My fiance's dead brother

  • can anyone please tell me who's been screaming in my ear. it's been happening a lot lately and i've also been feeling like there's someone near off and on...who is it. at times it freaks me out and i knw ive gotta work on fear but i just really want to knw that im not exaggerating on anything i'm feeling. some times i even think it's my fiances brother who passed before i met him. i once had a dream about him that delt with water and when i told my fiance about it he proceeded to ask me 21 Q's, it turned out that he had a dream about him in which they had a conversation over the ocean and told him not to repeat what they discussed. true indeed as he proceeded to discuss it the very next day over the phone a loud sream cut him off and at that point he broke down crying and never did repeat it. It's crazy that he was in my dream but is it him still around us today and if so what is he tryin to say?

  • I'm pretty confident that if you can step away from the situation and the fear a little bit, and read what you wrote, you'll answer your own question here.

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