Can anyone please give me some insight?

  • ok so a few times this has happened to me and I don't know what it is or what it means. I have caught eyes with people for a few seconds and got a really intense bad weird scared feeling run through me and its like I have to look away. This has just happened in the past year. Has this happened to anyone? Anyone have any insight as to what it is thats happened.

  • Mar, Yes,

    what you are experiencing is what many are experiencing the Empathic Energies~ the energy of *Feeling or sensing other's energies ~ as weird as it may sound ~~ i too discovered this gift YES these are Gift's that we may use for our benefit to serve others

    during my dad's illness & surgery ~ i happen to tap into his discomfort and his pain~ At the time i did not recognize my gifts~ though i kinda knew that whatever i was feeling could not be my ownpain(s)~ but still was questioning why i was feeling so poorly ~ only when daddy passed on did all this pain leave my body~ but the pain returned months later ~ & only when i got news of one of my sister's in a Car Wreck BTW she is fine no major injuries ~~

    but once i found out~ the body pain left my body~

    All that i can suggest is that you meditate & call out to your Angels ~ learn to recognize the energies~ & ask AA Michael to rid them As they do not belong to you ~~

    There are higher energies merging into ours ~ some are experiencing Major changes ~

    Scary for some who are unaware of their spiritual gifts...

    hope to read more of your posts

    Thank you For sharing ~


  • Hello, I agree with the posting above. I think it has a lot to do with energies. Have you ever been in such a positive mood and feeling like today is the day that I am going to accomplish this and that and then you walk into the office and you feel different. Why? Because other people's negative energies are already affecting you. This has happened to me before with the same person on more than one occasion. I am feeling great and then boom I feel really down the entire afternoon. Energies....

  • Interesting. Thank you for your responses. Would you say it would be bad energies of the people? To me it seems bad. Its like a stare for like less than a minute with another person and its a bad feeling I get. They scare me because it is an intense weird like not right vibe. It doesn't happen with everyone. It has happened maybe four times. One was a guy on the train. I was sitting and he was standing and I looked up at him and we looked in the eyes for a minute. Another time with someone in the deli. He turned and stopped and stared at me while I was doing something and then I turned towards him and we locked eyes and it freaked me out. Another time with someone I was not really dating but was talking to for a little while. We were kissing we locked eyes and it was like I had to back away and turn because of it. It also happened with another person I was dating. Same thing we were kissing he held up my face and we looked at each other and same feeling I pulled away because it was not good. It scared me.

  • Also why do you think its not with everyone and only these few times? I just have been thinking about why that would happen?

  • Maybe its because some peoples energies are stronger than others and you are pulled more towards them for this reason, though its my personal belief and experience to have come across energies that show themselves in human form which really are not human this includes a dryad i once saw ( a tree spirit) spirits,elementals fearies(i'm not talking cute tinkerbell types! another way of christianising our pagan beliefs) I was a traveller and my father's background is romany so i believe many of the gifts i have are from his family although my mothers side were spiritualists so i have been open to all this since a small child.

    This could go into a realm of a darker nature too.

    My advice to you is to train yourself to block any energies you feel from people if you do NOT

    instictively feel they are good. Build on this until it becomes an instant sheild.

    On a positive note it sounds as though you are empathic and should also harness your skills for a greater cause, i feel as though you spend a lot of time hiding this from people and that you are also clairaudiant just learn to ground yourself when it becomes too much and ask that those sending messages to you will let you rest when you need to.

    Granddad is with you also.

    Hope this helps.

    Blessings Lx

  • Thank you Shadowplay for your message. It does help. I really appreciate your time. Take care.

  • I agree ~~ people's energies are not all of the same vibration~ that is why we have the higher Elites running our country~ that is why we are the enslaved to the higher powers ~ We all have abilities to manifest & to create done with Good intent ~

    Wemadea Spiritual Contract to the universe that is written in our Birth chart blueprint & we agreed with the Universe to live out this life term~~ does this make any sense~

    May we all grow i & live in love -light- harmony -happiness - abundance ~~

  • Two thoughts surfaced upon reading the initial post ...

    1. my sense is that you may be dealing with residual energies from past lives ...

    2. it might not be a bad idea to look into and practice a form of shielding,

    depending on your own personal belief system -

    for instance, a Christian might commission angelic assistance,

    or a medicine person might call upon "helpers"

    or a pagan might surround him/herself in a cone of clear light

    (not white light, as white infers black)

    Just my 2 cents...

    take what you need - leave the rest.

  • Mar902 You are most welcome let me know how you get on. Blessings Lx

    MillieFeori Yours words are totally right! Draconian energies are amongst us there is a higher archy buit on darkness and blood i really dont care who thinks i sound paranoid i have had experiences and know others who have too. It 's important for us not to give in to the blind hate that is whipped up daily in order to control us the more we send out love and healing, the more light in the world. I could go on but i'd be here all day!

    Nayhotze- I am a pagan, in order to find the light we must first visit the dark for one does not exist without the other. The darkness is not all bad and seperating the black and white issue shows more ignorence taught by the church to cure our pagan beliefs which we ALL were before the infection of christanity was spread amongst us. The Cone of power by the way is specific to wiccans of the pagan branch not pagans as a whole. If it works all good.

  • Shadowplay: As a practicing medicine person, I am not privy to all the ins and outs of specific faith paths - instead from my tradition, we will suggest that folks look to their own faith paths for shielding rituals. I do know that the 'cone of power' as you refer to it is known on other paths as 'cone of light' - Apologies if you, or anyone else, were offended ...

  • shadow Hello

    Ooh Wow Yes OH My you are spot on & correct on all that you stated...:)

    i have been researching online! come across tis wonderful Teacher she speaks of love & healing our own little earth the ONE inside us ~~ we first need to heal ( US First) before wecan heal thw world... If I may post her video link ~~~ maybe you can relate & resonate to Christine Page mesage.... peace peace love love love


  • Hmmmmm the Denied dimension were rejected... let me give it another try


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