Relationship Scenario Request for The Captain

  • Hello again dear Captain,

    I have yet met another man (online) and we are having our very first meeting tonight. He is really laid back and easy going, a dedicated father and we can talk for hours over the phone. The chemistry seems to be there for both of us.

    May I ask for a relationship scenario of him and I please?

    Me: March 23

    Him: February 21

    Thank you again Captain,


  • This can work for a love affair but generally won't be steady enough for marriage. It can serve as a haven of peace and security for the two of you. It affords an intimacy that can be satisfying to both of you, yet it can also become a kind of 'lost world', one that is predicated on cutting vital ties with society. And should it turn into a buried inner sanctum in this way, it may stagnate, drift or fall apart, especially if it lacks practical and pragmatic strengths. Building a more structured existence, particularly one firmly linked to the outside world, should be the overriding consideration here. You (on the Pisces-Aries cusp) are the more likely to move in this direction, since your friend (on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp) will probably tend to fixate more on rather abstract or personal concerns.

    This matchup can be especially successful in the area of friendship. Both of you are hard-driving career people who need to relax, in close and enjoyable companionship, during your spare time, and a relationship between you may bring you both to new heights in this area, since there is a synergy between your aesthetic and intellectual sensibilities. Emotional satisfaction is indicated here by the influence on both of you of your shared Piscean traits, signifying feelings: each person is likely to have 'antennae' out for the other's moods and unconscious wishes.

    Marriage or a love affair here can be much more problematic than a friendship. They can succeed however, provided a degree of objectivity prevails and the relaitonship does not succumb to extremes of isolation. Your friend must be encouraged to lower his defenses and rediscover his emotional vulnerabilities, and you can be extremely helpful and understanding in this respect. However you will have to prove yourself in order to gain his trust because he will be very wary of letting down his guard for fear of being hurt or betrayed. Should you abuse his trust or show you are unworthy of it, the relationship might well end then and there - no second chance will be granted. The knowledge that one big mistake might well be the relationship's last can put you LoveDetox in a rather precarious position.

  • Thank you very much as always, your time and attention is highly appreciated.

    I feel as if you give and give and never ask for anything in return. Is there something I can offer to you that I may do?

  • Just pass on the love! 🙂

  • I will do that and blessings to you.

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