Please help! worried sick i might be pregnant

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and hope someone can help me. Sorry if you think it's a stupid question (why doesn't she just take a pregnangy test) and sorry if it's too insignificant.

    We had an accident a few weeks ago with my bf and at that point, because i'd just finished my period, i thought it would be very unlikely i could get pregnant. At the same time, I'd just come off my hormone contraception, so not on my normal cycle. Now am getting more and more stressed. I should have just taken thel pill!

  • Sorry, pressed enter too soon...

    Had a dream tonight, about my baby talking to me from my belly and panicked - is it a premonition or is my imagination just working overtime?

    If anyone could help, I'd be so grateful. Sorry for the trouble.

    Thank you,


  • Give it a week past your due date and take a pregnancy test, by stressing out about it you will just delay your period further. If you need to, make a call to your doctor and ask about it, I mean that is what doctors are for.

  • That's exactly why i'm asking. That's still 3 weeks ago and I seriously think i won't be able to take the pressure. Too early for the tests to show anything...

  • *3 weeks away, not ago...


  • Clearblue has a tester which works straight away without having to wait. Babycentre dot com or co uk has a list of all the symptoms. Prrsonally I don't think your body would be ready to conceive immediately after stopping the pill unless you stopped mid cycle.

    Good luck!

  • take the pregnancy test... it's not too early, there are many tests now that can test you as early as 2 weeks. I don't think you are pregnant, however, and because you are stressing, it will most likely delay your next period due.. good luck

  • So what is the verdict angelfaced? Prego or not prego??

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