it was unusual to get so many in one reading....I assume that is good, but nothing good has happened at all...quite the opposite!!

    Thank you for any help you can is much appreciated!!

  • Does it make sense that she said she drew a 'reward' card with a crown on it??

  • I don't think that is a usual tarot deck. Most tarot decks follow the rider-waite tarot style. The only crown cards I can think of are the royal cards. I haven't heard of a "reward" card with a crown on it but it might be a special spread she is using or a specific deck.

    Did she give an explanation of what it means?

  • Hmmm...that is interesting...all I remember about the cards is they were in french (she is french canadian) and she said that getting 2 crowns in a spread was really good. She may have said more but I don't have it written down...just that she said they were crowns. I will have to ask her if I see her again I guess! I didn't realize there were so many different decks of Tarot. I do kind of remember the card just having a crown on it.

  • Serenity, do you do readings? If so, could you give me one?? I would sooo appreciate it!!



  • Well regardless the message is more important than the symbols or the cards themselves but sure I'll give you a tarot reading. I was thinking of offering a reading anyway because if anything crown related does come up in the reading I'll be able to figure it out in my deck. Just give me another day or so because I have a few already scheduled. All I need from you is to say:

    I Leslie give you permission to do a general tarot reading and post it in this forum.

    Once you do that I will do the reading and post it on this page.


  • OK, thanks. I am a little confused though....where do you want me to post that sentence....separately or within this thread?

  • Within this thread is fine.

  • Serenity....I, Leslie, give you permission to do a general tarot reading.

    Thank you and bless you!!

  • I consider the crowning card the card drawn over the reading in an 11 card spread. If she's using crown to refer to a court card then court cards can refer to you or someone in your life (another person.) I would get another reading...

  • Thanks Daliolite:)

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  • Hi, I would also think the reader meant, that there were two people shown in your reading, particularly if the reading was focused towards the relationship area of your life. One way or the other it sounds like she could see two people who were going to be helpful to you in some way.

  • Libraluli,

    I noticed that you asked Daliolite for a reading as well and also another person. In the future I would suggest reconsidering when asking for more than one tarot reading at a time. It is hard for tarot readers to accommodate a large request for readings already and we don't want to stretch ourselves thin trying to do too many readings while others might not get a chance. Also, it wouldn't do much good to get the same message twice (which should happen if we are both accurate/or asking for the same question) so for the future I suggest getting one reading first and then asking for clarification if you don't understand something from it as a second reading. Thank you.

    I have read a 10-card reading below for you.

    XIV Temperance : Knight of Wands Reversed : 3 of Pentacles Reversed : 2 of Swords : V Hierophant Reversed

    I Magician Reversed : XVI Tower : 3 of Cups : Queen of Swords Reversed : III Empress Reversed

    The guides want you to have more patience. Things are taking time to develop. Considering what you are dealing with right now you're handling it pretty well but a little more patience would serve you better so remember to keep that in mind as you are dealing with the situations that are currently around you.

    You're asking about job/career/opportunity too. The "calling" isn't ready yet to present itself. It's still "cooking". So use some of that patience they were asking above to wait for it. You are having some trouble at work or with work. It can be frustrating but don't blow it out of proportion. It can be hard dealing with what you are dealing with but you don't want to cause any more stress or worry over what actually is already.

    You feel trapped right now dealing with what's around you. You're closing yourself off emotionally to try to deal with it better, which is okay the guides say. Whatever is comfortable for you to deal with the issue at hand but they do want to say that by assessing yourself and your emotions during times like this you can learn a lot from yourself and what lessons you are currently learning. So they encourage you to peek at yourself during this stressful scenarios in order to realize all the growing you're experiencing on the inside too, which should help boost your confidence level too.

    The guides are telling you to think out of the box in order to get what you are looking for (I'm getting a feeling they are talking about finding a job). The usual avenues of job hunting might not give you the results you are looking for right now. So try to think out of the box in order to find the opportunities that they are trying to set up for you. They said that they will start pointing you in the right direction if you start looking for it.

    They also are wanting you to expand the skill set you have now. They say that you need to learn a few more skills in order to be more marketable. They say it's nothing that you can't handle you just need to want to do it and then go do it. Once you have the skills you'll find getting what you want much easier.

    The guides say that you are dealing with a catastrophe right now, whether you know it or not, it's there. It might be a bumpy ride they say so just hang on. There is some amount of control you can exert over this situation but you still just have to ride it out. So they just want you to be aware that it's happening and for you to just block out what you can and keep focusing on the light at the end of it.

    I asked for a little more clarification on this catastrophe they are talking about. They say a part of you has seen it but you might not be fully conscious of it actually going on around you. They say there might even be a chance you don't see it at all so this warning is so that you are aware of it and that if you do see it to have already prepared yourself for it and just ride it out.

    There is some sort of relationship that you aren't taking advantage of. I'm speaking in the sense of a person who could be a business contact who could help you. So the guides want you to "see" this person and see if they can help you get on the path you want/need to be on. It might have crossed you mind but you haven't actually taken advantage of it - so keep you eye out for the opportunity.

    They want to talk to you about the way you feel when you are put in certain situations. Sometimes is hard to be calm and cool when you're put in difficult scenarios but that way of acting only helps you for so long and then you need to put yourself in the position where you know that no matter what happens you can handle it and that it will pass. All roads lead to the same end and you will be move further faster if you have this type of thinking. They also want to ask you what kind of goals you want to make for yourself in order to grow yourself. What kind of person do you want to be in the end? It's good to have a clear idea of this so that they can help you become that. So just keep that in mind as you go along in life.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you Sara for the made a lot of sense...except I am a bit confused about the 'catastrophe". Can the guides clarify weather it is regarding money, relationship, family...anything? I know that today, I got an email from my attorney....he had to resign from my case due to illness and I did panic for a few minutes, thinking all was lost, but hopefully it is you get the feeling it is about that or something else? My life is in such upheaval as it is....the whole patience thing makes A LOT of sense!

    The reason I requested different readings is because I see that only so many get taken....I often don't ever get in for a reading. I don't think it is a good idea to get readings over and over again and I try not to, but with my life in such limbo right now, sometimes some guidance makes things calmer. I am trying to make so many decisions right now but without knowing what direction my life is going to is so, so hard. Any clarification will be appreciated!

    Thanks again....I am glad you are the one who read for me!


  • Leslie,

    The guides are very strict about privacy - that's why I can't even read the cards unless you give me permission. I was shuffling the cards to find out more info and the Page of Pentacles fell out - so it has something to do with money but like I said above the guides will not clarify past that because of privacy issues.


  • Hi Sara...I have another question regarding the reading you did for me. You pulled the 3 of Cups....I know it is a good card and most of the reading revolved around my unemployment and financial situation, but I am wondering if the card could be related to a reunion with a former love. We had such a deep kind of love, something you are lucky to find in your lifetime and though we had many ups and downs over the last 17 years (we have been broken up for 14 months) I am wondering if the card may have meant we will find our way back to each other? It might be wishful thinking and that is fine, I am not waiting for him or anything....I am actually really ready to move on and be with someone that will be more stable, but I can't say I will ever stop loving Bill:) Your reading made so much sense in all aspects....I was amazed when you said my guides wanted me to be more patient while they worked on things. I had a psychic reading (I read with her about every year or two) about 9 months ago and she told me my guides were getting ready to do a 'reorganization' for me and I needed to be patient and let them work....guess they just need more time:)

    Thanks again are great!



  • Wow, our posts crossed each other....thanks for the clarification...figured it would be about money...

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