What do these cards mean.....should I leave him?

  • Hi

    I`ve recently found out that my partner of 5 years slept with someone else 6 months into the relationship (while he was telling me and her how much he loved me and how he didnt want a relationship with this other person). He said it just happened, it was one time only and we should put it behind us because we have or whole future together!

    Trouble is I cant seem to do that and I don`t know if its worth the effort anyway. What do these cards mean?

    Self: 9 wands

    Situation: King swords

    Significant other: Devil

    Advice: Wheel of fortune

    Potential: 4 coins


    Elle x

  • He thinks if we can get through this we would come out the other side stronger. I don`t know maybe we can. Tarot cards are so difficult to interpret are they saying its a lost cause?


    Elle x

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