Health issues can Captain or anyone out there help?

  • I have an appointment this week and I feel I might have something really wrong - to need surgery would like to be prepared mentally as this is driving me crazy.

    Thank you in advance

  • Have you had these fears or feelings before and been very wrong? I'm trying to connect but often when someone is surrounded by a thick energy of FEAR it is hard to get clarity. Is there an issue in the chest--brea st area? I'm not sure if it's the actual place you suspect or just picking up the place of fear and anxiety that often manifests in that area. Did you already look medical info up online? Can you imagine it not to be as bad as you think and send another post and I will try again to connect. BLESSINGS!

  • It is in the pelvic area. woman issues. i had avoided the doctor for a few years and recently went for a check up . I was sure that those test would show some abnormalities and recently found out that this test was good. but while they were doing that test felt the need for further testing set for this week. I was told after the sonogram then we can discuss "treatment" or options. thanks for your help

  • OK--now it makes sense why I felt you already had gotten some advice somewhere---you had already had tests. I'm mostly feeling they are looking for fibroids? Concentrating on the ovary and tubes.I am not getting much from spirit. I don't pick up anything lethal or get any bad feelings AT ALL. I don't think they suspect anything but are mostly ruling out things before trying to treat your complaints or symptoms. That's what doctors do and they never tell you anything until after the tests. Even then they usually make you wait to come in. That is a torture we all know! For whatever reason Spirit is mostly saying wait and see use this panic time to master calmness and determined joyful distraction. I hate times like that---being tested! But it's empowering. Let me know about any treatment they suggest as Spirit may have something for you then. I'm usually at full power with the moon but honestly do not feel anything horrible. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you so much I appreciate you taking the time to read for me. I am feeling calmer and actually looking forward to my appointment now. I had a rough weekend and am hoping for any resolve to my situation. I will let you know what they suggest as treatment after my appointment as you suggested. Thank you so much! Blessings your way.

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