Unusual Pattern In My Cards

  • I'm new to Tarot Reading and I've been gradually getting used to the meanings of different card combinations. Today however I came across one which I couldn't fathom...just wondering if anyone could help me understand what it means.

    I did a reading for a friend of mine about a new love interest.

    The first card I drew - Love and Me- was the 2 of coins, i thought that could be a choice, a waiting game, maybe hesitation or indecision.

    The Second card then - the situation - was the 10 of Cups leading me to think that the current situation might be the calm before the storm...

    The Third Card was the challenges card - here I got the Queen of Wands

    4 was the background- I drew the 4 of cups - i thought of optimism or a situation that hadn't fully revealed itself as yet?

    5 was the higher power - the Ace of Cups- which seemed good....

    6 was the recent past - the wheel of fortune, this seemed to me to have been decided though by the ace of cups as a higher power but i'm not convinced by my judgement there...

    7 was the near future - the hermit, I thought pointed to a well reasoned or thought out decision...?

    8 was the issues - the king of wands...i wasn't sure what to make of that...having drawn the queen i saw a couple...but as an issue i couldn't make it out...

    9 was the loved one- here i got the 9 of wands....implying a solitary fight...i couldn't understand its place in the reading at all...i couldn't see where it linked or what cards joined with it

    10 was the love advice - the devil, could it be a strong sexual chemistry? which linked with the 9 of wands made the couple oblivious to the world around them? im not sure at all...

    and my last card 11 was the long term potential - the knight of wands - this knight for me represents creativity and determination and he also seems to be a fighter. would it represent the couple as a unit? or one of them alone? or conflict between them? or strength?

    I'd love if someone could take a look at the reading and explain to me their viewpoint and where the cards link. Am I on the right track? Or way off the mark? The feedback would be fantastic...

    Thank you xoxo

  • What I am picking up is that your friend is caught up in the excitement of new love - or just the potential - and needs to ground herself - find emotional balance. There is a need to connect her head with her heart. This guy is coming through as not available - either married or otherwise committed or just a philanderer.

    2 of Pents - indication that she is not on solid ground, not grounded, needing emotional equilibrium. This card also shows up when a person is juggling between two things or two people - based on other cards drawn I pick up that this is her dealing with someone else who is doing this to her.

    10 of Cups and Ace of Cups - an indication of your friend, her emotions and expectations for this new love.

    Queen of Wands - this queen is smart, savvy, and does not allow anyone to walk all over her or take advantage. Remember this came up as a CHALLENGE for your friend,

    King of Wands, Knight of Wands, the Devil - all of these cards are pointing to a man who is up to no good. The King often shows up to indicate a married or otherwise committed man. The Knight is often a man who is just out for s*ex and nothing more. The Devil - well, that's self-explanatory. Seriously -- how well does she know this guy???

    The Hermit is a suggestion to withdraw herself from the situation - at least long enough to heed the advice to get grounded and engage her head. "Wisdom" is needed here -- more information on this man and who he really is as well as taking the time to look at things clearly - the facts - and not just allow her emotions to run away with her.

  • Ay karumba! definitely a question worth asking....he's her supervisor in work 😕

    Never knew the King of Wands, Knight of Wands and the Devil combined could all mean that!

    As soon as I saw the Devil I was thinking that I wasn't seeing the full picture...! Thanks! Eeep that's a far cry from what I was reading, I knew my thinking didn't add up!

    Thanks so much...sounds like a disastrous relationship to be going into! xoxo

  • Tell your friend to take it from someone who's been in her shoes....never sh*it where you eat and for the man....never dip your pen in the company ink!

  • hehehe I will for sure. Thank god for cards, she's been telling me for the last few weeks that he was shy....:S Imma say that I defo think not in this instance! lol xo

  • LOL. Uh, yeah, she needs to dial down the s*exual energy. If he is actually single, it does not appear that the interest is returned and even if it is, the cards are definitely telling her to steer clear. It is just never a good idea to get involved with the boss. It never ends well! And usually, the boss carries on as if nothing ever happened and the "underling" winds up needing a new job.

  • lol...true that. 1 last q for you watergirl. Just did a reading for myself there...its about a boy. Lol. I opted for celtic cross.

    Centre-the hierophant

    Crossing-Page of Cups

    Basis-10 of Cups

    Recent Past- 8 of Cups

    Possible Outcome - Ace of Cups

    Near Future - 9 of Pents

    Self - 7 of Pents

    Environment - King of Cups

    Hopes/Fears - Queen of Pents

    Outcome - Knight of Pents...

    I'm thinking inexperience crosses my ability to make wise decisions. But that overall cuz of the Pentacles royals and the ace that its a good call? Is the 8 of Cups a warning against the King of Cups tho? Xo

  • Hi AriesHermit,

    Sorry, I don't get on the forum during the week due to my work schedule. Has anything changed in your situation with this boy since you pulled these cards? I can pull my own if you would like...



  • Hi Watergirl!

    No worries at all!

    Awk thanku! You're very good! Not much has changed with the boy...he seems hesitant so I'm nearly wary but his efforts to get to know me are so overt i'm kind of curious. I'd absolutely love if you could read the cards for me. The insight would be fantastic!

    AriesHermit xoxo

  • Hi AriesHermit,

    Just out of curiousity, do you know his birth date?

    I pulled some cards and I think you two will evolve into more of a relationship - very positive cards for this- but you need to be patient as he moves a little slowly - takes his time. Don't push too hard, let him come to you yet let him know that the "invitation" is there. Such as, if you two are at a party or somewhere, don't go up to him, but when you two meet eyes across the room, face him head on (body language-wise) and smile. Then go about your business talking to whomever you are with. This will give him the green light to approach. Get my drift?

    Have fun!

  • hehehe...this sounds like fun 😄 so enjoy being chased rather than helping the chasing? Thank you ever so much. You're very kind to take the time to do a reading for me. I really really appreciate it. His birth date is the 31st of October 1988. All Hallows Eve. Does he read like a Scorpio? He definitely acts like one! Lol. Xo

  • Yes - let it develop slowly. It felt like he likes to take his time and too much pushing from your side would turn him off or ruin it in some way. I got that it will be a friendship that blossoms into a physical relationship. I asked his sign because I had the King of Cups - so I was going with water sign, but I also had Justice in there - which I picked up as about balance rather than about Libra, but wanted to make sure!

  • That's so cool how you could see that. Thank you so much again. Xoxo

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