Hurt & Confused

  • I am a Pisces woman in love with a Scorpio man who is driving me crazy. I know he loves me and is afraid of commitment due to past hurts but he's driving me crazy!! We get close and then he pulls away. Every psychic I ever spoken with has told that he's my soul mate and that we will spend the rest of our lives together. Unfortunately, I seem to be competing against he ex-wife and a sometimes girlfriend that I thought he was just friends with. I've been to spiritualists trying to get help to resolve this situation so that he will focus on me and commit but we get extremely close but never quite get to home plate. What am I doing wrong????

  • You're insecurity may be driving him away. I would say try not to worry so much about the other women, and if he is with one of the other women and not you then it is time to call it good and be done with him. You can love someone and not be with them.

    It's just my two cents, but I can feel a lot of insecurity coming from your posting.

  • I'm not sure I'd call it insecurity so much as frustration. It's very easy to say walk away and we've walked away from this several times over the years but both of keep being drawn back in. He & I have discussed this insane attraction we have for each other. It's not just one sided. I would just like to feel like walking away is the correct move instead of psychics telling me that walking away isn't going to solve my problem that I need to stay and fight for him.

  • Maybe you should listen to your gut instead of paying someone for bad advice? If your gut is telling you to go then go. Never stay with someone based on what a "psychic" tells you to do. Use your common sense in any situation.

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