Confused by Scorpio man

  • I started working at a job five years ago and met a Scorpio. I could tell he was into me right away as was I, the staring, flirting and he gave me his email and phone number. We did alot of sexting and eventually one night messed around. I'm a Cancer and married(unhappily, planning to leave). Two weeks later I started a new job and he eventually moved away. I have been thinking about him ever since and got in touch again. I told him I was going to be traveling to around where he lives(an hour away). He said we should hook and talked about how he had been thinking about me the whole time. We started sexting pretty heavily again and made plans to hook up. About a week before he stopped the sexting but continued to just text me and changed the plans. He wanted me to go out to a show with him which I was fine with. When I got into town he said it may be an early night because because he had to work in the morning. He took me out to dinner and then the show. After that instead of going back to the hotel liked planned, he said he had to go back home right away because he accidentally had his brothers house key(he had his car). He dropped me off at the hotel after the extremely uncomfortable ride home(he wouldn't talk, said he doesn't do well with these situations. I said "feelings" he said "yea". I got back and texted him how I really felt that I wanted to be with him(relationship) I can't chase him anymore, that it is too painful because of how I really feel about him. I told him I would be here for him and he knew how to get a hold of me. What gives? Why would make plans and then completely change them? I was expecting just a night of sex. Any thoughts on if he will try to get back in touch?

  • He's having a case of conscience. Your situation is more than he can handle. He was thinking about what he would do in that situation, and he scared himself. You should handle your current living arrangements, heal, and do all the inner work that goes with it, before reaching out again, as it is simply more than he's capable of understanding. In a situation such as yours, where you are so lonely, but still technically in a relationship, it is a great feeling to lose yourself with someone who shows you some attention, and is into you. However, when another person is involved, their upbringing, social conditioning, and attitudes have to be taken into account, as well.

    Honor yourself, and don't do things that make you feel unworthy. If you have to wonder, "Will I regret this?" then simply let it pass. You may find that your healing work involves a lot of "I don't deserve" types of thoughts. Pay attention to that phrase, and when you hear yourself saying that, focus on healing whatever is attached to that phrase. "I don't deserve to be loved and cherished" is a very common one. The fact is, you DO deserve to be loved and cherished. But you sabotage yourself quite often.

  • Really good advice, and so true for me. I am sooo lonely, yet have so much healing/work to do. I think that jumping into a relationship while in one or right after getting out of one can be trouble. I am definitely a dreamer and a romantic and constantly think about being with him. I am having a really hard time of letting go of the fantasy of being with him:(

  • Yes, I used to do that, as well. Unfortunately, fantasies are just that. Fantasy. In the real world, things can sometimes look much different. True happiness starts with loving yourself. Find a group of girlfriends you can hang out with, just be your self, be silly, stuff like that. It's very healing. And, once you've done the healing work required, you'll be much better able to BE the right person, rather than looking to FIND the right person. See the difference?

    Best of luck, and much love to you.

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