Reading for something that concerns me please?

  • Would or could someone do me a reading for something that is bothering me at the moment please? Without me actually phrasing the question if possible? Hugs.

  • Date of concern 31 december 2011, if that would help.

  • Hello Dragoneagle,

    If you don't mind, I'll give you the reading.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you about the situation in question that is bothering you.

    Sacrifice + Stone + Manipulation

    The cards say that perhaps you went to the extreme with a relationship in the past. You felt that too much of your heart may have been taken. You have tried to move on, but the memories will not stop coming, and it almost feels like there is a particular time that the feelings and the memories come back. It's been hard to move, as hard as you've tried, but perhaps it hasn't worked out because you have not been able to forgive or see the "light."

    I drew the Goddess Demeter card as advice and she says that you need to see both sides of the situation. You should move on, but you shouldn't only do it for yourself, as there are others involved. Maybe you need to accept things that happened, acknowledge how your actions affected the situation, find a compromise, and move on.

    Also, if you want I can give you a birthday reading.

    If you'd like, that is.

  • Thank You elal. I appreciate your reading for me. I sort of understand, by that it kinda answers a particular time in my life just different than the one i thought of when i asked the question.

    Yes please a birthday reading would be lovely. Thanj you. Hugs.

  • Hello Dragoneagle,

    First, happy (belated) birthday!

    I could try asking again about what‘s bothering you, if you would like?

    Here is a nine card birthday spread

    1. Where you are now: Ambition

    This card shows me that you have a new year resolution where you want to get things off the ground and fulfill your work related dreams. You want security, and want to finally do something that you feel will bring financial independence

    2. Where you would like to be on your next birthday: Pitcher

    You would like to be the one people count on; the one that people come to for help and advice. It shows that you may want to feel needed, but really you do want to help people as much as you can.

    3. What empowers you: Fountain

    You have some talents that you have not fully shown the world. You know you have them, but that you may be a little to scared or do not know how to implement them to your everyday life. Still, you are proud of the abilities that you have and you do eventually want to better them.

    4. What you need to create to bring you closer to your goals: Bridge

    You need connections, you need friendships. The more people that you have things in common closer it will bring you to your goals because they will support you, build up your confidence, and encourage you to grow. You need a little extra push is what I see.

    5. Your current material state: Negotiation

    You feel as if things will go wrong as soon as you step out the door. I feel like you need to keep your head down and avoid getting attention or involvement as much as possible because you worry you will continue to lose money.

    6. Your current emotional state: Fortuna

    You're praying for some diving intervention-- that money will fall from the sky and alleviate these problems that are becoming bothersome. You just want things to completely turn around for your benefit.

    7. Your current spiritual state'

    You feel that calling to join a social club or group. Or that you have an urge to suddenly call people you have not heard of in years. This is your inner self, wanting attention and to connect with others on a deeper level.

    8. What stands in opposition to your objectives: Fulfillment

    You feel as if you're not going anywhere. That your relationships will go unchanged, that money problems will get worse, and that no on around you will understand you, but I feel like this is more of what's in your head than what the actual circumstances are.

    9. What you need to do this year to make your dreams come true: Instinct.

    Things will start to get better when you finally realize that you should let certain things go--that you don't try to control things so much. Once you do, you will see that your friendships and your love life will start to improve and get better.

    This year seems to be a good one. I see a lot of positive cards, and you have the potential to grow spiritually to new levels. It may be that you feel like you can't do it, but the cards say otherwise. You have so much potential, that seems like even you don't know what to do or how to deal with things, you will intuitively be driven. Things look good for you this year.

  • Thanks so much for doing this for me. I understand exactly what you are saying here and relate to it well.

    What cards are you using please? I find them interesting.

    No need to do the other reading again, see you answered what i needed to hear at the time and for that i appreciate.


  • Hello Dragoneagle,

    I use the Moon Oracle and Healing with the Angels.

    Have a great week!

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