Need Practice Reading

  • Would anyone like me to do a reading for them, I need the practice.

    Much love 🙂

  • Sure LauraSA87 - I would love one regarding health and career or just in general what do you see for me? I will reciprocate but I havent done a reading in quiet some time due to certain "issues" in my life. I am a little rusty but will give it a shot if you want one in return.

  • Hiya LauraSA87,

    you may do practice reading on me. General reading on what the tarot wants me to know please. Thank you. Hugs.

  • Hello Livingadream

    I will give you a general reading if that is ok. Im just going to use a 5 card spread with the original rider waite deck.

    CARD 1: VII Strength

    You need to cleanse yourself of a situation which is taking all your strength and sapping your energy. Gentleness is needed here, do not try to force anything, You have more strength in you than you know and it may be tested shortly.

    CARD 2:Knight of Wands

    A passionate young person may offer help or know you are in crisis, however he may lack sensitivity. He has a temper, but a good heart also.

    CARD 3: V of Cups

    Emotionally you feel empty and alone but you are not looking at all of your resources. You are focusing on the bridges you have burnt or oppurtunites missed. But good things are to come, you just need to look in a different direction.

    CARD 4: Ace of Swords

    Move forward with logic and commonsense, at this time do not be swayed by overwhelming emotions, do not make any hasty decisions. Listen to your inner voice of reason.

    CARD 5: Queen of Pentacles

    Listen to the practical person and what they are telling you. Also do not stress too much about money. Keep moving forward and dont be so hard on yourself.

    General Feel:

    Your main problem is your mindset, but you have the strength to change it with help from others. Think about only the main things that need to get done and dont worry so much about the details. Also there are people who know what your going through.

    Livingadream I havent been reading cards for very long and I dont get much practice so I hope this has been helpful. Please feel free to tell me if I was completely off the mark or if there were some things that seem accurate.

    Im sorry about your issues I have a few major ones too.

    Much love and thanks for the reply

  • Hello again Dragoneagle,

    I can give you a general reading on what the tarot wants you to know if you want.

    I will use a 5 card spread using the original rider waite tarot.

    CARD 1: VIII of Wands

    There needs to be some sort of structure here, things are not falling into place, your scattered. Decide what your true passion is. Also the need for defence. You have a lot of enthusiasm which will help with this.

    CARD 2: XI Justice

    You need to follow your heart, you are doing the right thing but not what is right for you. Try and explain the situation to people involved. There are a lot of hidden things behind the veil and maybe you are not ready to see them yet but you are on the right course. The 2 sides of your personality need to be reconciled.

    CARD3: V of Pentacles

    There is a need for recognition. The harsh situation will improve soon but you may need to speak up. Use your physical skill. The choas is necessary.

    CARD 4: V The Hierophant

    Dont feel stifled, what your doing is necessary even if it is boring or taxing, it will lead to great things in the end. Try and be at peace, you are very wise. Again the 2 parts of your personality should be reconciled. Listen to your higher self.

    CARD 5: VII of Cups

    Dont be distracted, you have so much spiritually but you only need to use some of that at the moment to learn even more. There are many important emotional choices but the right one will be obvious even if this means sacrificing something else. The self doubt will pass.

    General Feel of The Cards:

    Lots of choices to be made, and you need to listen to your higher self, the inner wisdom to make the right one, but you may already know what that is. Although you have an abundant spiritual source within you, you still need to be recognised by others and you may have to speak up.

    I hope this has been helpful. As I said to Livingadream I am very new to Tarot & please feel free to correct me if you feel anything was completely wrong. Also feel free to tell me if anything felt right to you.

    Thanks a bunch for the reply

  • Wow LauraSA87 : that was such an awesome reading.. I have tears welling up in my eyes right now. you really hit the mark..

    I gave you a reading on your other post where you asked for a general reading . but given my emotional/physical state it might not be a very good one. but please let me know if there is anything there that rings true or if i am totally off.. i would like to get back more into reading and helping people because i feel that i am not meeting my potential in my present situation.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Livingadream,

    sending love your way, hope you are ok.

    Im amazed I gave an awesome reading as I have read so little for other people. I mainly read for myself, but I hope to change that with this forum :-).

    You are more than welcome

  • Hiya LauraSA87, thank you for the reading. I, like you, mainly read for myself, which i hope to also get more practice here.

    You did a real good job on my reading. There is a lot going on in my life and i am trying to learn how to listen to my higher self more. I have also been wondering what my next step is spiritually. I get the justice card quite often at times and didn't consider the interpretation you gave it for me. So, thank you for the new insight on this card. Thank you very much for the reading. Hugs.

  • I would be happy if you could give me a reading.

    A general reading about whatever your cards have to say.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Eiai

    I can give you a general 5 card reading with the original rider waite.

    Card 1: eight of swords

    Feeling trapped in a situation which is either something you can easily escape from or a situation you backed yourself into. Not seeing the situation clearly. Inertia.

    Card 2: Ace of Pentacle

    Feeling close to your own spirituality but somehow money is getting in the way of this. Maybe there is a new deck or tool you want to buy but you dont have the financial means. Take the practical approach right now, and slow and steady wins the race.

    Card 3: ten of pentacles

    spirituality, and meditation are your main focuses right now. Perhaps family is hindering you, patience will help ou here. There are double meanings in things right now, maybe someone is giving you hints about something which you are not picking up on.

    Card 4: Queen of cups

    a very sensitive woman who will be connected to you on a deep level who maybe hasnt been connected to you before. this will be unexpected

    Card 5: two of swords

    you are very blindsided on one issue, and defensive. You are intelligent and have a very logical and fair view of things which will help you to see the light eventually.

    General feeling of the cards

    You are experiencing some very deep and intense emotions right now. The feelings of being overwhelmed will pass if you clear your mind and focus on your ability to be rational, and older female water sign may be involved in this somehow.

    Forgive me if this seems haphazard I am very tired at the moment . Has this been useful or accurate at all, is there anything which is completely off the mark?

  • LauraSA87: Thank you for an awesome reading. I have an unusual request. Can you read for my bff - the last readings that i have done for her were way off. its sort of like reading for myslef i cant do it. She is an awesome girl and has not been able to meet the right guy.. has been single for the last 9 years and had a few dates but nothing came of them. She really wants to meet someone and doesnt see it happening in the future. can you give her a general reading? Her first name is Monica. Thanks so much in advance.

  • Laura, thank you!

    I'm sorry if you're very tired! You should've taken a rest, but your reading did make so much sense!

    Right now, I'm busy with University-- exams, writing papers and a research paper, and getting my audition application ready.

    I have never been busy as I always try to keep myself stress free as much as possible, but this time I feel there is no wiggle room! (I think that's me backing myself into a corner?)

    I don't know who this woman might be, but lately I've been talking to and connecting with a lot of women that are experienced. They have been of so much help and have brought so much clarity and insight.

    Oh! And I also just bought my own tarot deck based on the Rider-Waite tarot! I did want to buy another one, but it cost more than one hundred dollars, but I bought one that was less expensive and that caught my attention more than the other one, so I'm a bit happy. I'm just waiting for them to arrive!

    Thank you for the reading!

    You are so good, and I hope you don't mind if I ever look you up in the future.

    Also, if you would ever like, I would be more than happy to give you a reading. Just ask!

    Hugs and love,


  • Hello Laura SA87

    When you can, please do a love reading for me. I am sometimes confused with the Taurus man in my life. Everyone you have done a reading for are so pleased and say how accurate you are! I can't wait. Thanks so much for the offer.

  • Hello,

    When you get a change pls do a love reading for me


  • Hi Laura, if you have time, i would like a reading from u about my love life. me and my bf, we r in a weird position right now. we havent spoken to each other for a few days. today he txted me saying he takes it as i decided to break up with him (becuz of no contact for the last few days). i didnt return his txt... i wanted him to fight harder for me. i feel like he's getting lazy and selfish. hes all about his work, work, work. hardly gave me attention.. as much as i understood him, i realized i couldnt take it anymore. but its still hard to say goodbye.. im not sure if its the end of our relationship. what you think? will he contact me again sometime soon? like this weekend? any good for our future? I appreciate your input. thank you.

  • Hi LauraSA87

    I would love to have you do a general reading. What tarot wants me to know. Thank you in advance for your generous gift of a reading


  • I would appreciate a general reading when you have time...thanks in advance!

  • Dragoneagle you are more than welcome 🙂

  • Hello Livingadream, you are more than welcome. I need the practice, most of my friends are not into Tarot.

    Im using Golden Tarot by Kat Black.

    General Love Spread (five card)

    Card one: ten of swords

    depression, being plagued by the black dog, a fall. Feelings of betrayal, of being stabbed in the back, but these feelings are temporary and the way towards positivity is close. you are your own worst enemy.

    Card two:eighteen, the moon

    illusions abound. confusion & choas. you have a strong desire to protect yourself, you have a massive amount of tenderness in you and you wear your heart on your sleeve. Theres a very wild side to you which if you allow o come out will help you find someone. Your low self esteem is hindering you.

    Card three: knight of cups

    a sensitive and gentle young man, a water sign. He is very shy and his emotions run deep like yours. An offering, maybe this person is someone who is a friend, or someone you overlooked as a potential partner.

    card four: four of swords

    rest and recuperation. dont be too hard on yourself, stress less the right person will come along , but sometimes it is when you stop looking that they find you. pay attention to yourself you need to.

    card five: thirteen, death

    meeting someone in an unexpected way or at an unexpected time. maybe a secret admirer. maybe take on a new attitude, your a wonderful person who has run themselves into the ground, you need rest.

    Your so focused on meeting the right person that you are not taking care of yourself, and have deluded yourself into thinking that there is no one out there for you but there is. you may have a secret admirer who is very shy or you may need to overcome your own shyness. from the cards I am under the impression you are an old soul and you think and feel things very deeply which is maybe why the dates didnt work at, because they werent on your same level and were not able to understand the how deep you run.

    Livingadream I hope this provides some insight for your friend Monica 🙂 much love.

  • EIAI,

    your welcome 😄 much love

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