Will I blow it? Taurus/Libra love...

  • Hello Everyone!

    Anyone care to do a reading for me? I just got into a relationship with a Libra, I am not a relationship girl and it takes a lot for me to commit it's been 6yrs since my last relationship. My relationships usually last a long time and almost always get very serious at which point I find a reason to end things. Not that I have commitment issues I just wanted to enjoy my 20's not settle down I feel I am now ready to commit and so far things are great I'm just afraid I will blow it. He has a 5 yr old son and I've never dated anyone with a child so this makes me a bit nervous. Do you guys see a future with him? My sister recently seen a psychic who told her I will meet someone in November I know I should not worry too much about it but it has left me confused. My DOB is 05/03/82 his is 10/17/1984

    Thanks in advance!


  • I can do an astrology compatibility reading for you if you like -

    Where an ordinary life can be tied up for years by the energies of imagination and fantasy, this relationship is likely to manifest dramatic breakthroughs. As a catalytic agent unlocking both your subconscious minds, it can sometimes come to be seen as the beneficiary of some odd twist of fate, one with profound and far-reaching effects. Should a social, financial, or business activity, say, be the recipient of the relationship's energies, it may achieve great success, provided these energies are well directed.

    A love matchup here can be close but trying. Your partner needs plenty of attention, but far from all the time - when he needs it, though, he has to get it, no matter what. He does best with a partner who doesn't put heavy demands on him, is quite independent, and has strength of character. All of these requirements can be met quite handily by you, TaurusGirly, and you will gain some benefit as well - usually this takes the form of learning social skills, using your partner's contacts and being entertained by them. A love affair or marriage here can be bound up in a shroud of unreality. So strong is the projection of fantasy here that the relationship can seem to have been summoned genielike from Aladdin's lamp. The results can be illusory and destructive, but the principal problem in this combination will be conflict with the demands of everyday reality, social pressures, and the perceptions of friends and family who don't share your vision of the relationship. Should the two of you be able to break with societal influences, instead believing totally in the personal reality of your relationship, you may make a success of it, for as long as it lasts. Personal issues to overcome in this relationship will be your partner's indecisiveness and obsession with who controls the money (he has a fear of being fleeced, cheated on, or violated), and your own issues with being recognised for your intelligence and your fear of losing yourself to someone else.

  • Thank you Captain! I will keep these things in mind, I just want to give this an honest and fair shot and not jeopardize things. Thanks again for your time!


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