Relationship potential

  • Just looking for any thoughts on this reading as my guy has been distant for some time, asked whether I would hear from him and what would happen. Got knight wands (R), 8 cups, Lovers, Hierophant and Queen of cups.

  • Someone in this reading is creative/struggle. Sticking to their way of doing things. Someone has been battling opposing forces/ideas. Could be looked at as victim.You'll be helped thru this hard time. Your challenge at present is inability to move past this and have a more cavalier attitude. Or perhaps someone is too cavalier. But I look at it as probably you need to walk away because once you do things will start looking better. There is an indication that you'll have more varied interests. Who is the creative type--is that you. Strong allies in friends positions. Friends are creative more in-tune w/you. Again, in your blocks inability to move forward. Was someone accusing you of something or perhaps something happened regarding something that you did.

  • Thanks for your comments, he played the victim so that would fit. I agree I need to walk away and have found it difficult to totally close the door on it, especially as we were supposed to get married later this month! I am a creative person and now that I can move on to better things. He did accuse me sometimes of doing things I didn't do as he was a bit of a paranoid control freak. Better to move on eh?

  • You'll do better. Drew the Fool in challenges. Someone is taking something too serious. Need to let go. Chariot in blocks.also. Not moving forward. Struggle in present. Someone has hurt someone by actions/words. Almost seems like someone has to "take-up" for themselves. Are you the creative one or both of you.

  • Maybe someone is not conforming to someone else's ideas is what this reading suggests.

  • Yes I agree with what you say, we are both creative in our own ways, wanting to make things happen but certain things that were outwith our control got in the way. I feel that I was never good enough for him because he had unreal expectations of me and he did hurt me by the way he reacted to me and behaved around me, when he had his strange behavioural episodes, let's say.

    I know that I need to move on and that I can do better, better times ahead I hope. Just worried in case he re-appears some time in the future but by then if that happens I can deal with it and get on with making the life for myself that I deserve.

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