Spiritual relation between two people (interpretation please :))

  • Hello. 🙂

    Could someone please shed some light on this reading?

    How I see myself in this - page of wands

    How I see this person - 5 of swords

    What I feel towards this person - 9 of wands

    What stands between us - Hermit

    How this person sees me - 7 of pentacles

    What this person feels towards me - 6 of cups

    Present status/outcome - The hierophant

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Be careful who you submit to. I think you've been thru a lot. Showing a struggle where you're beginning to see an opening or more carefree time. I see all struggle/battle where greater good needs to be reached. There's a young presence that's showing a new page in life. You have been struggling--what's this struggle. I drew some cards for you--will get back with that.

  • Hello Aviatrix,

    I hope you don't mind my amateur interpretation. (laughs)

    From what I see, it looks like the person you are with has a stronger bond to you than you do of them.

    From you, I think you are the more realistic and practical one. You may easily see the flaws from the person and the relationship. Even so, I think there is an instinctual feeling that things are alright and that you can put your trust in them. But with the hermit, I think you're more logical and careful and you are not willing to move too fast no matter how you feel for another. You have to have total confidence.

    This person may see you as a bit of a workaholic. Maybe a perfectionist as you may not stop until you get the job done, but that it also leaves unhappy. They wish to make things better for you. They want to make you happy, make you smile and share many things with you.

    The hierophant in the final position tells me that you both may be guides or teachers for each other. You may be a stabilizing and practical force, something they don't have much of, and they may teach you to let go a little and to indulge a little in your feelings and your emotions.

    It looks like you both may be opposites, but compliment each other.

  • Has a event perhaps tragic brought the two of you together.

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  • It's ok, the point is you posted and should be seen.

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