Could someone give me a love reading

  • Would anyone mind giving me a reading about my love life?

    Much appreciated xo

  • If you would like a reading please email me through my website. I'll give you a free one.!


  • Laura,

    Do you find it difficult reading for yourself, too?

    It's a curious dilemma, I think. (laughs)

    I'd be honored to give you one since you've been so helpful to us and myself.

    I asked the cards what they would like to tell you about your love life.

    Achievement + Adaptability + Principles

    I think you have recently figured what you want from a relationship. You want a commitment, but you have come to the realization that you need many things to make a strong, loving connection in order to get a fulfilling relationship.

    The cards say that you are still working on this view. That you are trying to see how do you find these things on other people It's making things a little bit more difficult.

    The Isis card that I drew from the Goddess deck says that you may just figured that being honest with yourself, having respect for yourself, will give you more rewards. In a relationship, the way that you handle yourself will most certainly draw someone that will be suited for you--that you will find someone that will treat you with the same level of love, trust and respect that you have for yourself.

  • Hiya LauraSA87, how are you? I will try with my tarot favole deck to see what it says, if you don't mind. I have never did a love reading before really on anyone.

    I need the practice so would like to try.

    Be back in a bit with your reading. Hugs.

  • EIAI

    No I dont find it too difficult, but I havent had many readings from other people & I do like getting readings done :-D.

    Thank u for the reading, I hope I have been helpful to you & others I have tried my best, but I am very new to Tarot (I have only been doing it for two years), but I love it.

    I have figured out what I want from a relationship recently, and those things you mentioned are basically it. I have a lot of work I need to do on myself to make my relationship better.

    Thanks for the great reading.

    May I ask what decks you use?


  • Hello Dragoneagle

    Im ok a bit tired and flat though to be honest, how are you? 🙂

    You can use your Favole deck that would be fine.

    Hugs back

  • Laura,

    Glad it did relate to your situation.

    I use the Moon Oracle and Healing with the Angels

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Hope you're getting enough rest too!

    Hugs and love,


  • Hello EIAI (Eiai?), sorry I am horrible with names.

    Yeah it totally did :-).

    I just looked the Moon oracle up, thats unique! Great stuff. Healing with the Angels look good too, I am thinking about getting an angel oracle deck.

    You to

    hugs and love back

  • A lot of people confuse the l for a capital i, so no worries.

    Actually been thinking of getting a new account because of it. (laughs)

    I think the cards are unique too.

    When I first got them, I had no idea they would be different from the original cards.

    I didn't have much information about tarot back then, only that I was drawn to the cards.

    I like using the Angel deck with the Moon oracle.

    This is especially true, since I find my Moon oracle is a bit limited to advice as to dealing with serious issues--especially about health and spirituality.

  • Cool ElAI

    I think il just call you El as in EL if thats ok.

    Ha thats funny.

    I do find that the cards that work best for me are the ones im drawn to even if I think I dont particularly like them. I have a deck which are very trippy called The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn and the artwork is amazing but I cant read with them. My Golden Tarot read well and i adore the artwork even though I usually like modern comic book type art.

    Its strange how different decks are suited to different things.

  • Whatever you'd like, so long as it's not "hey you." XD

    Are you a card collector?

    I've seen on and have yet to see all the cards they have on there. The amount is astounding!

    I think tarot is an interesting hobby.

  • Hey Elal

    Ok that is fair :-).

    Yes I am definitely a card collector to say the least! Yes! I love the Aeclectic Tarot website. I know, they have so many its crazy.

    Yeah me to, I love Tarot. Are you a card collector?

  • Hiya lauraSA87, Im sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoyed your Easter.

    Without reading any replies thus far, here is my reading for you.

    What does LauraSA87 need to know about her love life?

    01. Hermit

    02. 2 flowers

    03. 10 crosses

    04. 8 crosses

    05. Strength

    06. 4 butterflies

    07. Lovers

    08. Queen crosses

    09. 3 crosses

    10. 9 crosses

    my interpretation of this would be that you are going through an emotional time right now that weighs heavy on your heart and mind.

    I feel that there is an obvious relationship going on here, (even though no knight or king showed in reading) that has taken a lot out of you both physically and mentally. You are in need of a rest, break, relaxation for a while to clear your mind and have a fresh start at things to see if what you have is in deed what you truly want and need. Good Communication will probably help clear away any uncertainty you have. You are a bright 'firey' woman (in a loving, spiritual, kind way) that has a lot of strength to keep going, but, love shouldn't always be a struggle- meaning it shouldn't feel like a chore. Which i sense in some way it may have seemed to you in the past.

    I just now drew 3 cards of encouragement for you over the next 3 months and received...

    Wheel of fortune, 6 butterflies and 2 crosses...

    i take this to mean that your troubles and worries or whatever concerns you, is in the process of being taking care of. There should be something special developing for you soon.

    The Universe is cradling your wishes and dreams and they are certain to manifest that which is in your favour.

    Take care. Hugs, diana

  • Dragoneagle

    Yes I am going through an emotional time thats for sure!

    My relationship has taken a lot out of me but it has been a struggle from both him and me. I think I really do need to relax. I definitely need to work on my communication skills.

    What you said about the next three months rings true. There will be a change at that time.

    Excellent reading thank you very much Diana

  • Your welcome, i wish you much luck! Hugs, diana

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